Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Impressive facilities at Blundstone Arena for FFA Cup match

Photo:  The goals have been erected at Blundstone Arena [PlessPix]

South Hobart and Marconi Stallions both had light training sessions at Blundstone Arena on Tuesday evening.

The two teams meet at Blundstone on Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Round-of-32 of the FFA Cup.

The dressing rooms and facilities at Blundstone are impressive.

They show clearly the inadequacies of local football venues such as KGV Park.

Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton before training on Tuesday evening [PlessPix]

The dressing rooms are spacious and there are areas in which to limber up before even entering the playing arena.

Post-match, there is a large pool beside the dressing room in which the water can be adjusted to be either ice cold or very warm.

The excellent flood lighting at Blundstone will make the game a spectacle for local fans, who are more used to seeing teams chasing shadows at KGV Park.

Photo:  The limbering-up area beside the South Hobart dressing room  [PlessPix]

The two squads are:

South Hobart: 1. Kieran Brown (GK), 2. Tae Evans, 3. Reilly Morton, 4. Jack Bowman, 5. Hugh Ludford, 6. Loic Feral, 7. Nick Morton, 8. Samuel Berezansky, 9. Darcy Hall, 10. Alex Walter, 11. Ben Hamlett, 12. Bradley Lakoseljac, 13. Ewan Larby, 14. Gilly De Souza, 15. Declan Foley, 16. Oscar Thomas, 17. Kasper Hallam, 18. Samuel Tooze, 19.  Tobias Herweynen,  (?) Samson Juju, 21. Graham Wright (GK)
Marconi Stallions: 1. Nenad Vekic (GK), 2. Nathan Millgate, 3. Giorgio Speranza, 4. Roberto Speranza, 5. James Baldacchino, 7. Sean O’Connell, 8. Connor Evans, 9. Anthony Frangie, 10. Marko Jesic, 11. Mitchell Mallia, 12. James Andrew, 13. Yianni Nicolaou, 14. Peter Pelekanos, 15. Lachlan Sepping, 16. Liam Youlley, 17. Kristian Sekutkoski (GK), 19. Zachary Cairncross, 20. Richard Cardozo, 23. Brandon Vella, 28. Martin Fernandez, 30. Paolo Laxamana, 31. Christian Nascimben, 33. Andrew Holder, 39. Mason Ingram, 52. Damian Tsekenis

Photo:  Mark Moncur wishes he was donning the Number 1 shirt [PlessPix]

Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton in his team's dressing room [PlessPix]

Photo:  The warm and cold pools beside the dressing room [PlessPix]

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