Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Blundstone Arena being prepared for FFA Cup match

Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton at Blundstone Arena today [PlessPix]

The pitch is being readied at Blundstone Arena for next Wednesday’s FFA Cup match between South Hobart and Marconi Stallions.

The requirements of Foxtel are being met in regard to camera positions level with the half-way line and so the pitch will not be as close to the main grandstand as originally anticpated.

The commentators will not be in the usual commentary position high up in the main grandstand but on the opposite side of the ground.

Photo:  Stephen McMullen and Ken Morton at Blundstone Arena [PlessPix]

Stephen McMullen, General Manager – Venue Operations at Cricket Tasmania, said:  “There’s a fair bit of organising that we’re doing in regards to just the lay-out and changing over and processing.

“Also, with a different code, there’s some different things that we need to provide in terms of positioning of different officials and the like.”

McMullen said the grass would be cut to the normal length, but that could change after both teams train on the ground next Tuesday.

He also confirmed that the pitch would be laid out differently to that initially envisaged so as to meet the requirements of television.

“We worked with FOX in terms of the positioning of cameras,” he said.

“They want cameras looking straight down the centre-line from opposite sides of the ground, so it was just a case of configuring it to suit broadcasting.”

Tthe entire game will not be shown on television.  Whenever there is a goal, FOX will switch from their main televised game to Blundstone Arena to show the goal.

“It’s quite exciting and I think it’s a great venue, especially where the pitch is at the moment and the grandstand over the top of it, so it’ll be good for spectators,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.  “It’s exciting for the game”

“It’s not a home-ground advantage for us, but we’d like to make it that way so it’s be nice to get of to a cracking start here and get the crowd behind us and just see what we can do.

“But, we’re playing a quality team in Marconi so I’m sure it’ll be an exciting game.

“WE will have a light training run on Tuesday, weather permitting, so that’ll help us familiarise ourselves a little.

“Other than that, we’ll just have our own banners and supporters getting behind the team and making it more like Darcy Street with a bit of atmosphere.

“I’m sure on the night, it’ll be a great atmosphere.

“Marconi play very direct and they try to bully teams and, while they’ve got some quick forwards, we also think we have some quick forwards who may be able to exploit some weaknesses at the back.

“We think the surface will suit us.  We like it slick and the curator will make sure it’s slick for us as well, so we’ll be looking forward to the challenge.”

Photo:  The main stand at Blundstone Arena [PlessPix]

Morton watched a live-stream of Marconi’s game last weekend, a 4-2 win against Mt Druitt Town Rangers, and he will travel to Sydney this coming Sunday to watch them play Sydney Olympic.

Marconi Stallions are fifth in the standings, Mt Druitt sixth and Sydney Olympic ninth.

“All their goals came from set-plays so that’ll be something we’ll have to watch.

“If it’s a quick game, we’ll be with them.  We can move it around quickly and I do think we have some pace up front that could worry them.”


The Phoenix said...

Right behind you South as you represent Tasmania on the National stage.

Anonymous said...

Marconi by 7

Anonymous said...

If you can see it

Anonymous said...

How can Kobe Kemp play when he's played ffa cup qualifiers for another team?

Anonymous said...

So they aren't televising the whole thing and yet these FOX creeps are dictating the positioning of the ground so spectators will have a worse view. That stinks!

Charles Calthrop said...

The FOX creeps who are paying for the whole competition to happen in the first place...the best thing to happpen in football for years...those FOX creeps? How dare they...lets organise a boycott...that stinks!

Anonymous said...

Great exposure for the game. A few of my non soccer/football mates are tagging along with me on the night.