Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brian Roberts's report on the old photos

Photo: South Hobart v Hollandia, at South Hobart in 1954

Here is Brian's report:

I visited the Moonah Arts Centre to view the exhibition of old photos salvaged from the Hobart tip.

In the Juventus photo, I thought I recognised R De Felice.

The referee to Hans Heiremann’s left may be the ‘young’ Norm Evans.

The photo from South Hobart of the two teams being presented to officials was taken in 1954 and is possibly Hollandia’s first match, versus South Hobart.

The structure in the background is the original South Hobart ground’s dressing room.

The South Hobart players on the left are (L-R): A Hodge, (unknown), D Kenna, Alec Mackie, W Scott, (possibly) J Dolliver), B Oakes, N Gardner (captain/coach).

The officials are (L-R) Vic Tuting, Fred Joughin, Mr White (Charlie’s grandfather).

The Hollandia team on the right is (L-R): F Kuipers (???), T Steen, P de Schipper, H Van Gerven (whose son plays for Kingston Cannons Saints).

South Hobart won.

I played for the Hollandia reserves and we beat South Hobart 3-1 or 4-1. It was the only time I achieved a hat-trick.

(Brian Roberts)


gamish said...

A rather belated congratulations on your hat trick Brian. Well done Ole Boy !!!

Charlie White said...

Hi Walter following on from our chat, my grandfather's full title if you like was Sir Alfred White, the reason he was some kind of "VIP" is that he was Chief Secretary ( a senior cabinet minister). He later was Agent General to England (like the Ambassador from Tasmania). It appears that in 1954 when the photo was taken a large crowd was the norm at South Hobart and as a local politician it was good to be seen there. As far as i am aware he never played Football, although he did have Australian rules football boots which had strips of leather tacked on each weekend to play, and were then taken off to resume the working week, they were the only shoes he owned as a young man!

Unknown said...

Tasmania does have a long football history. It's a travesty it is not represented in the A league.

Unknown said...

Thats great Brian, nice to put names to faces