Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rapid Wrest Point program of 1978

Photos (Top to Bottom): Former Croatia player Joe Glasovac (left) and a friend at last year's grand final at KGV Park [PlessPix]; The Rapid Wrest Point match program for the game against Croatia on 29 July 1978 [Courtesy of the Rodney Tattam Collection]

Shown above is a Rapid Wrest Point match program for the game against Croatia on 29 July 1978.

It is an interesting design, based on English match programs of the day. Again, it was produced without the aid of the sort of technology we are accustomed to today.

The Rapid versus Croatia game was a Radio Rentals State League match and it is interesting to look at the league table contained in the program.

Rapid were on top of the 10-team competition, while White Eagles were second. Launceston United were last.

Rapid became Kingston Cannons and last season merged with Christian United to form Southern FC.

Croatia became Glenorchy Knights and are still in the southern top-flight today.

Of the Rapid team listed in the old WM formation, Chester Willcock attends most South Hobart games these days as his son, Dean, plays for that club.

Stephen Kannegiesser is involved with Clarence United as his daughter plays for their women’s team.

Other players listed are still about but rarely, if ever, go to games.

Coach Karl Schwesinger was a master pastry chef from Austria and ran his own business in Hobart. He also played for and coached South Hobart (when he won the Rothmans Gold Medal), White Eagles (New Town Eagles) and Juventus (Tilford Zebras).

Rapid had two excellent Iraqi imports - Noory Aziz and Munther Alwan. They were a delight to watch and technically gifted.

Of the Croatia team, many are still about, but not at games.

Rodney Tattam, the goalkeeper, is involved with women’s football, while Joe Glasovac was at last year’s grand final.

As a matter of interest, the State League teams, in descending order on the ladder at the time of this match were:

Rapid Wrest Point, White Eagles, Croatia, Launceston Juventus, Devonport. Olympia, Caledonians, Ulverstone, George Town, Launceston United.


Paul said...

If I ever decide to make a match day programme, it'll be in this classic and in my mind unparalleled style. Beautiful, spacious, concise. The 1970s English look call is spot on - the book 'Match Day: Post War to Premiership' is a must for fans of match day programmes.

Anonymous said...

Walter. I think Aziz also played with Olympia as well. Not sure who he had played for first though. Are you able to confirm this and with whom he played with first out these two teams.


Walter said...


I think he and Alwan came here to play with Olympia. Later, Aziz played with Rapid.