Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday results - 28 July 2019

Photo:  Zebras' Sava Kaponis gets ahead of a Kingborough opponent [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 2

Hobart Zebras 2- 7 Kingborough Lions United (D Cooper 5, K Hoddy 2)

Photo:  Kingborough's Kai Hoddy is upened by Zebras' Luigi Fraraccio (No.16) [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 3

Brighton Storm 2 (B Ransley, S Ryan) lost to University Bombers 3

DOSA 1-4 Southern FC

Photo:  Brighton Storm's Ben Smith tackles Uni Bombers' Number 29 [PlessPix]

Photo:  Brighton Storm on the attack against Uni Bombers [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 5

Taroona 18-1 Brighton Storm (N Lowe)

Metro 2 (D Morrison, B Woolley) lost to Glenorchy Knights 3 (T Huigsloot 2, K Kon)

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Tom Huigsloot flicks the ball over a Metro opponent .  Huigsloot netted twice. [Plesspix]

Photo:  Elmer Cano (fifth from left) and his fellow Glenorchy Knights defenders thwart a Metro attack [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 4

Metro 3-1 University Wanderers

Photo:  The ball is high in the sky, a man walks his dog, and Metro and University Wanderers battle it out on the pitch at North Chigwell [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Metro's veteran midfield star Terry Kent played in goal until regular custodian Simon Land showed up [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro threaten the Uni Wanderers goal [PlessPix]

Women’s Southern Championship 1, Tier 1

Metro 3-2 University Black

Photo:  Action from today's women's game between Metro and University Black [PlessPix] 

Photo:  A University defender brings the ball out from defence in today's game against Metro at North Chigwell [PlessPix]

Challenge League

South Hobart 0-0 Hobart Zebras

Photo:  Hobart Zebras president Nick Di Giovanni (left), with fellow supporters Fabio Di Tomasso and Simon Robustelli, support the club's social side at KGV Park in today's game against Kingborough [PlessPix]

Photo:  Some of the lights at KGV Park are still out but it doesn't stop the resident white-faced herons from watching their favourite sport [PlessPix]

Photo:  Zebras keeper Michael Soszynski saves as team-mate Michael Connolly cannot prevent Kingborough's scorer, Kai Hoddy from shooting [PlessPix]

Photo:  Kingborough keeper and club president Warren Iles is all smiles after pulling off a brilliant save against Zebras [PlessPix]

Photo:  University manager John Hargrave tries to outdo the linesman with his hand signals [PlessPix]

Photo:  Action from the DOSA versus Southern FC match at Weily Park, which Southern FC won 4-1 [PlessPix]

Photo:  Action from Southern FC's 4-1 win over DOSA at Weily Park [PlessPix]

Photo:  The refereeing situation is good when three officials are in charge of a social league match.  The referee for the Metro v Uni Wanderers game was Neil Ruut (left) and his assistants were James Phillips and Ken Lyall. Lyall is a new referee and the situation reflects the excellent work being done by FT's Referee Manager, Tony Peart.  [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Credit where it's due...Tony Peart is doing a good job

Anonymous said...

Three strikingly handsome referees ...

Anonymous said...

great to see newer referees being supported by "older" mentors when starting out, well done fft