Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Last Hobart Zebras team bows out with cup final defeat to Knights

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights display their silverware [PlessPix]

(Southern Championship 2 Cup Final, KGV Park, Tuesday, 17 September 2019)

Glenorchy Knights 1 (I Mahlangu 37)
Hobart Zebras 0

HT: 1-0   Ref:  S Plomaritis

Glenorchy Knights:  Graham;  Cano, Y Fuentes, Hagino, Holmes, Lesa, Mahlangu, Roberts, Sterpin, Taiwo, Dingjan  (Interchange:  Dzelalija, O Fuentes, Heather, Phillips, Hindley)

Hobart Zebras:  Soszynski;  Allocca, Brazendale, Connolly, Coutinho, Di Ienno, Ditton, Fraraccio, Grillas, Kaponas, Laird, Palermo, Rocchia, Roussos, Venettacci

Photo:  The last-ever Hobart Zebras team after tonight's cup final [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights won the Southern Championship 2 cup final 1-0 through a brilliant goal by Innocent Mahlangu.

In the 38th minute, Mahlangu fired home a superb volley from the edge of the box that gave Zebras keeper Michael Soszynski no chance.

This cup final featured a sad note in the history of the game in Tasmania.  It was the last time a Hobart Zebras side would be in action.  This very evening, a vote on a merger between Hobart Zebras and Clarence United was held by the two clubs and the proposal was accepted.

Photo:  Knights' Daniel Holmes tangles with Zebras' Kosta Grillas [PlessPix]

The game was fast and furious, but there were few chances.

Kosta Grillas had a powerful shot saved by Knights keeper Hugh Graham in the first half.  Graham was carrying an injury and probably shouldn’t have been playing, but he emerged unscathed and with his goal intact.

Knights had a strong claim for a penalty turned down in the second half.

Zebras tried desperately to grab an equaliser in the second half but, as a large moon rose in the sky, they ran out of time and Knights claimed the trophy.

Photo:  Knights' Will Roberts has a shot from range [PlessPix]

Photo:  Knights' Kento Hagino (left) and Elmer Cano (right) try to contain Zebras' Matthew Laird [PlessPix]

Photo:  Zebras keeper Michael Soszynski picks the ball out of the net after Innocent Mahlangu is congratulated by team-mates for a brilliant and decisive goal [PlessPix]

Photo:  Knights goalkeeper Hugh Graham catches a corner [PlessPix]

Photo:  Zebras coaching staff (L-R) Fabio Di Tomasso, Emanuel Roussos and Simon Robustelli urge their players on [PlessPix]

Photo:  Bentley, the dog belonging to Knights president Tony Bacic, tries to make it 12 players for Knights before the second half kicks off [PlessPix]

Photo:  Josh Dingjan hands Bentley to his master, Knights president Tony Bacic [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Demise of the Zebras has started. I hope it isn't but I cant see how re-locating to a shocking facility like Wentworth Park can be considered an improvement.
The facilities are a large part of the success or otherwise that may eventuate.
Imagine Zebras trying to organise for a mainland club to visit pre season ? Facilities not to standard . Will council allow? Ground small. Imagine if they made the round of 32 of the FFA cup. Facilities not to standard. No shelter, no seating. Ground small . Lighting poor.How is the canteen going to work then, if the game cant be played there ?
Anyway not anyone else's problem other than Zebras.
I would like to see how they go against Olympia who have a solid foothold on the eastern shore with juniors and youth.
They may , and I say may, retain some of their juniors at first but my guess is that they will diminish and struggle to improve current standards which the club itself has stated is very poor.
Good luck they will need it .

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest winner out of the new Clabras is the Knights.
They are now the only club in the area at NPL level and have KGV to themselves and they didn't have to do anything to get it.

Anonymous said...

Will kgv not now be the new joint home for Hobart united?

Anonymous said...

Very different looking Knights team compared to the one that played on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

The Juve board sold their clubs soul when they agreed to merge with Clarence. It will spell the end of any relationship with the Australian / Italian community. They've also lost their status in Tasmanian football history.

I could never imagine Launceston Juventus, Croatia Glenorchy or Olympia deciding to merge.

Anonymous said...

Watch touch football be moved out of wentworth and a new ground for npl out the back plus development of the canteen area - if it gets done its a good move

olympia will be concerned - zebras youth will be kept at queens walk for at least a year to help with transition and with coach of the year awards at the club watch the quality now wanting to play for enzo - champ coach or champ 1 ?

word on the street is players wont be paid next year at zclarence, that will make it interesting .... olympia and knights to benefit from that - hughi = knights lets see how the two committees structure things

smith as coach Burt champ champ 1 or assistant - joint presidents ? etc etc exciting times and scary times

bring on 2020

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:07
Clarence council won't remove touch from WWP, Touch have always had the Clarence council in their back pocket...

Not a knocker said...

Yeah this is a great thing for the young kids from both clubs ! LETS DITCH THE IMPORTS !

Anonymous said...

They have more than some their soul 10.07.
They did that a long time ago.
It’s the same team in control at Zebras that started the downward spiral.
You can’t get lower than where they are now.
Did they invite any of the members who no longer attend games or the AIC
to seek advice or at least listen to any concerns or ideas that
may improve things so that this ridiculous decision could gave been avoided?
I doubt that very much because in their eyes no one else would know or understand.

Anonymous said...

Sanders to knights or Olympia I have heard??? Dillon and Muller knights?