Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kieran Biggar could be heading for bigger things

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eleven-year-old Kieran Biggar is the target of foreign scouts; Kieran with his father, Neil Biggar, of Metro; Neil (back row, second from left) as Metro's senior keeper; Kieran's grandfather, Bobby Biggar (second from right, back row) in a Caledonians side of the late 1960s; Neil's uncle, John Biggar (second from left, back row) and Kieran's great grandfather, Jimmy Biggar (extreme left, back row) in a Caledonians side of about 1963; John Biggar pours the champagne as Caledonians celebrate a title in 1960.

Eleven-year-old local footballer Kieran Biggar has been targeted by scouts representing Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Real Zaragoza.

Biggar is a member of Metro’s under-13 team this year and plays as a sweeper. He comes from a family with a huge football background.

His father, Neil, was a goalkeeper with Metro, while his grandfather, Bobby Biggar, played as a sweeper with Caledonians and White Eagles.

Bobby’s brother, the late John Biggar, was a sweeper with Caledonians and also played in northern Tasmania with some distinction.

Kieran’s great grandfather was involved with Caledonians after arriving from Kilmarnock in Scotland in the 1950s.

“Kieran went away to Canberra in February representing Tasmania and playing Futsal and, while there, he was noticed by some scouts who are representing Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Real Zaragoza in Spain,” said Kieran’s father, Neil.

“They’re coming down to Tasmania in April to give him trials. He’s the only boy from Tassie picked up by them. There are a few boys from New South Wales coming, too, and my boy.

“He was playing Futsal when they spotted him, but they obviously picked up enough of what he can do and they want him for the outdoor game.

“He’s absolutely stoked so I’m going to have to do some road runs with him and get him fit and, hopefully, give him some idea of what he’s in for.

“He’s a sweeper, so he’s definitely skipped a generation. My father, Bob Biggar, was a sweeper, and I’m a goalkeeper and now my boy’s a sweeper.

“I’m lost for words. It’s pretty amazing, really, considering he went up there to play in a Futsal competition and now I’m talking to guys from London.”

Kieran played up a year for Metro’s under-12s last season.

“We played the whole team up a year because, basically, they were too good for the competition in that age group, so, again this year, they’ll be under-13s and, again, playing up a year for Metro,” said Neil.

“We’ll be starting pre-season soon on and it’s pretty much a full-on year for them as Futsal starts again when the outdoor season ends.

“It’ll be full on, which means a lot of travel.”

Kieran is a Liverpool supporter, as is his father, but he doesn’t mind that the trial is for other English and European clubs.

“I was playing Futsal in Canberra and the selectors came and asked me to go for trials in Devonport in April,” Kieran said.

“Dad’s a Liverpool supporter and so I’ve got lots of photos, pennants and so on from Liverpool in my room.”

Kieran’s grandfather, Bob Biggar, apart from playing for Caledonians and White Eagles, also represented Tasmania at under-16 level.


Anonymous said...

The best of luck with your trial Keiran, and the best of luck to you with your road runs Neil.

Anonymous said...

love the picture of neil second from the top,
His right knee looks like a planet.

Corey Smith said...

Well done Kieran, Once again showing Futsal can be a legitimate pathway to contacts.

Anonymous said...

Why would they be bringing NSW players to Devonport? Is this actually for real?

Anonymous said...

Can they set up a game between the under 11s who went to canberra and the under 11s who went to sydney? Be a good indicator of where they are?

IanMaureen said...

great news Neil and Kieran, hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Funny this

I bet these guys didnt show up at the Vikings Nationals

Anonymous said...

Well Done Kieran and Neil, a young lad from the Northern Suburbs.

Metro have a always been good at producing Juniors.

I know that there is some awesome talent in their Juniors coming through.

On behalf of the NSJSA we wish them all the best.

President NSJSA

Anonymous said...

This is great for the boy, but I have heard that there is a FIFA international law that says that no player under 18 years can transfer to another country. does this mean they arelooking at this kid as a prospect in 7 or 8 years or what.
be careful as there are lots of people conning people into trials or trips to the UK with no possible outcome and costing lot of $$

Anonymous said...

anon 9.54 is right, dont be fooled

Anonymous said...

His Grandfather is from the UK so it is possible for a duel passport

clanalba said...

Hi Walter
thanks for the great article - then again I'm biased. For your info Kieran's great grandfather, my Dad, Jimmy Biggar is standing, top left hand corner, next to my brother John. Jimmy was 1st Team manager in those days and was a founder member of Calies back in the 50's.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards

Walter said...

Hi Bob

Thanks so much for your comment. Great to hear from you.

I thought it might have been your Dad, but I didn't want to take the chance and write that it was him just in case it wasn't. Thanks for clarifying that. I will amend the caption to the photo.



Jim Graham said...

Great news Kieren..good luck with the trials..good photos of us oldies too!!