Wednesday, February 26, 2020

South Hobart beat Clarence Zebras 2-0 in Summer Cup

Photo:  Siyar Kurdistan (No.16) is congratulated bu his South Hobart team-mates after scoring the opening goal against Clarence Zebras [PlessPix]

A goal in each half gave South Hobart a 2-0 win over Clarence Zebras in the NPL section of the Summer Cup at South Hobart Oval tonight.

Siyar Kurdistan gave South Hobart the lead in the 37th minute when he smashed the loose ball home from close range after Clarence Zebras keeper Nathan Reid was unable to hold a cross from the left.

Clarence Zebras had their chances in the opening half, but were unable to beat South Hobart keeper Chase Webert, even in one-on-one situations.

Photo:  Clarence Zebras keeper Nathan Reid punches clear [PlessPix]

Cody Snell had three one-on-ones with the keeper without being able to score, but as coach David Smith said, he at least got into the positions each time.

South Hobart’s 16-year-old Sam Berazansky made it 2-0 in the 75th minute to kill off the game.

Clarence Zebras were unlucky not to be awarded a penalty when Declan Foley grabbed and pulled down Riley Dillon in what looked like a clear foul.

Clarence Zebras’ Luke Huigsloot suffered a suspected broken rib after a tackle by Declan Foley, while Jeremy Price also went off injured early in the game.

Photo:  South Hobart successfully defend their goal [PlessPix]

“We learnt a bit more about ourselves,” Smith said.

“We created enough chances at the start but didn’t get into it enough.  Our midfield was slow, but it was better when Jayden Hey came on.

“It’s about finding out where we are, and we learned a lot more about ourselves tonight.

“We know how much more hard work we have to do.”

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Quinton Parant holds off South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen [PlessPix]

South Hobart coach Ken Morton was pleased with his team’s performance, especially given the fact he fielded a few 16-year-olds.

“I’m very pleased, not so much with the win, but with the performance and the way the players worked at how we wanted to play,” Morton said.

“It was very encouraging at this stage of the season.  I wish it could have been for league points.

“They did have little snippets, and Luke Huigsloot was a real threat with his height, but realistically, I think we were super competitive tonight and I’m very pleased.”

Photo:  South Hobart players congratulate Sam Berezansky after he scored his side's second goal [PlessPix]

Photo:  South Hobart's Patrick Kibler clears the ball [PlessPix]

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Dwayne Walsh watches as South Hobart's two American imports, centre-back Patrick Kibler and goalkeeper Chase Webert, snuff out the danger [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Clarence very good this evening no where near their old form.
They only lost 2-0. South looking good and will finish 1 or 2

Jason Reynolds said...

Lol ; very good this evening hey ? South Hobart under 16’s 2 ;;;Clarence Zebras 0 it was lucky not to be 7 -0 I’m not sure what game you were watching but the game I watched had 20 minute effort from most zebras players no midfield effort , nobody in the front fast enough to keep up with young Snell to finish off nobody making a second effort after losing the ball just throwing there head back and yelling out F###k the whole game ,! Come on Zebras get some life into the team

Anonymous said...

A few things we learnt from the game last night.

1. A change in badge or name does not mean a change in results or attitude.

2. Declan Foley needs be cautioned before the start of each and every game. Help to protect other players.
All you have to do is look at the third last photo for his characteristics, not celebrating with his team mates and fists all clenched up.

3. South Hobart will do well but will finish in the top 3 or four.
They are still needing some reinforcements.

4. These two teams will finish very close together in the league table come seasons end

Oxford said...

Regarding recent comments in threads in relation to Declan Foley, firstly absolutely ridiculous to say he should be cautioned prior to kick off for no reason. Secondly every team needs an 'enforcer', and true Declan can be very robust. Thirdly regarding the third last photo, are you suggesting he runs two thirds of the ground and half the ground back again to celebrate rather than 'focusing' on what he needs to do after the ensuing kick-off. Declans team mates know he is 'focused' on team success.

Anonymous said...

Oxford is completely right , an official can’t single out a player before kick off and Pre Caution him that’s ridiculous! ! It is the coaches job if he has any concerns regarding a player’s aggressive play to talk to him , all players on the field should know the rules and the consequences of breaking them . As for Jason , unfortunately for Zebras I viewed the game as you did very lack lustre effort in the midfield the last 2 games in fact and a real lack of urgency and commitment at the back and flank , I’ve no doubt David Smith will correct this in time with a few changes but the clock is starting to tick .

Anonymous said...

Smithy you have been there long enough now to find out where you are at.
You are at the same place that club is every year - mid table.
Something is seriously wrong at the club and it is about time the club realises and makes the necessary changes.
It may eventually be very obvious but unless the club step back and look they won’t find it.

Anonymous said...

So the Italian Strip seems to sum up the Takeover of Clarence , I know , I know , the new ones are stuck in transit from China ! Well I hope they were not made in Wuhan Province for there sakes . So we can’t support Local Tasmanian or Australian manufacturing ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:54pm

Veto is a sponsor, so pretty sure if any local brand wanted to do a sponsorship deal then maybe CZ would consider it. A few clubs and refs use Veto, so why single out CZ? And also pretty sure the only corona virus that will come into Tassie via Veto stock will be the amber fluid type.

Anonymous said...

CZ use Veto as Smithy is a rep for them

Anonymous said...

Lol Clarence and Hobart Zebras have used Veto before Smithy was around. One should check first before making Muppet comments