Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dane Hudson set to go with Prospect Knights in Steve Hudson Cup

Photo: Dane Hudson ready to kick off Prospect Knights' season [PlessPix]

I interviewed Prospect Knights coach Dane Hudson on the eve of the Steve Hudson Cup competition.

Prospect Knights have been drawn in Group B of the competition, together with Olympia Warriors, Launceston United and Ulverstone.

The Knights open their campaign on Sunday at 11am against Launceston United.

Walter Pless: How old are you, Dane?

Dane Hudson: I will be 49 years of age in April this year.

WP: Tell me about your coaching background.

DH: My coaching background covers all the age groups and genders. I have been coaching senior football for 6 years.

WP: What about your playing background?

DH: I have played since a child and started my senior career at 17 years of age after not playing after high school. I have stopped playing altogether now due to a broken feta suffered in a social game last year.

WP: What is the most difficult thing about coaching?

DH: The most difficult thing about coaching, I think, is believing with everything you have that you will win, but then you lose. No answers, no pats on the back, and just bewilderment.

WP: What’s the most rewarding thing about coaching?

DH: The most rewarding thing about coaching is seeing the group you are involved with develop, not only as players, but also as people and put into place strategies that you have introduced and coached knowing that if they are implemented correctly you will be successful.

WP: What is your coaching philosophy?

DH: My coaching philosophy is a coach should sell not yell.

WP: What are your aims with Prospect Knights this season?

DH: My aims this year with Knights are to continue our development as players and as a group and offer pathways to our younger players that they can place a value on as the future unfolds.

WP: How would you rate the Northern Premier League?

DH: I think the standard up here continues to improve as coaches continue to become better informed. Gone are the days, I think, where clubs employ good players to coach, only to then realise they are good players but not necessarily good coaches.

WP: Who will win the Northern Premier League title this season?

DH: I think, as previously, any top-four club can win it this year. Rangers are always strong, are well coached and have terrific self-belief. Devonport never say never, and, again, are well coached tactically and technically. Riverside play very attractive football and have both developing coaches and players. Knights are a very proud group, don’t take backward steps, and are again developing coaches and players and I really believe we will go very close this year.

WP: Do you have any new players?

DH: No new signings as yet, but we are hopeful some new arrivals in town will be attracted to us for the 2011 season.

WP: How does your squad rate compared to last season?

DH: I think our squad will be a bit stronger than last year. The World Cup didn’t do us any favours and if we can remain relatively injury free we should have our strongest team available for quite a few years for most of the season.

WP: What improvements would you like to see in Tasmanian football?

DH: I think if we all, inside our own clubs, continue to demand the very best of each other, the sport will continue to improve outside of any other influences. I have no magic pill to offer or any particular strategy to employ, but I know we are all passionate about our game and we will all strive to be successful in what we can control.


Roberto said...

Is the Northern League, the same level as Div 1?. Which team(s) in the northern league would cope comfortably in the Southern premier?

Anonymous said...


Just remember that the Northern League have taken the South to the cleaners of recent times in North Vs South games.

Anonymous said...

Are FFT going to publish Summer Cup draws soon or what?

Does anyone know the Hudson Cup draw yet either?

Anonymous said...

I'd say the northern and southern leagues are very similar, I've played in both and although they are a bit different in style, the quality is similar. Take out launceston and the other 8 teams would easily cope in Southern Premier.

Anonymous said...

that line of supremecy is still in place i see.nah roberto we kick a rag ball

roundball said...

Summer cup draw seniors:
Saturday 12th February 2011
South Hobart SC v Clarence United FC KGV Park @ 02:00 PM
Nelson Eastern Suburbs v Metro Football Club North Chigwell @ 12:00 PM
Glenorchy Knights v New Town Eagles North Chigwell @ 02:00 PM
Tilford Zebras v Taroona FC Olinda Grove 1 @ 12:00 PM
Beachside FC v University Olinda Grove 1 @ 02:00 PM
Olympia FC v Hobart United FC Olinda Grove 2 @ 12:00 PM
Kingborough Lions v DOSA Soccer Club Olinda Grove 2 @ 02:00 PM
Saturday 19th February 2011
Glenorchy Knights v Metro Football Club North Chigwell @ 12:00 PM
Tilford Zebras v University Olinda Grove 1 @ 12:00 PM
Beachside FC v Taroona FC Olinda Grove 1 @ 02:00 PM
Kingborough Lions v Hobart United FC Olinda Grove 2 @ 12:00 PM
Olympia FC v DOSA Soccer Club Olinda Grove 2 @ 04:00 PM
South Hobart SC v Nelson Eastern Suburbs South Hobart @ 02:00 PM
Clarence United FC v New Town Eagles North Chigwell @ 02:00 PM
Saturday 26th February 2011
Tilford Zebras v Beachside FC Olinda Grove 1 @ 12:00 PM
University v Taroona FC Olinda Grove 1 @ 02:00 PM
Kingborough Lions v Olympia FC Olinda Grove 2 @ 04:00 PM
Hobart United FC v DOSA Soccer Club Olinda Grove 2 @ 12:00 PM
South Hobart SC v Glenorchy Knights South Hobart @ 02:00 PM
Clarence United FC v Nelson Eastern Suburbs North Chigwell @ 02:00 PM
New Town Eagles v Metro Football Club North Chigwell

Walter published information 24th January

Anonymous said...

dane hudson is a very nice and polite guy... however prospect knights wont win anything

Anonymous said...

i hear that dane may have made some nice signings this week.in those signings some players that they thought they had lost from last year.good to see.seems some teams up there have lost presumed right to players entering that territory.

Anonymous said...

What signings have the Knights made ??

Anonymous said...

best young players from south smashed the north last season

Anonymous said...

And the best open age players from north keep smashing the south.

Anonymous said...

Rumour on the street is that Crossa has not committed too anyone, as is tossing up 2 or 3 options, including a Hobart one.

Knights are always competitive but wont win the league this year

Anonymous said...

good interview dane. You are alwayws a positive guy and that is refreshing from some of the negative comments that get posted. I'm always a fan of the way you go about your business. You do everything to create a hospitable club. I wish you all the best in your role at Knights this year. and i'll see you on the park.

Gazza (the other one)