Thursday, December 10, 2009

Roach re-appointed at Nelson Eastern Suburbs

Michael Roach has been re-appointed for two years as coach of Division One side Nelson Eastern Suburbs.

His assistant will be Dean Melville, who will be in charge of the reserves, while Richard Flood will coach the under-19s.

Roach holds an FFA ‘C’ coaching licence and he will mentor and provide resources for all the club’s coaches, particularly the youth coaches.

“While the club is a grassroots club, we want to provide the best possible model for our all players at the club,” said Roach.

“This starts with ensuring the best possible opportunities for our youth players who play with the club at under-13 level to get into the elite pathway via Southern teams.

“In general terms, the club is continuing to grow and that represents a lot of hard work from our committee and coaching staff over a lot of years.

“As for Division 1 next season, we are expecting to be very competitive.”

Bill Hanley, Nelson’s president, said: “Nelson Eastern Suburbs FC is an exciting club to be involved with.

“The club has experienced rapid development over the last few seasons, both at youth and senior level, and that is a testament to the work that the committee, coaches and players put in.

“We still have many challenges, but the buzz about the club is infectious and I know that everyone will be working even harder this coming season to ensure a successful year.”

Pre-season training for senior men and under-19s has already commenced with numbers in the high twenties.

* * *

Andrew Herring has been appointed coach of Metro’s reserves, while Neil Biggar and Simon Land will be in charge of the club’s under-19s.

Adrian Pickin is Metro’s new women’s team coach.


Silky Johnson said...

Is it true Nelson will be playing under the Dutch colours in season 2010?

marcus said...

well done to roachy hes done a great job producing players like richard flood,aaron wojcik,nick roberts and jackson marsh, hope to many more in the years to come

mad old man said...

marcus all those players are washed up! Nelson lol

Unknown said...

This will be Roach's 5th & 6th season at the Nelson helm, time for more than just smart remarks in the write-ups? Terry Wallace was on a 5 year plan at Richmond and no results got him the boot after 4 years!
While a C license is a good piece of paper, roach was and is a terrible player at best and being proficient in coaching theory can only take you so far.

Anonymous said...

Southern Tas Div 1 to the AFL. Great comparison, Well done.

Unknown said...

I thought it was pretty good comparison. 5 years at a club without a trophy or even comimg close to one normally spells stint over in any sport in any league. Club success is measured by results of the clubs number 1 team.

Pixel 40 said...

very hard comment on Roach, when the half decent player look for the better club living big Gap in the team Development, you need good commuted player to work with firth

Bruno said...

Do Nelson still play with a dedicated sweeper? that went out of fashion in the 90's

Freddy said...

Flange, coparing tassie football with the afl, ever heard of the draft! You're a joke! You obviously have no idea how far Nelson have come in the last 5 years! While your comments about roach's coaching theory are true lol. There is no doubt he deserves another 2 years! With numbers like that to training before Xmas he must be doing something right!

Unknown said...

Having played against a few Nelson teams over many years, I have noticed a slow but steady improvement in their general style of play over the last 3-4 years. I've no idea what happens in other clubs internally, so can only offer a superficial evaluation "standing on the outside looking in" but Roach seems to be doing a good job to me.

If there was a reward sytem for failure, like the AFL draft, we'd expect lower clubs to improve faster, but there's not, so when dealing with reality, expectations have to be realistic.

Anonymous said...

Mick coached our u19 team to an undefeated season and minor premiership a few years ago. He knows what he's doing and has some interesting ideas which at a higher level would be good to see implemented. He hasn't had great personnel throughout his coaching career and has achieved solid results with what he is working with over the past couple of years. From what I hear Nelson will be implementing a new formation to coincide with FFA's new policy and will hopefully continue to develop their style of play whilst hopefully retaining key players Craig Stockdale and Richard Flood. I've seen a couple of their youngsters, they have potential. Best position the club has been in due to hard work all round. Good luck fellas.

Chicken Man of Beachside said...

Always had some good battles with Nelson, I recall one night game back in 2008 down Sandown when there number 1 supporters Corey Smith and Nick Harrison were very vocal on the touchlines and things got heated.

good times always against Nelson

Any chance of the guy in the Gorilla suit turning up to the game again?