Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday results - 29 February 2020

Photo: Olympia's new signing from New South Wales, left-back Lachlan O'Connor, wins a header.  O'Connor had a fine debut for the Warriors. [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania Summer Cup

Glenorchy Knights 0 lost to South Hobart 2 (Jacob Lancaster 78, Noah Gardner 80)

Olympia Warriors 3 (Jack Ryan 59 pen, 69, Callum Brown 76) beat Clarence Zebras 1 (Luke Huigsloot 27)

Photo:  Knights' Jordan Muller gets a pass away against South Hobart [PlessPix]

Lakoseljac Cup (Preliminary Round)

South East United 0- 8 Hobart United

Photo:  South East United's Harkirat Singh (right) in pursuit of Hobart United's Nyan Kon [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Lachlan O'Connor tangles with Clarence Zebras' Luke Huigsloot and Clarence Zebras' Jayden Hey comes away with the ball.  Hey was concussed late in the game and was replaced. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Knights' Nick Naden tries to elude South Hobart's Ewan Larby [PlessPix]

Photo:  Hobart United's Nyan Kon clears the ball [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Glenorchy knights lacking firepower. You can buy all the players you want but if you are relying on a reserve standard player like Nowiki you are in big trouble. Also there defence is suspect. If Hallard is in the best 11 you are not spending your money in the right areas. Maybe the coach could be the issue and I doubt he will see out the season with the expectations of the committee

Anonymous said...

Knights in trouble. Something has to change very quickly or it will be an expensive season.
You cannot go from a league where they dominated for two years then just scraped through the third year
up to the NPL and just do the same thing. It will not work and t the last couple of years has proved that.
It requires more commitment from everyone and a coach with a little more experience and maturity.
South have proved that they won’t be easy bears.
Knights lucky that other teams around them are worse than they were last year.

Anonymous said...

Correct. Especially whenyou consider half that South team are u18s and a couple could still play u16.

Anonymous said...

Gee the Brown lads make a difference. Top 4 this year in no order Port, Olympia, South and CZ. Knights to finish outside top 5. Lions for the wooden spoon.

Anonymous said...

Knights miss Sam Leszczynski even though he hasn't played yet A player who has good skills can break lines has pace, exciting to watch. Knights will be a different team when he make the field. Much more dynamic.

Anonymous said...

Well Olympia last night should have won by a lot more but could not finish off in the 2nd half The only players for the Zebras worth a mention was the usual 3 Huigsloot, pace and Dillon, .I can’t understand why David Smith has persisted with BURT he shouldn’t even be on the bench he repeatedly turns the ball over and he is constantly caught out of position and has been every game ? Maybe they just have to have one of last years Clarence team out there to justify the merger ? Zebras are in big trouble even though they somehow only lost by 3-1 they don’t have any enthusiasm past the 50 minute mark whatsoever, Also the South Hobart kids were great but if Devonport are any where near as good as last year they will win the premiership by points

Anonymous said...

CZ have now worn the zebras outfit twice in a row.. now I know their kits haven't arrived yet but they couldn't alternate with the Clarence strip from last year.. We all know who is controlling this 'take over'

Anonymous said...

1.21 pm. Your comments correct re zebras.
Issue starts at very top and then downwards.
Maybe they need the coach that left recently.
What a rabble.

Anonymous said...

Yes not only the strip but i heard them last night when breaking from the pre start huddle they still yell out JUVENTUS ! WTF is that about ? They need to yell out HELP !

Anonymous said...

Olympia escaped again. Opposition clubs are letting them off the hook. Ahh well perhaps they lose the cup final and during the league home and away games. Lets hope so.