Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This blog site to close soon

This blog site will close over the next few days, to be replaced by an exciting new-look site.

Everything that has appeared on this site, including photos, will be contained in the archive section of the new site.

I’d just like to thank all the readers who have found it of interest. Readership has been steadily climbing and has been averaging over 1,000 hits a day, even though it is still pre-season.

Last season, the site was getting as many as 1,700 hits a day. I hope this number will be exceeded during the new season on the new site.

The ‘unique visitors’ number is now well over 5,000, which is heartening, especially given that it is pre-season.

I thank you all for your support.

When this site does close, my new site will open immediately. It will have a more professional look about it and include many new features, including polls and league tables.

By clicking on the old site, you will automatically be re-directed to the new site, so you don’t have to do anything.

As the new site establishes itself, I hope you will add it to your favourites.

Cheers for now, and look out for the change soon. In the meantime, continue to click on this site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter for continuing your blog when so many others have passed into the ether . Look forward to the new setup , it sounds great . Keep up the good work . The numbers show your appreciated .

Steve .

Anonymous said...

Well done Walter...Blackjack would be proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Walter your a great man, and will be remembered in the history of Tasmania Soccer. very very undervalued and overlooked.

Are you blackjack?

Look forward to the new site.

Everyday reader!

Walter said...

Thanks, Everyday reader. No, I'm not Blackjack and never was.

Captain Australia said...

good to hear things are only going to get better Walter, hope the coverage of the north continues, it is needed, will we still be able to comment on new site?

Brendan Lichtendonk

Anonymous said...

hi Walter, could u please put ur the 999,999 visitor on ur website please, i like to win something, it would be a great incentive for all, perhaps u could prize a family pass to the match of the day at KGV, regards annon. btw excellent work Walter.

Walter said...

Hi Brendan

Yes, the coverage of the North will continue and, hopefully, even expand.

And yes, people will be able to comment.

Thanks for your support of the old site, too, over the years, particularly with photos.


Anonymous said...

Yay Walter - you continue to be a voice of sanity in this crazy little football world. Thank you mate, bless ya!

I know you parted ways with the Mercury and you were courageous and stood up for what you thought.

Because of this blog, I don't bother to read the Mercury at all now. (Phew! - Sorry Jules)

But - you've saved me $1.50 every Friday & Saturday! Oh and the Sunday Tasmanian, and all...

I'll have to donate that money towards buying you a very large ale one day...


Richard Bladel

Anonymous said...

I thought that everyone knew that Blackjack was a referee who doubles as a premier league women's coach.

Mark Broadbent said...

Hi Walter ,always consistant and non biased towards any particular club.I believe all of your readers appreciate your work on our great game.My pop is a daily reader and he thanks you for your thick skin on some of the un-educated views ,but how ever everybody is entitled to thier views and opinions.Im taking this year off coaching due to a growing family,but my pop keeps me updated with the scene due to your coverage.
Thanks again and very well done to date.

Cheers Mark and pop Broadbent

Anonymous said...

Hi walter,
Its wonderful your still on the money with your blogging. i at least visit this site 10 times a day and get great news about it. I hope the new site is going to be much better than this one and ope u the best in the future. I've been taking a lead in my blogging and hope to be the best that you were.

Thanks, Daniel

Anonymous said...

Haha you've got Blackjack so wrong anon 9:08am

Anonymous said...

anon 1.32

I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new website Walter and also the new season.

Hopefully we can all have a username to which we can log in and stay the same for ever.

Tasblue (I wasn't Blackjack either)!


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.28

I'll put my house on the fact that you are wrong. ;-)

Anonymous said...

who was blackjack after all?

Anonymous said...

Oh Gadd, I mean oh God, who cares who Blackjack was!

Anonymous said...

No Gadd was the Governor

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:30 - Wrong site mate.
He was 'The Governor' not 'Blackjack'. I have no idea who 'Blackjack' was though, maybe he was both??

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. I completed forgot about the Gov.

May the real Blackjack make himself or herself known.

It looks like the person that put his house on it may have some inside info.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure its not pixel40

Anonymous said...

A username only format would be great! Would certainly clean up the blog from idiotic comments

roccot said...

Thanks Walter, Ex Pat Tasmanian now living in Brisbane. Played in 70's & look at your site every day to keep up with whats happening in Tassie Football. The trips down memory lane are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.12

"A username only format would be great! Would certainly clean up the blog from idiotic comments"

What a great sentiment, what was your name again, oh yes, ANONYMOUS

Craig 'World Clarsh' Foster said...

Anon 12.12pm isn't it ironic that you made your post without a username. If everyone didn't react to these so called idiotic comments there wouldn't be this so called problem. I call it entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Come on I thought everyone knew who blackjack was .
Walter I am not sure if its possible but it would be great to take a leaf out of Facebook and have a like type setup on comments . I to think a username system would be great .

Steve .