Thursday, September 19, 2019

Outcomes of competition structure review released

The review of the competition structure of Tasmanian football has been completed.

Some of the key outcomes of the review include:

·        The National Premier League Tasmania competition will remain at eight teams for at least the remainder of the current license period (2022). This follows the decision on Tuesday of this week by Clarence United and Hobart Zebras to merge in 2020;

·        Promotion and relegation will be suspended for at least the remainder of the current license period and will be reviewed again after further consultation with all clubs in the lead-up to 2022;

·        Football Tasmania intend to introduce an NPL state wide reserves competition from the commencement of the next license period (2022), which will form part of the NPL criteria;

·        The Southern Championship and Championship 1 competition will be expanded from 2020 and will include all southern-based NPL clubs. They will field teams in both competitions in addition to the NPL;

·        The Women’s Super League competition will continue in 2020 and beyond. A criteria will be developed in the coming months with the view to introducing this in 2021;

·        In the coming years an underpinning Youth Championship competition will be introduced in the north and the south to accommodate female and male players who aspire to play at the highest level both in Tasmania and potentially beyond; and

·        Working with our clubs and associations, Football Tasmania will also have a very clear focus on growing the game through the provision of an expanded ‘community pathway’ for players at all ages who are motivated to play more for enjoyment and participation. This is an exciting opportunity that will see the game grow to even greater levels in the coming years.


Anonymous said...

They have solved the Clarence "problem" by simply eliminating them. 8 sides set to continue with no promotion or regulation means simply that there are no new sides good enough to bring into the NPL. Of course no ideas to solve the imbalance in the competition. That is in the too hard basket. We don't want yet another season dominated by the usual top 4 clubs and one that fizzles out like this one did.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:20 pm
Actually worse than you think the competition has been dominated only by 3 clubs. Not 4.

Anonymous said...

11.20. Spot on.

Anonymous said...

All sounds good In theory Walter.
Where are clubs going to find all the extra players to fill
NPL Sth Champ and Sth Champ 1 NPLreserves
and then the ‘ Youth Competition ‘ ? Where are the grounds that all these
teams are going to play on ? You don’t put together competitions that according to the report
will grow the game but have insufficient grounds to play on.
Shouldn’t the reserves competition be the competition that should
showcase the youth with potential and ambition to play NPL and beyond ?
Or is this proposed Youth League another ‘ NTC we are better than you ‘ type
arrangement which has been proven in the past doesn’t work.
Look at all the ex NTC players that were steered to the one club by the
previous coach / manager. Where are they now ? Not many playing senior NPL
other than one or two maybe and many others went to lower clubs so they could
get a game.