Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Olympia beat South Hobart 3-2 but neither coach can be completely satisfied

Photo:  South Hobart centre-forward squeezes past Olympia's Joseph Mwarabu and Jake Vandermey [PlessPix]

(NPL Tasmania Summer Cup, Warrior Park, Wednesday, 19 February 2020)

Olympia Warriors 3 (J Ryan 2, 58, J N’Koso 76)
South Hobart 2 (K Kemp 32 pen, S Tooze 90+6)

HT:  1-1   Att:  200   Ref:  N Coad

Olympia Warriors:  Randall  -  Hill (Juma 76), Vandermey, Kobayashi  -  Gorrie, Mearns, Mwabaru (N’Koso 75), Feral, Khasif  -  Hamlett (Pacey-Mayne 85), Ryan (Yost 85)  (Sub not used:  Smith [GK])

South Hobart:  Webert  -  Herweynen, R Morton, Kibler, Evans (Taylor 82)  -  Lakoseljac, Kemp, Larby  -  Berezansky, (Attfield 80), Foley (Tooze 75), Juju (Kurdistan 65)  (Sub not used:  Moncur [GK])

Photo:  Olympia defender Kazuma Kobayashi (right) tackles South Hobart's Sam Berezansky [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors squandered two penalties but still beat South Hobart 3-2 in the NPL Tasmania Summer Cup at Warrior Park tonight.

The highlight of the evening was Jack Ryan’s brilliant goal in the 58th minute which gave Olympia a 2-1 advantage.

Ryan, closely marked, got to Jackson Khasif’s left-wing cross and scored with a magnificent left-foot volley from the edge of the box.

Photo:  Jack Ryan (right) moves in on South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen.  Ryan scored a magnificent goal to complete his brace. [PlessPix]

Ryan had given Olympia the lead after only 2 minutes when a clearance by South Hobart’s American import, goalkeeper Chase Webert, went short to Ewan Larby, who failed to control the ball and Ryan gained possession.  He said ‘Thank you’ and promptly put the ball into the back of the net.

Photo:  Olympia's Adam Gorrie wins a header against South Hobart's Samson Juju [PlessPix]

South Hobart drew level through a Kobe Kemp penalty in the 32nd minute, awarded when Khasif grabbed the shirt of Sam Berezansky and pulled down the South Hobart attacker.

Olympia went straight onto the offensive in the second half and midfielder Joseph Mwarabu fired a low shot just wide of the left-hand upright in the 56th minute.

Ryan then scored the goal of the match to put Olympia ahead, while the home side should have increased their lead 5 minutes later when Nick Mearns hammered a shot against the base of the right-hand post and sent the rebound high over the bar.

Photo:  Olympia's Jackson Khasif shadows South Hobart's Sam Berezansky [PlessPix]

South Hobart threatened in the 67th minute when substitute Siyar Kurdistan fired straight at goalkeeper Darby Randall and Berezansky shot wide.

Olympia had a shot cleared off the line in the 76th minute and counter-attacked immediately.  Substitute Joffrey N’Koso picked up the clearance in his own half at the half-way line and ran the length of the pitch before rounding the goalkeeper and stroking the ball into an empty net to make it 3-1 for the home side.

Both teams then made several  substitutions in an effort to make the game safe, in Olympia’s case, or to snatch at least a draw, in the case of South Hobart.

Olympia were awarded a penalty in the 86th minute when Ewan Larby fouled Khasif, but substitute Austin Yost sent his spot kick wide of the left-hand post to let South Hobart off the hook.

Photo:  Olympia's Nick Mearns in possession and fully aware of teh presence of South Hobart's Bradley Lakoseljac [PlessPix]

Two minutes into stoppage time, Olympia earned another penalty, this time for Reilly Morton’s foul on N’Koso.  Adam Gorrie, the former South Hobart player, had his penalty saved by Webert.

South Hobart continued to attack in the closing minutes of stoppage time and it was in the 6th minute of over-time that substitute Sam Tooze netted to make it 3-2.

On the chances, Olympia probably deserved to win, but the plucky South Hobart outfit payed dearly for basic errors in defence.  With a little more luck, they might also have grabbed more than two goals.

Photo:  South Hobart's Sam Berezansky takes on Olympia's Kazuma Kobayashi [PlessPix]

Neither coach can be completely satisfied with their side’s display and there is room for much improvement in both camps.

Olympia have several proven players to come into the line-up, whereas this was close to South Hobart’s strongest line-up.

Playing Declan Foley at centre-forward did not  quite come off.  It was designed as a shock tactic, but Lucas Hill and Jake Vandermey had his measure.  How Foley avoided a yellow card is a question that only referee Mr Coad can answer.

Both teams need to brush up on their passing as neither was able to retain possession for any length of time.

Photo:  Olympia defender Lucas Hill confronts South Hobart's Sam Berezansky and Declan Foley [PlessPix]

It was an entertaining and tense match that became physical at times, but there was no real spite, despite the presence of three former South Hobart players in the Warrior ranks.

In summary, both teams can be said to be works in progress.  That is, after all, the purpose of the Summer Cup.

Photo:  South Hobart's American keeper, Chase Webert,  saved a penalty near the end of the game [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's new American goalkeeper, Davis Smith, was confined to teh substitutes' bench tonight [PlessPix]

Photo:  South Hobart's American centre-back, Patrick Kibler, impressed [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

South Hobart played their best 11. Olympia Played 4 or 5 not of their best 11.
Olympia played rubbish. South Hobart still lost. Not good signs for Kenny and his boys.

Anonymous said...

If that was not Olympia's best then it looks like a lot of people who should expect a full NPL game being on the bench at Olympia. Why would anyone who is truly trying to progress their football settle for that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.41.... I think you’re flattering yourself a bit as Olympia played a near full strength team last night apart from one of the Brown boys the other I wouldn’t have in my best 11, the game was at home and a night game which I would suggest is probably one of the toughest assignments in Tassie. Added to this Olympia had a vastly more experienced side of men with first sub made at 75 minutes.
Sure South saved two penalties but I would suggest the Olympia keeper saved at least 3 one on one goal scoring opportunities so the result was far from impressive or convincing from Olympia considering the money being spent.
So I would have to disagree and suggest that the young South side showed plenty of impressive signs and Olympia will need to vastly improve if they actually believe they can give the title a shake .... don’t think Devonport would be to worried after last night.

Anonymous said...

If I was a coach from another club at Warrior park last night I would be saying to myself crap game crap playing from all the players both teams nothing to worry about here from either side.

Anonymous said...

Players have settled for that at other clubs ( South Hobart for years ) over decades. Do not try and pretend gee that's strange. Please grow up.

Anonymous said...

Lets focus on this.

Olympia played rubbish. South Hobart still lost.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:14am.............
I think you'll find that South Hobart did exactly the same thing for years and claimed that they never paid their players.

Now it is all coming back to bite them on the bum.
And deservedly so.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.38
You’re right we should focus I agree Olympia did play rubbish but I honestly don’t believe they’re going to improve too much I think all the hype over the players they signed this year is just that, half that team are well past their prime ..... expect more rubbish to be delivered by that group I would suggest.

As for South the may have lost but I would suggest that playing group have far more potential and growth to come

Anonymous said...

So my assessment on the game.

* Olympia look good with a couple more players to come in but not yet the polished finish.

* South need some more experienced players to help the younger ones.

* Declan Foley should be booked at the start of every game to keep him in line.

* Joffrey should be starting each and every game. Hands down. No argument.

It will be a very interesting season.
I think that the two front runners will be Olympia and Devonport based on last nights game.
I think Olympia will have the edge come season end but Valley Road will be a fortress and not many teams will come away with the points from up there.

I think that Devonport will have a few shock results away from home which will help Olympia in their pursuit for the title.

Anonymous said...

No thinking about it. You are spot on.

"I think you'll find that South Hobart did exactly the same thing for years and claimed that they never paid their players."

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Anon 10:38
They have far more growth to go ..... they will have to buy some men’s sizes eventually.

Anonymous said...

A good team will generally out perform a team of stars

South may have lost on the scoreboard but it was pretty clear in my mind who the real winner was .... that young group will gain a lot of confidence from that performance and realise that Olympia may not be as good as everyone had predicted.

Looked like a lot of disinterested Olympia players out there last night with no real team spirit .... come on boys show some passion you’re getting paid enough ha ha

If I was an Olympia supporter I’d be extremely disappointed by last nights performance and to be honest be slightly concerned for the season ahead .....

Don’t think Kenny and the boys have anything to worry about at all the pressure is all on the Knights and Olympia to perform to expectations which I haven’t see as yet from either.

Anonymous said...

Kenny to strengthen his squad

Anonymous said...

Yep. As long as South Hobart win in your mind its all good.

Make sure you let Kenny know after he loses a game. Laughable post.

February 20, 2020 at 12:31 PM

"South may have lost on the scoreboard but it was pretty clear in my mind who the real winner was"

Anonymous said...

I can hear it now.

It’s all good Ken the boys won in my mind!


Anonymous said...

Don’t necessarily agree with all of the in my mind comments, however anyone who watched the match would have to agree that Olympia were very shabby and I wouldn’t think the club would be happy with a 1 goal victory given the teams that lined up.

Still trying to figure out if the Olympia coach was being strategic or is just clueless leaving Joffrey on the bench till the 75th minute ... surely he’s one of the best 3 players in the comp?

Some of the older players for Olympia were also very average .... would think some of the younger players I’ve seen play in their Southern Champ side should be given the opportunity sooner rather than later

Anonymous said...

Maybe because they won in your mind is why the South Hobart change rooms were jubilant clapping and cheering after the game. This is not made up. I heard it.