Thursday, April 13, 2023

Eureka! My former football site, circa 2009-2014, has been found and five years of articles are now available

Photo:  Our football history is so easily forgotten.  In this article in Australian Soccer Weekly (Sydney) of 28 March 1990, one can read about Brett Pullen, a present-day coach, making the 22-man Australian youth training squad and emulating some of the achievements of Tasmanian national stars such as Luciano Fabrizio, Kurt Reynolds and Dominic Longo. [PlessPix] 


I have found the archive of my former football website that ran from about 2009 to 2014.

I had thought it was lost forever when the site needed maintenance and one person promised me he could rebuild it and transfer all the material to the new site.  That person delivered nothing.

The up-front fee was never recovered.  He refused to pay me back my deposit.

The articles published on that old site are a record of Tasmanian football history and readers can now find them by clicking on the link below and going to the archive section in the tool bar at the top and clicking on that.

It has rekindled memories for me of stories that I thought were lost forever.


Football fan said...

What a fantastic piece of luck, Walter. Five years of Tasmanian football history recovered. There is too much to read, but a quick skim has revealed some amazing stories. Colin Shepherd playing his 500th game, the formation of the Victory League in 2013, Ken Morton being appointed State coach that year, Hugo Luttmer (photos and all) playing for Taroona, Kurt Reynolds as coach of Launceston City and bringing in a Dutch goalkeeper, Taroona and Olympia locked in a battle to avoid relegation, A-League games, Ben Hamlette heading to the USA on a football scholarship, Stephen Pitchford being replaced as Kingborough Lions coach by Steve Robbins... I could go on. I'll be spending quite a few hours looking back at Tasmanian football history encompassing those five seasons. Absolutely chuffed that you have found these lost archives. It was pleasant looking site but the current one is not bad, either.

BP said...

Doesn't seem that long ago until we look in the mirror - great find Walter