Friday, October 9, 2020

Floodlight fiasco at KGV Park halts Friday night Championship game

Photo:  Referee James Hamilton (centre) discusses what should be done with New Town White Eagles coach Andrew Leszczynski (left) and Hobart United coach Joe Stevens [PlessPix]

Tonight’s Southern Men’s Championship game between league leaders and reigning champions Hobart United and second-placed New Town White Eagles at KGV Park was abandoned after 20 minutes with the score at 0-0.

Twenty minutes into the match, some of the floodlights cut out and the referee, James Hamilton, stopped play.

It seems that the floodlights went into training lighting mode on the timer and there was insufficient light to continue the game safely.

Phone calls were made to Football Tasmania officials and the response was apparently that there was an electrical fault with the lighting system.

One official was reportedly on his way to the ground but the referee, after consultations with both coaches, decided to abandon the game in the belief that the problem could not be rectified in time to complete a 90-minute game.

Both coaches  -  Eagles’ Andrew Leszczynski and United’s Joe Stevens  -   agreed that it would be unfair to play less than the regulation 90 minutes.

Even if someone had arrived to sort out the issue, it could not have been done in time to meet the regulations in regard to switching off the floodlights by 10.30pm.

The game will now have to be rescheduled.

Photo:  Eagles' Liam Brown about to tackle United's Zhor Ngor-Apuol [PlessPix]

The question on everyone’s lips is: “How could such a thing happen?”

Some will blame Football Tasmania, who scheduled the match at that time and at that venue, claiming FT should have known there would be a problem and fixed it before Friday evening.

Others will say it was Eagles’ home game and they should be responsible for ensuring that everything was working.

Eagles goalkeeper and club president, Grant Nutting, told me he is an electrical engineer and could probably have fixed the problem if he had been able to access the control box.

FT apparently have the key to that box but there was no-one from FT in attendance.

It was disappointing for the players and spectators because it was an ideal night for football.  It was not cold, there was no wind and the artificial surface was slick because of the earlier rain.

The Southern Championship 1 curtain-raiser was won 5-0 by New Town White Eagles over Hobart United.

The goalscorers for Eagles were Evan Dixon (2), Blayne Hudson, Luke Phillips and an own-goal by Nyang Kon.

In tonight’s other Men’s Southern Championship game at Warrior Park, Olympia Warriors beat Beachside 3-2.

Photo:  Eagles' Toby Butler wins a free-kick after hand-ball by United's Solomon Lagu [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is well and truely on FT’s head. Surely they need to have a policy that all games played at KGV are to have a FT representative on site it’s their head quarters for gods sake and if the persons in question don’t like working weekends or nights may I suggest go finding another job it’s part of the role !!!

Anonymous said...

Here’s an idea how about FT have operational roles where they actually develop the game and attend club trainings (not just Olympia or South) and watch games across the board on weekends and then have admin roles done by a professional administrator not some ex football person who obviously has no administrative idea who looks after rosters and grounds including being on site for all games played at KGV. Those currently doing these roles are doing a poor job at both these tasks and it can not continue

Anonymous said...

I nearly choked on my rice bubbles this morning when I read that the KGV lights went into training mode .... really those lights are so pathetic when all on how could you even have a reduced training mode. Last time I was there I noted the light towers at the footy ground behind and counted that one of their towers has more lights on one tower than all the lights combined at KGV. I know our ground is smaller but really perhaps time for an upgrade fellas oh and while you’re at it fix the change rooms

Anonymous said...

If FT weren’t concerned before they should be now think they forget the NPL clubs almost boycotted this season before it started ... May I suggest they issue a formal apology to the football public in general and promise to do much much better in future

Anonymous said...

Bit harsh Walter it is a 50 meter walk from FFT office to the power box the comp has never being ran so poorly .

Anonymous said...

Let's burn someone at the stake

Anonymous said...

A sad reflection on our local governing body and the game as it continues to struggle under this current board. Do we have a CEO? Does anybody ever see him?

Anonymous said...

Since when has Football been Monday-Friday, Never.
Football employees from FT should start work Friday afternoon and work their 5 day week until Tuesday or Wednesday. It is more than difficult to try and contact them on weekends and this is when most problems occur. Football is like the hospitality industry where the weekend is the busiest part of the week.
Time for football Tasmania to evolve into the Future and move with the times.

Anonymous said...

Should've come to Warrior Park to watch Walter. Close game, lights on and 90 minutes played.
Lucky the ground isn't managed by FFT.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Mr McNeil .... time to fall on your sword

Anonymous said...

The comp manager needs a tap on the shoulder and a quiet chat by the boss .

Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel like shaking the staff at FFT and saying WTF is wrong with you guys seriously two year old kids could run it better .

Anonymous said...