Sunday, April 4, 2021

Devonport send out warning to other competitors after huge cup win

Photo:  Is South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen guilty of handball as he cut's out a cross by Clarence Zebras' Matthew Pace? [PlessPix] 

There were no surprises in Saturday’s Lakoseljac Cup Round-of-16 matches and the quarterfinalists are the usual suspects.

Devonport City thrashed Northern Rangers 13-0 away after leading 8-0 at half-time.

Jordan Lamb, Devonport’s Kiwi import, hit a hat-trick, while new signing Nick Lanau-Atkinson netted a brace, as did regulars Brody Denehey and Joel Stone.

Kieran Mulraney, Eddie Bidwell and Miles Barnard scored a goal apiece to complete the demolition.

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Lachie Burt has a shot blocked by South Hobart opponents [PlessPix]  

Alex Walter netted a hat-trick and Lucas Hill scored the other goal as holders Glenorchy Knights beat Riverside Olympic 4-0 away in Launceston.

Not even a broken-down bus could stop the Knights celebrations.  What is it about Knights and buses?  Perhaps they should ride sturdy steeds into battle?

Olympia Warriors made light work of Ulverstone.  The southerners had to leave Hobart at 6am for the noon showdown, but after rubbing the sleep out of their eyes they proceeded to take their hosts apart, bit by bit to triumph 11-0.

Photo:  Peter Savill, South Hobart's assistant coach who once played for Leeds United, cuts a lonely figure in the dugout before the teams came onto the pitch. [PlessPix]

South Hobart laboured to a 2-0 win over Clarence Zebras at South Hobart Oval.

The contest was goalless at the break and it took a Nick Morton penalty midway through the second half to seal the win.  Morton had put South Hobart ahead in the 59th minute.

There was collateral damage for the victors, however, as Marcus Eugster was sent off by Mr Kopra after collecting two yellow cards in the space of 4 minutes.

South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, was also shown a yellow card shortly before the end of the match.

Photo:  South Hobart's Bradley Lakoselac (right) about to try and stop Clarence Zebras' American import Daniel Baumgartner. [PlessPix]  

Launceston City put their league woes behind them and qualified for the Lakoseljac Cup quarterfinals with a commendable 5-3 away win over Somerset.

University downed Beachside 2-1 at Olinda Grove in al all-Southern Championship fixture.

NPL Tasmania high-fliers Kingborough Lions United devoured Southern Championship outfit New Town White Eagles 4-1 at the latter’s Clare Street headquarters.

Eagles wore their brand-new kit, but it didn’t help them one iota.

Photo:  Eagles' Cooper Anderson under pressure from Kingborough's Kobe Kemp and Kenneth Trak. [PlessPix]

Keenan Douce and Ben Hamlett were absentees for Kingborough, but Shane Cartwright made a welcome return to the side and scored one of their goals.

Adam McKeown collected a brace and Jack Turner scored the remaining goal.

David Cox scored a consolation goal for Eagles near the end as the home side showed some fighting spirit, but the game was lost by then.

Photo:  Eagles' David Cox (No.5) scores a consolation goal against Kingborough. [PlessPix]  

The remaining game in the Round-of-16 is tomorrow at Kelvedon Park at 1pm when Taroona host South East United.

Taroona’s assistant coach, Nick Di Martino, said everyone was available for selection.

“We’ve been working very solidly since our last game against University, which was a tough match,” Di Martino said.

“I think the players are very much looking forward to the game tomorrow [Monday].

“We expect a solid, disciplined performance and, hopefully, the right result from our perspective.

“South East have improved from what I’ve heard, so it is not going to be easy.”

Photo:  South East United's Sam Sartori (right) scored twice in Saturday's Under-20s against Clarence Zebras and it's difficult to see him not getting a run against Taroona. [PlessPix]

South East United coach, Glen Roland, said his side would be under-strength.

“Losing Monday Taban to suspension is a big blow, while several first-teamers played in the Under-20s on Saturday and won’t be backing up, amd a few others are out injured,” Roland said.

"It’s not the ideal preparation.

“We’ll bring in a few players from Championship 1 to plug the holes.

“Most have played Championship before so it’s not exactly uncharted territory.

“Taroona look to be an even more formidable opponent this year so it will be tough, but we’ll give it a crack.”

The teams to progress to the Lakoseljac Cup quarterfinals are:  Glenorchy Knights, Devonport City, Olympia Warriors, South Hobart, Kingborough Lions United, Launceston City, University (Taroona or South East United).

Photo:  Kingborough's Jack Turner with his back to goal fights for possession while under intense pressure from the Eagles defence. [PlessPix]

Photo:  Two former players from NSW, Trevor Watkins (left), who played for Manly in the 60s and 70s, and Ray Carrol, who played for Pan Hellenic and Kuringai in the 60s and 70s before coming to Tasmania and joining Caledonians, are now Kingborough fans and are shown watching the Lions versus Eagles at Clare Street on Saturday. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Not sure on the cup eligibility rules Walter but I think that if you've taken the field or been named on the team sheet for any cup game, you are then considered cup tied and would not be eligible to play for a cup game apart from the one that you were listed in.
I might be wrong but I am happy to be corrected.

Walter said...

I reckon you're on the money there. I forgot about that. Thanks for your feedback. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

-- Cup rules include: "Players are Cup tied to the highest Cup Competition for their club that they play in. "

This perhaps suggests you can play in U20 then play in Lakoseljac but not the reverse.

Anonymous said...

Just for clarification, copied from FT CUP RULES:

'Players are Cup tied to the highest Cup Competition for their club that they play in. This
includes Youth Cup eligible players who may play in the club’s Under 20s team.
In the case of Youth Cup competitions, female players that play in both boys and girls
competitions can play in either competition, but will be tied to the first cup competition they participate in.

Players are only cup tied once they take to the pitch, if a player is named on a team sheet but does not take to the pitch, they are not cup tied to that particular competition.'

Anonymous said...

On the first photo, based on where his arm is extended and by the letter of the law, this is handball.

Anonymous said...

Players are Cup tied to the highest competition they play in and they must take to the pitch (As all Statewide Cups are Substitution they can be named and not take the pitch and this will not Cup tie them) . No issues if South East want to play some of their 20's as they are moving up to a higher competition but they can't go back, which is irrelevant due to the the loss to Zebras anyway.

Anonymous said...

My understanding of the new interpretation of the handball rule is, that if the ball is touching the sleeve of a short sleeved top it is not handball. Can anybody confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Nick Cuthbertson played in the Laka cup and the Social cup last year>

Anonymous said...

Could be a humiliating game for South east with most of their senior players playing in the U/20 Cup.