Saturday, February 15, 2020

Day of pre-season friendlies in Tasmania

Photo:  The Strathmore Split FC squad (dark shirts) pose with the Glenorchy Knights squad (red shirts) before today's friendly at KGV Park [PlessPix]

It was a day of friendlies in Tasmanian football today.

NPL Tasmania’s Glenorchy Knights lost 2-1 to the visiting Victorian outfit FC Strathmore Split at KGV Park.

Sime Brzoja grabbed a brace for Strathmore, while Ryan Backhouse netted a brilliant goal for the Knights.

Photo:  Knights' Nathan Rees challenges for the ball [PlessPix]

Brzoja hit his first in the 5th minute to put the visitors ahead against Knights, while skipper Joshua Brekalo almost made it 2-0 in the 12th minute but his powerful drive from the right cannoned off the far left-hand post and back into play.

Photo:  FC Strathmore Split carried a wreath out onto the pitch and the two teams observed a minute's silence in memory of a family member of one of the Strathmore players [PlessPix]

Photo:  Both teams observed a minute's silence in memory of Mustafa Odzemi [PlessPix]

A splendid point-blank save by Knights keeper Lachlan Hart also denied Brekalo before Backhouse made it 11 in the 41st minute with a sweeping shot from the left that gave the Strathmore keeper no chance.

The visiting custodian also did well to turn another Knights effort wide before half-time.

Brzoja sealed the win with his second goal in the 55th minute and the Knights were unable to claw their way back from that set-back.

Photo:  Strathmore's scorer Sime Brzoja (left) goes for the ball with Knights' Fergus Aitken [PlessPix]

The game became physical at times and referee Brenton Kopra had to calm a few tempers when the visiting players questioned some of his decisions.

Photo:  Knights' Jack Bowman heads the ball [PlessPix]

Devonport City downed South Hobart 2-1 in a friendly in Launceston through goals by Brodie Denehey and Connor Parke.

Robin Kurdistan replied for South Hobart.

Clarence Zebras beat Riverside Olympic 3-1 in Launceston through goals by Adam McKeown, Sam Gorniak and Jayden Hey.

In the Championship clash between the sides, Riverside Olympic and Clarence Zebras drew 2-2.

Clarence Zebras won the Under-18 meeting 2-1.

Photo:  Action from the Knights' junior intra-club game today [PlessPix]

At KGV Park, Knights’ under-13s (Blue) and under-14s (Red) played an intraclub game and the Reds won 7-4 after three 30-minute thirds.

Photo:  A shot at goal in today's junior game [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Knights' junior coach Craig Pitt, one of Tasmania's best players in the 80s and 90s, is giving back to the game by coaching youngsters [PlessPix]

During the past week, South Hobart’s NPL side beat University 5-0 in a practice match.

South Hobart stalwart Brian Roberts watched this match and summarised it in this way:

“It was a good, clean-spirited game between a team of mature men and a South Hobart side consisting mainly of juveniles.

“The styles of play differed.  Uni played the ball forward for their forwards to chase without success.

“South Hobart played the ball back and forth until the opportunity arose for them to strike forward, usually down the wings.

“The South Hobart keeper was rarely tested.

“Both sides used their full complement of players.”

South Hobart meet Olympia Warriors at Warrior Park in the NPL Tasmania section of the Summer Cup on Wednesday night.

Photo:  Action from today's game between Glenorchy Knights and Strathmore Split [PlessPix]


Trey Godwin said...

I Watched the Riverside V Czebs games yesterday and some pretty decent football played by all teams , a bit scrappy at times but no worse that’s been on show in the summer cup games thus far . I was quite impressed with a couple of the Riverside boys in both senior games and Czebs had a couple of nice youngsters to watch coming off the bench in the Npl game and playing in the Champs game . Good luck to both these clubs this year without the huge pay packets .

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason why FFT have not updated their up and going match since last year. I would have been nice to know who was playing who. Looks like we have to follow TFC. Maybe FFT can close their site down, move employees under TFC and also allocate some funds to TFC as TFC seems to be doing their job. Maybe FFT are still on their 5 month summer break.

Anonymous said...

Great results in all games.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.18 pm.
You say without huge pay packets?
You don’t know Zebs very well

Anonymous said...

All year round TFC provides great coverage sadly he is treated poorly by FFT you have to wonder what their issue is .

Anonymous said...

I think you would be suprised that zebras pay nowhere near what the bigger clubs do

Anonymous said...

I understand Walter if you don't post this, as it contradicts your narrative, but it needs to be said.

The same negativity has started again already, and it only pre season.

The Association clearly dont see pre season as important as some of the community, for example, I dont see the A-League posting pre season friendly information, just the clubs. Maybe the clubs need to put out their own fixtures and results? I know about resources, volunteers and the like - but I see little clubs making an effort.

The same old people complaining about the same old things - and then wonder why the game is going backwards!

Sadly i had to leave Tas but still follow Sliceof Cheese, Walter and clubs on facebook for news.

Anonymous said...

9,20 am. Without sounding rude , you are not correct.
Zebras may not be paying as much as other 2 clubs but
if they think they want someone they will pay. Don’t you worry about that.
They have paid more for players since the beginning of the state league than any other
club. This was to the detriment of the future of its own club. Youth ignored , pay big ????
and get players who play for 1 season and then leave and then do the same the next season.
Now they feel the need to merge with Clarence?????
What the ..............,!

Anonymous said...

You Clown don't take the money of the clubs if you don't want to provide a service enjoy they mainland .

Anonymous said...

Not sure zebras have a lot to worry about losing a few past it players, ive heard they have some real good young talent at the club for the future that have been offered to go elsewhere but will not go so good on them , pity the older players didnt have the same sense of loyalty,i mean jesus everyone should have a day job none of those guys really think they are going to make a living out of football do they ? Dreamers just move on

Anonymous said...

Of course zebras pay players all clubs do but I don't think they pay as much as you think. Huigsloot or Dillon probaly highest paid players they have over the last few years. Obviously they have housed players and paid flights but they won't pay people 600-800 a game like some clubs do. Not saying this hasn't hurt them in the long run but I can't see anyone being paid over 400 a game since the npl from them

Anonymous said...

To the previous FFT supporter I agree with 1 of your comments, the "Association clearly dont see pre season as important as some of the community". This is a key example where they do not understand what the local football community wants. The only thing that has not changed over the past 5-10 years had been the FFT board who call the shots.