Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ben Crosswell scores winner on his debut for Prospect Knights in Steve Hudson Cup

Photos (Top to Bottom): South Hobart's Kostas Kanakaris has a shot against Riverside Olympic; South Hobart's Shae Hickey controlled things in midfield [Photos courtesy of Brendan Lichtendonk]

Steve Hudson Cup Results

Group B

Prospect Knights 2-1 Launceston United

Olympia Warriors 1 (Wadawu) beat Ulverstone 0

Group A

Riverside Olympic 0-4 South Hobart (Roach, Kanakaris, Pennicott, Mizael Linhares Caires)

Northern Rangers 0-1 Launceston City


South Hobart Development Squad 4 (M Clarke 3, J Quigley) beat Northern Rangers 1

[Match summary of the day's round of matches to come later.]


DOSA 6-5 Woodbridge (Aiden Jackson 2, Jack Turner, Bolan Peebles-Stringer, Dalles Hayes)


Anonymous said...

Walter, Warren Wadawu was the scorer for Olympia today I believe.

Nick Owen said...

Match Report 6th Feb 2011

Hobart Olympic 1 – 0 Ulverstone

By Nick Owen

The first half was dominated by Olympic, especially through centre midfield. Our midfield was slack with their defensive running whilst, time after time, Josh Fielding and the other Olympic midfielders pushed forward with ease. Our defenders were struggling to cope with the onslaught of midfielders running through whilst our forward line started sluggishly. We had one chance in the first that fell to Waide Jones, who gave us a bit of a lift up front after starting on the bench, but unfortunately he fired over the top.

I was disgusted with our effort in the first half. Our efforts at training gave me some indication that we would start this game strongly however this wasn’t the case. We communicated poorly; we were weak and uncommitted with our tackling; we weren’t composed on the ball and our passing was sloppy.

Thankfully we improved in the second half. The first 15 of the second half was well contested between the 2 sides. The turning point looked to be when Olympic substituted on 2 of their younger members. It was good to see that Olympic had faith in their youngsters but it appeared to me at the time that this could be something we could take advantage of. We gained supremacy at that point and it looked like we would at least score an equaliser however we were unable to capitalise on the score board.

Credit to Olympic though, their senior players, Fielding and Nectar (I think that’s his name) in particular, held their team together quite well and set the example for the rest to follow.

There were positives for us. Callan Mann played well for us in his new role at centre back in the first half and then gave us some extra speed in the midfield in the second half. Kyle Baldock gave us a lift in centre midfield when he came off the bench and put in a solid performance that will see him gain a start their next week. Ben Hutchinson’s efforts off the bench in defence were also encouraging.

It appears that cricket will be a priority for 4 or 5 first team regulars from last season for next week’s game. The bench from today’s game will look forward to the chance to earn the missing players spots in the starting line-up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

Thank you for the comprehensive report on our game today. I would just like to point out that in 2010 we change our name back to its original form Olympia. We also added the Greek Warrior theme. So we are now the Olympia F C Warriors. Olympia was the clubs original 1960 -61 name. In 1996 we were forced by the then CEO of Soccer Australia David Hill to change to the non ethnic version Olympic. This was a sore point for all of our supporters and we were glad to be able to change it back.

Olympia looks forward to later in the year playing Ulverstone for the 50th Celebration year of both clubs. As you may know both clubs are in discussion with a potential sponsor for this match which may turn out to be a regular fixture.

Wishing you and your club success in 2011

George Mamacas

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my ignorance, George. I do apologise.

I look forward to the 50th anniversary game and the lads are keen also.

All the best for the season!

Nick Owen

A lot of negativity about Olympia on this blog but judging by their core players they will be a fair way off the bottom of the ladder in the SPL this year.

South looked impressive again against Riverside Olympic (I think that's where I got confused with the Olympic/Olympia thing!)

Anonymous said...

I watched south vs riverside today. South didnt seem to get out of first gear, but still looked in controll. Some composed players in that side. Unless someone, maybe rangers, catches them asleep they will probably run away with our cup again.

Anonymous said...

as a prospect knights supporter i am elated that our comittee and more stern supporters have been able to attract a player of bens quality to our sure that many of our junior players and his matchday team mates will benefit from his involvement. GO THE KNIGHTS.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Nick , I think most people believe Clarence will finish last down here .

Anon 10:05 pm . Did young Hugisloot play ? If yes , how did he go ?

Anonymous said...

There is but one thing attractive at knights. $$.

Anonymous said...

He played well, and will improve as he gets used to their systems. South look pretty well drilled, with each player holding shape. He looked a little lost at stages, but was good defensively and is deceptive in the box. He played midfield and a bit up front I think. He will score goals for south this year.

Anonymous said...

olympia will fight relegation

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon 9:57 . I knew his father well and have enjoyed watching both of his sons rise through the ranks.
I think Luke especially will blossom under a decent coach and in a talented team . He will have to work hard , but that will only benefit him in the long run .

Anon 10:27 , Olympia won't have to worry about delegation this year nor I think will Beachside.

Anonymous said...

Former Beachside premiership coach and player Alan Smee made his debut for Woodbrige v DOSA. Alan his hoping his enthusiasm, fitness and experience will assist Woodbridge moving into Division 1 in the near future.

Anonymous said...