Friday, December 11, 2009

A lesson from the past

How many people would you expect to show up at South Hobart or KGV Park if two northern sides were to meet in a State cup final?

Not many these days.

Whenever two northern sides these days meet in a State final, there is enormous pressure to play the match in the north of Tasmania.

And yet, on 20 September 1981, the Cadbury Jubilee Trophy Final between George Town and Launceston Croatia was played at South Hobart before a crowd of 1,200.

Oh to have such an attendance for any game these days, let alone a State final involving two teams from another region of the State.

George Town led 2-0 at half-time and went on to win 4-1.

Andy Scheibl and J Wharlich were the first-half scorers, while in the second half, Scheibl and Peter Davidson completed George Town’s tally and D Turner replied for Launceston Croatia near the end.

The squads were:

George Town: 1. M Jones, 2. M O’Sullivan, 3. G Farrell, 4. R Mason, 5. T Coogan, 6. P Davidson, 7. P Gimpl, 8. S Morely, 9. A Scheibl, 10. B Davidson, 11. J Lyons, 12. T Farrell, 13. J Wharlich, 14. E Dale

Launceston Croatia: 1. P Grainger, 2. B Colla, 3. C Ashdown, 4.. M Joss, 5..S Dejac, 6..D Foden, 7..L Ring, 8. R Brown, 9..D Ring, 10. C Bessell, 11. G Volmer, 12. D Turner, 13. D Hopkins, 14. A Dizjak

Basil Masters was the referee.


Brian Young said...

Does anyone know what happened to Eoin Dale [George Town]? He was a good friend before I left Tasmania in mid-1974 to work oversea for 13 years.

Richard Bennett said...

I can not understand this statistic walter, given current debates, apart from the possible explanation that in those days people would watch football for footballs sake if it was good. magnificent thought that people came out to watch FOOTBALL regardless.

As an aside I have just watched a bootleg dvd from friend in hong kong of "the damned united" about my idol and although biased would say the best football film I have ever seen and confirms the view of general football fans the man is a genius. he should have been bottled and kept at the "land of milk and honey up the M1 at a little place called Derby".

He would not have got a licence from FFT though.

Interesting to see Muhammad Ali said he wanted to know why he didn't have the biggest mouth in world sport.

I'd love to see a sportsmans night with Brian and a bit of cannon fodder like Sheedy, Barassi etc.

In my opinion apart from Renus Michels who he would have confronted in the 1973 european cup final if the referee wasn't bought (admitted 20 years later) one of the last great football master coaches. definetly not an observer or babysitter for players who didn't cut the mustard,

All football fans should watch and appreciate his vision, passion and no nonsense approach to "total football".

Brian Roberts said...

I was at the game .

I beleive 1200 is a bit optomistic howver the passing years have dulled the senses.

Walter said...

Brian, I was there, too, and while I generally agree with you in that we sometimes exaggerate past attendances because our memories don't always serve us well, the figure of 1,200 is there in ink in my notebook. I think it must be an official figure. Such figures were available in those days because actual tickets were issued at the gate for such games and receipts recorded.


Brian Young Eoin Dales lives in Launceston (has for many years now) and is retired.

He presents the George Dale Medal each season for the Northern Best and Fairest, which was named in honour of his late father

Brian Young said...

Rangers President: Thanks very much. Yes, I knew that Eoin is George's son. I might try & get in touch some time.