Sunday, July 28, 2019

Launceston City lose keeper Clark as they succumb to South Hobart

Photo:  South Hobart keeper Graeme Wright takes a cross [PlessPix]

(NPL Tasmania, South Hobart Oval, Saturday, 27 July 2019)

South Hobart 4 (N Morton 19, K Kemp 61, 71, A Walters 62)

Launceston City 1 (N Mies 77)

HT:  1-0   Att:  110   Ref:  T Peart

South Hobart:  Wright  -  Bowman, Foley, Kemp, Herweynen  -  Feral, Morton, Lakoseljac  -  Berezansky, Hamlett, Walter  (Subs:  K Brown, Gorrie, Evans, Hallam, Kurdistan)

Launceston City:  Clark  -  Linger, Goold, Mattarozzi, Dwyer  -  Mitreski, Murray, Ottavi  -  Degetto, Mies, Hancox  (Subs:  Aitken, Oh, Thorne)

Photo:  South Hobart's Ben Hamlett takes on Launceston City's Aaron Mattarozzi [PlessPix]

This was South Hobart’s last hit-out before they take on Marconi Stallions on Wednesday in the FFA Cup Round-of-32 at Blundstone Arena.

Coach Ken Morton was due to travel to Sydney on Sunday on a scouting mission to watch Marconi play Sydney Olympic.

Adam Gorrie was left on the bench, but did come on later.  He misses the Marconi game through suspension.

Kieran Brown, who was on the bench, will soon take up a football scholarship in the U.S.A. and so Graeme Wright is now the preferred goalkeeper for South Hobart.

Siyar Kurdistan, who coaches South Hobart’s Challenge League side, was also on the bench and made an appearance.

Kasper Hallam was kept on the bench, probably in readiness for Wednesday night.

Photo:  City keeper Lachlan Clark beats Nick Morton to the ball [PlessPix]

Kobe Kemp was in the South Hobart line-up after returning from a sting in Victoria and he weighed in with two goals.

It took South almost 20 minutes to hit the front.  Nick Morton cut in from the left and planted his shot past the diving Lachlan Clark and inside the far right-hand post.

Launceston City had their hands full defending and rarely got a sight of goal at the other end.  A shot by MacKenzie Hancox and saved by Wright near the end of the first half was their only attempt on goal.

Clark earned his keep with some skilful saves.  He was beaten on another occasion by Sam Berezansky, but the effort was ruled out because of off-side.

Photo:  South Hobart's Loic Feral wins a header [PlessPix]

Two goals in 2 minutes just past the hour mark by Kemp and Alex Walter killed off any faint chance that City may have had of getting back into this game.

In the 61st minute, Kemp hammered home Ben Hamlett’s pass, while in the 62nd minute, Alex Walter raced in from the right and placed a low drive inside the far left-hand post to make it 3-0.

To add to City’s misery, Clark was concussed when he went down at Hamlett’s feet.  Although he continued for several minutes after treatment, he had to go off in the 65th minute, and with no substitute keeper on the bench, Aaron Mattarozzi took over in goal.  Nicholas Thorne came on as an outfield player.

Photo:  Nick Morton climbs and wins a header [PlessPix]

Mattarozzi had only been in goal for 6 minutes when he was picking the ball out of the net, Kemp having drilled home a shot after a short-corner.

City, however, had a sting in the tail.  In the 76th minute, Scott Murray won the ball and sent Noah Mies away in the inside-right channel and he finished beautifully past Wright to net a consolation goal for the visitors.

Clark looked dazed after the match and he is likely to be missing for a few weeks at least following his concussion.

Photo:  Launceston City goalkeeper coach Kerry Dennis assists Lachlan Clark from the field [PlessPix] 

Photo:  South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen crosses the ball [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

South look much weaker without Isky.
Marconi will spank them if they play like they did
on Saturday. Very ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here Walter or readers, but I thought that any player signing or transferring from another club had to do so by the end of may.
Now unless this Kemp character hasn't been playing this season thus far or he completed his transfer before the end of may, then my comments and post would have been a waste of time lol.
If he was guilty of either of those situations, then it might be worth for Launceston city to lodge an appeal or enquiry.

Anonymous said...

1.30 pm.
Local transfers close off in May. You may
sign players from elsewhere anytime I believe.

Anonymous said...

Now, Anonymous 1.30am, I hope they don't make the same mistake against Marconi. It's bad enough that they have flaunted the rules in the NPL, but to do it on the national stage would seriously bring the game into disrepute.
Are there any fines or penalties for bringing the game into disrepute?

Anonymous said...

Transfer I don't think is the issue it's more can he play for south wed night after playing for Caroline Springs in Victoria qualifiers

Anonymous said...

nothing on port rolling warriors walter? your bias is getting away from you now, i'm sure it would have been front and centre if scored the other way around

Anonymous said...

seem pretty clear.

5 Registration of Players and Age Criteria
The National Registration Regulations govern the registration of all players, and subsequent clauses
are in addition to the National Registration Regulations.

A player registration and registration fee must be received by FFT before midday on Thursday in order
for the player to be eligible to play in the next round’s matches.

The transfer deadline for all other currently registered players is the last Thursday prior to 31 May. A
new player (i.e. not previously registered in the current year) may not be registered after the second
Thursday in July.

If any Club shall play an unregistered player or a player registered by another Club in any match it shall
be deemed to have lost that match by a score of three (3) goals to nil (0) plus any further penalty
imposed by the Company in accordance with these Rules. If the result is a loss exceeding 3-0 then that
score will remain in place.

Anonymous said...

I think South might have some explaining to do

Anonymous said...

They have not broken or flaunted any are speaking out of your...

Walter said...

Anonymous 1.43pm. I think your bias is showing.

Anonymous said...

I am bias. but then again don't pretend not to be. just a port fan wanting to read your take on them rolling oly

Walter said...

Anonymous 8.48am, It's a bit hard for me to give you my take on Devonport's game because I didn't see it. I wasn't there. All I could do was record the result and scorers in the Saturday results story.