Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Taroona win Southern Championship League Cup

PhotoTaroona with their Southern Championship League Cup. [PlessPix] 

Taroona won the Southern Championship League Cup with a 3-1 win over New Town Eagles at KGV Park tonight.

It could have been 7 or 8 nil but for some fine goalkeeping by Eagles’ Mitch Stalker and some bad misses by Taroona.

Taroona had countless one-on-situations with the goalkeeper but either fired wide or were denied by Stalker.

Stalker was taken off with 12 minutes remaining and his replacement, James Holland, didn’t let the side down and made several good saves.

Photo:  Taroona goalkeeper Isaac Scott thwarts Eagles' Rowan Heggie. [PlessPix] 

Taroona were without their suspended South American star, Ramiro Vilar, while Eagles rested key player Luke Huigsloot.  Their ace striker Adam McKeown was suspended.

Taroona led 1-0 at the interval through a 34th minute goal by Oliver Maxwell.

Jasper Gardner made it 2-0 in the 52nd minute, while Toby Fleming’s goal in the 59th minute made the game safe for Taroona.

Sam Leszczynski pulled a goal back for Eagles 2 minutes from the end, but it was too late by then.

Photo:  Eagles' Ash Fisher takes on Taroona defender Ben Schaap. [PlessPix] 

Taroona coach Llewyn Tubb chuckled when it was suggested his side could have scored seven or eight goals.

“I suppose when you’re up 3-0 then the game kind of changes and New Town were throwing everything at us and opened up a lot of space behind,” said Tubb.

“It was certainly not the finishing we would have liked, but the amount of opportunities you create, we had to be happy with that.

“The League Cup is not what you play for because we want to win the league and it’s been a pretty disappointing year to be honest, but very happy to win something for the club.”

Photo:  Taroona's Toby Fleming races Eagles Oliver Johnstone. [PlessPix] 

University won the Southern Championship Reserves League Cup in tonight’s curtain-raiser, overcoming New Town White Eagles 4-2.

Eagles had goalkeeper Grant Nutting sent off after just 10 minutes and so played most of the game with 10 men.

Photo:  University Reserves coach, Hugh Graham, with the League cup his side won this evening. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Poor eagles. Squads of that quality across both men’s sides and have hardly got it done this season and failed when it matters most.

Be surprising to see what will happen next season.

Maybe Fotak got more out of the squad than was appreciated? Or tactically inept now under Shackloth? Credit to the other teams this season. At least the championship is a closer competition than Devonport and their NPL colleagues.

Maybe more teams need to enlist the modules of Devonport and see if that can close the gap or alternatively make Devonport play with 10 every week until the other clubs can get closer to them.

Anonymous said...

Poor Eagles?, check the Champ and Champ 1 ladders mate, in line to win both!!
I wouldn't think the who cares cup is first priority!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't go as far as tactically inept by Shackcloth, but he was certainly out-coached by Tubb last night! Still a young coach with a lot to learn though, the same coaching staff were beaten to the Champ 1 title by Uni last season as well. All that said, well-done Taroona, well played by a young side and great football to watch.

Anonymous said...

Great to see two great young coaches

Mils said...

I watched the Southern Championship Reserves League Cup game. Fair to say it was an exciting match due to some drama played out on the field. The second half was an edge of the seat type experience. Congrats to Uni and well played Eagles who put in a super effort with 10 players for a majority of the game.
From all reports the following game was also good viewing.
Great spectator numbers and atmosphere for a mid week finals outing.
My question, where were Football Tasmania? No mention on social media. No promotion of the finals. Lack luster presentation ceremony. No medals for the players. No PA system so had no idea what was said during the presentations. Lack of respect for both the players, the support teams and the fans. All in all a failure from Football Tas by any standards.
Come on Football Tas you should be doing much better! Hopefully the new CEO might be able to rebuild what has been slowly deteriorating for a number of years now, starting with Respect for all involved in the game.
As I don't contribute to these blogs (only follow) I would like to take this opportunity to thank Walter, Rhodesy and Tanner for their continued involvement to providing platforms to follow and enjoy this great game. Shout out to Benjamin Smith for his stats work.

Tanner Coad said...

Thank you Mils. I really appreciate your kind words. I’m not able to get to as many games as I would like to due to working commitments but my passion will always remain the same for the game. It’s a pleasure to bring everyone coverage and I have Walter to thank for the photos from Wednesday. It’s a honour to work alongside Walter, Rhodsey and Ben. Cheers!