Thursday, February 13, 2020

Knights win penalty shoot-out against Lions after 0-0 draw

Photo:  Jack Bowman scores the winning penalty for Knights [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania Summer Cup (KGV Park, Thursday, 13 February 2020)

Kingborough Lions United 0 drew with Glenorchy Knights 0

Glenorchy Knights won the penalty shoot-out 4-3.

Photo:  Knights' Cade Smith (left) gets to the ball ahead of Kingborough's Danny Cowen [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights penalties:

Thomas Young (goalkeeper saves)

George Hallard (scores 1-0)

Eduardo Castaneda (scored 2-0)

Tyler Harrison (scores 3-1)

Joshua Burgess (hits post 3-2)

Jack Bowman (scores 4-3)

Photo:  Danny Cowen scores the first successful penalty for Kingborough [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United penalties:

Chris Downes (goalkeeper saves 0-0)

Shane Cartwright (goalkeeper saves 0-1)

Danny Cowen (scores 2-1)

Javier Verdu Sanchez (scored 2-3)

Keenan Douce (scores 3-3)

Jackson Nugent (shoots over the bar 3-4)

Photo:  Kingborough's Danny Cowen tackles Knights' Tom Young [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Knights' Connor Schmidt (left) pursued by Kingborough's Chris Downes [PlessPix]

[Match report later] 


Anonymous said...

What a poor game. Both sides with plenty to work on.
Neither side able to keep the ball. Poor passing and poor finishing.
Going to be an expensive year for Knights if that is going to be what hey dish up.
They do have some players to come in still but boy if the club is paying players big money
for that level of performance they have real issues. Mid table finish again if not worse.

Anonymous said...

Not a great interview on win news last night poorly done South !

Anonymous said...

Morton interview was pathetic. Who knew South Hobart could reach a new low.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed in Souths complaints too.
Maybe if the club looks back a few short years and how they
treated some of their youth players at that stage they may have
many more of them hanging around. Players talk to each other,
especially if they are being paid. Where are the players South were paying not long ago
to the detriment of other long serving and youth players?
Maybe South don’t have as much access to ????? as they did a few years back.
It seems that many of these players have finally realised something and are now
looking out for number one rather than caring about South.
What goes around comes around.
Having said that though , the payments offered by one or two clubs are way over the top
for the quality of player they are getting. At least South made $$$$ available to players
of a higher standard.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed in Kenny as I haven't heard clubs bitch and moan when Kenny convinces players to jump ship.

Anonymous said...

Zebras in disarray, Enzo now part of south coaching group. Zebras could implode

Anonymous said...

Is there someone to watch this Ken Morton interview?

Anonymous said...

Don’t you mean Clarence to implode?!

Anonymous said...

Video can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Morton interview can be found here:

Not as bad as people above are making out - he is just expressing his disappointment. Personally I don't players should be paid at any club.

Anonymous said...

Am sure Clarence Zebras will be just fine , I'd be more worried at South now as he's joined Ken as the his NPL assistant cone pick up boy.

Anonymous said...

He's simply reflecting what most of us think and that is Knights and Olympia will kill the statewide league with their blatant greed and zero concern for the local game.

Anonymous said...

2.13pm. Well that’s a nice thing to say about One of your former coaches.
Is he one of the coaches that your own club does not rate?
Maybe that’s why he has left.

Anonymous said...

3.25 pm. Maybe those two clubs are being greedy but neither has anyone at the club that
knows what a club requires to be successful. You can buy as many players as you like but that is
the first step only. It then requires slot of work and dedication by everyone.
Knights in particular don’t have this. Olympia do you a small degree but the shenanigans that go on
over there overshadow the abilities .

Anonymous said...

I can remember when the Greeks got dirty about Kenny recruiting Kosta. I don't think we have had a better striker since kosta as he brought a lot to the game ,always entertaining.
Really can't see why Kenny had to spit the dummy. Does it damage his brand? if he doesn't have top teams as he does this for a living and his main income is with his academy

Anonymous said...

Is Enzo leaving Zebras the first sign things are not well
at Clarence ? Would not surprise to see others leave

Anonymous said...

I have just watched Ken Morton interview and I think you are all trying to make something out of nothing. Typical Tassie football, I can see why the game is going backwards.

Anonymous said...

Comments made by Feb 14 11;37am
there was an offer I have been told for a player in the Champ if he came and played they would give him a Car!
Plus Kenny's mad because he couldn't match the offer to a certain player. An offer to good to refuse.

Anonymous said...

all the talk about NPl clubs but I see New town White Eagle securing some very good sponsors. Looks like their starting to get it all together after such along time in the wilderness. They have lost some serious good youth players from their club to NPL but that's going to happen to most clubs in the Championship.
It would be great to see them back in top flight but only time will tell.