Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Venue change for Monday's cup finals

Photo:  Matt Bulkeley, Football Tasmania's CEO, said the wild, wet weather had prompted the change to the artificial surface at KGV Park. [PlessPix] 

Monday’s three State-wide Cup Finals have been switched from Clennett’s Lightwood park to KGV Park, the home of Tasmanian football.

The times of the games have also been amended.

The main event, the Milan Lakoseljac Cup Final, will now kick off at 1.30pm, while the Women’s State-Wide Cup will now be the day’s curtain-raiser, kicking off at 11am.

The previously scheduled curtain-raiser had been the WSL Development League final but that will now end the day’s proceedings and kick off at 4pm.

Football Tasmania switched the venues because of the wild winter weather that has been hitting the State, which has led to the pitch at Clennett’s Lightwood Park being water-logged.

Three games played on the pitch would be likely to damage it for the remainder of the league campaign and could jeopardise the performances of Kingborough Lions United teams.

“Given the rain that has fallen in recent days, and what is expected for the remainder of the week, following further discussions with the host club and participating teams, Football Tasmania has made the decision to move the two senior State Wide cup final matches to KGV,” Mr Bulkeley said.

“We want to ensure the day is as successful as it can be and that significant damage is not done to Lightwood Park by playing the matches which would negatively impact the club for the rest of the season.”

Mr Bulkeley said although the fixture was originally moved away from KGV, he was confident the venue would be able to host a successful day of football, with game times adjusted to avoid potential issues with the facility’s known lighting faults.

“Although we would normally play showpiece fixtures at KGV, this season we made the decision to temporarily move the finals to Lightwood Park while KGV prepares for upgrade works,” he said.

“This decision was made after considering the ongoing shortcomings of the pitch lighting at KGV, as well as the quality of the change rooms.  The intention was and remains to play future State Wide cup finals and other high-level matches at KGV, once the upgrades have been completed, with work scheduled to commence later this year.  This work will see new lighting, the replacement of the synthetic pitch and the construction of new change rooms.

“We’re now working closely with owners of KGV, the Glenorchy Council, to ensure the venue is in the best possible condition for Monday, and we very much look forward to welcoming the football community for what promises to be a brilliant day of football.”


Terry said...

"This decision was made after considering the ongoing shortcomings of the pitch lighting at KGV, as well as the quality of the change rooms"

I mean how many years now has it been since these types of issues have been raised?

FFT have been caught out by the weather and are now forced to use a ground they know is not good enough and hasn't been for quite some time, highlighting their lack of care and interest in the upkeep

It's quite comical actually

Anonymous said...

So we can only play on Kingborough's ground if its nice and sunny and not a little wet.
Its a winter sport . If the ground is not up to it then maybe it should not be considered in future . Its ok to have nice new changerooms , clubrooms etc but if the surface is not up to it , is it a waste of money ????

Anonymous said...

The situation is so typical of today's 'snowflake' generation. They want palatial changerooms and don't think about their actual performances on the pitch. That's where the game is played, not in the changerooms. We used to get changed in our cars if we had to and stuff the pitch. It's a winter sport and we played on what was available. Wet, muddy grounds were a forward's delight as defenders would have to commit and would often be skinned by a deft change of direction. Be grateful, too, that we have an artificial pitch so really bad weather doesn't matter. Stuff the condition of the changerooms.

Anonymous said...


How dare people want to hold FFT to some standards, asking that they have a want and desire to improve the infrastructure to show they care about the development of the game

Lets keep an old school attitude and keep football dragging behind the rest of the country just because people complain about the sub standard conditions at the top level of Tassie Football

Damn snowflakes asking for better conditions, how dare money go towards the federation and seemingly little is done with the 'Home of football' to improve it

Terrible attitudes for sure, utterly shameful

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.51pm.
Actually makes a little sense !

Anonymous said...

How often has this been said?! All the infrastructure at KGV is of a third world standard. Just look at the facilities for supporters. The grandstand looks as though it hasn't been cleaned for a decade and the only other sheltered alternative is a tin shed on a concrete slab. Hardly tempting in the middle of winter.

You'd have to be a brave soul to attend on Monday.

When the fixtures were released didn't the alarm bells ring when 3 games were scheduled on a grass pitch in June. It's sleepy hallow at Headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Another utterly comical situation by FT from the start (when they announced the venues for the various cup comps before the finalists had been decided, which included staging the main games at a facility that isn't completed yet, has supposed poor drainage and no cover for spectators sitting outside) to finish, which will be on Monday night when the final stages of the WSL Development League decider is played out with cars around the ground with their headlights on to provide something close to adequate lighting for the players to see where the ball is.
Personally I think they would get a brighter light from the flames if they burnt that dump of a grandstand (and the disgraceful changerooms) down.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Lights went out at KGV on Thursday night during Knights training. Let’s see what happens on Monday when WSL game commences at 4pm!