Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some clubs already in training for 2010

Several clubs have started their pre-season training before the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

New Town Eagles had about two dozen at training last night, including goalkeeper Nathan Pitchford, who missed all of last season because of a knee injury.

Michael Soszynski, who took over when Pitchford’s replacement, Andrew Savage, tore an Achilles tendon, was also at training.

Soszynski will be the goalkeeping coach at Eagles next season.

Glenorchy Knights had 16 players at training this evening, including Janko Begovic, who may come out of retirement.

Jacob Huigsloot was also training with the Knights, so a move from Clarence United for him could be on the cards.

James Sherman, from Melbourne Knights, accompanied Glenorchy Knights to the Australian-Croatian carnival in Adelaide in October and he has been training with Glenorchy Knights.

His future is unclear as Melbourne Knights rate him very highly.

Daniel White was also training with Knights this evening after returning from Melbourne, where he was playing with Whittlesea Zebras.

Coach Eamonn Kelly was absent and the session was conducted by assistant coach Nick Harrison.

This year’s Vic Tuting Silver Medal winner, Josh Fielding, who features in this month’s edition of the magazine “Soccer International”, was also training tonight and it appears he will not retire just yet.

Hobart United appear a long way from folding judging from the attendance at training last night.

Coach Mark Broadbent had a couple of dozen eager players training and Ateef Abdaltam was assisting Broadbent.

DOSA Northern Suburbs have appointed Pedro Ramirez as their senior coach for the coming season.

They had re-appointed Joe O'Hea, but he resigned recently due to family commitments.

* * * *

Dean May, head coach of the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, recently had national goalkeeper coach Tony Franken back in Tasmania to work with TIS keepers Tristan Prendergast, Jemma Plummer and Olivia Edwards.

And, some interesting coaching clinics are in store for Tasmanian youngsters in the coming months.

Four Dynamo Zagreb youth coaches will be in Hobart from 1-5 February 2010 to conduct coaching clinics for players ranging in age from 8 to 18 years.

They are scouting for talent and a European career could be in the offing for anyone who impresses them during the selection trial.

Three of the Dynamo coaches visited Hobart earlier this year but the weekend’s matches were all called off because of the weather and the condition of the grounds.

They had hoped to watch Glenorchy Knights play South Hobart.

Football Coaching International, who are affiliated with Chelsea FC, will be conducting coaching seminars and youth clinics in Tasmania in January 2010.

The coaching seminars for all interested coaches in Tasmania will be held in Hobart on 26 January 2010 from 6.30-8pm, and in Launceston on 28 January 2010 from 6.30-8pm.

The football camps for youngsters will be in Hobart from 25-26 January, the 9am to noon session being for 6-11 year-olds, and the 1-4pm sessions for 12-16-year-olds.

A similar camp will be held in Launceston on 28-29 January, with the same schedule.


Uncle Morley said...

Matthew Sanders was also spotted at training last week at Knights. Big rumours he could be moving back to Tas

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it jacko marsh's horse roids are working, he's put on 6kg of muscle along with helping his injury out. Sanita is following sanders to Knights. James sherman will play down here as long as he can keep his tan up in the tassie sun, otherwise soliariums and and bottom wax could cost the knights a frotune.

marcus said...

great to see ptchford back in the eagles line up, with him and new signings corey smith,nick roberts and lincon conquest plus the return of christopher jones to eagles they will half half a competitve side

Anonymous said...

Great to hear taroona have a new ground for 2010! about time!

Coxy said...

what ground is it?

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear this marcus?

marcus said...

corey and lincon were seen having a meeting in the polish club recently and aparently signed for eagles that night, nick roberts is transfering to eagles from nelson as he didnt get the under 19 coaching job wich richard flood got, c jones has moved back to tas after a stint in victoria

Richard Bennett said...

who cares who changes teams.

players who swap teams don't make a differnce to their overall quality unless they are exceptional. strong squads are made from within.

who is chopping and changing players the non-player developers again I supose. the more things change the more they stay the same.


marv said...

good to see jono ladic back in the state, has decided not to stay in melb and has decided to have a new challenge this season and will not be at south hobart,his preferd destinations are clarence united,new town eagles and hobart olympic, will be interesting where he ends but with his good mate corey at eagles it could be there

Anonymous said...

I believe this is Eagles new matchday tracksuite for season 2010

Good to sea Corey modeling it in this picture below

Anonymous said...


porky said...

unbelievable that c jones left in the first place. fair enough he somehow got in a premier league team in vic, but eagles did better without him. he couldn't have dragged eagles up the table if he was gianframco zola. pitchy good- hydraulics balls. as for the marsh- its not his unsturdy frame thats his problem, its his mental approach to the game that has succumbed him to the abyss of div 1 football. he spends way too much time in syrup with the cat

Anonymous said...

Hey porky, I am not a cj fan also. But when he was a eagles, they were in a better position as they are now. How long has it been he has been in Vic, and then look at eagles table positioning. When i was at eagles under coach Ian Parker, he had CJ playing more positions than a Karma Sutra book. And with the name of porky your comments say it all. Where did you play in a pig pen??