Monday, February 10, 2020

Spotlight falls on winners Taroona and Olympia at KGV Park tonight

Photo:  The camera-shy Taroona break ranks before a team photo can be snapped [PlessPix]

Taroona beat South East United 4-1 and Olympia Warriors downed Beachside 3-0 in two Championship Summer Cup games at KGV Park tonight.

I didn’t think for a while that the second game would go ahead as the floodlights were still not on by the time the Taroona versus South East United game ended.

The second game was scheduled to kick off at 8.15pm and, thankfully, the floodlights started firing up at 8pm after Football Tasmania’s referee manager, Tony Peart, appeared on the scene.

During the second half, some of the lights went out, but apparently Tony Peart fixed that problem.

I am reliably informed that the previous evening (Sunday), the lights came on at 8pm, well after the second game had finished, and stayed on until 10.30pm.

It would appear, therefore, that the lights have a timing switch that regulates when they come on.  What a waste of money for them to be on while no games are being played.

Now, to the two games.

Photo:  South East United's Michael Charlton-Fitzgerald juggles the ball on his head while under pressure from a Taroona opponent [PlessPix]

South East United gave as good as they got in the opening half against Taroona and might easily have had a couple of goals midway through the half.

Taroona’s Japanese player, Kanato Hamaguchi did have the ball in the net direct from a free-kick, but Matthew Oh was right next to the keeper and obstructing his view and the effort was disallowed for off-side.

In the 36th minute, South East United’s persistence paid off when left-back Jackson Ebini ran half the length of the field and exchanged a couple of one-touch passes with Thomas Iokose before shooting past Keeper Kieran Siedler to give his side the lead.

Photo:  Taroona's Kanato Hamaguchi in possession and eluding South East United's Hugh Fletcher [PlessPix]

Toby Dove equalised for Taroona five minutes before the interval and then gave his side the lead in the 65th minute with his second goal of the evening.

William Darling then netted a brace.   His first came from a volley the 67th minute following a corner, while in the 80th minute he skilfully stabbed home a left-wing cross with the outside of his right foot to give Taroona a 4-1 victory.

Photo:  Olympia's Austin Yost looks for a pass from midfield [PlessPix]

Olympia took the lead against Beachside through a penalty converted by Teddy Kadisha on the quarter-hour.

Olympia lost forward Kyle Vincent with a suspected dislocated shoulder before the first 45 minutes were complete.

In the second half, Brayton Allan nodded home a corner in the 62nd minute to make it 2-0.

In the 71st minute, Evan Arnold hit Olympia’s third from inside the box and inside the left-hand post to complete the win.

Photo:  Beachside's Adam Lapolla tackles Olympia's Koby Moschogianis [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Teddy Kadisha (extreme left and partly obscured) scores a penalty to give his side the lead [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Austin Yost is tackled by a Beachside defender [PlessPix]

Photo:  The injured Kyle Vincent is assisted to the dressing room by Michael Moschogianis [PlessPix]
Photo:  Beachside's Ben Whitehall in possession and with Olympia's Austin Yost in hot pursuit [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Sadly it's a case that it's a ship without a rudder and has being for two year's !PEART is they only person up to the task in they organization as proved again last night !
For the rest it's simply money for jam !
If it was a private enterprise they would fold within six month's!
And the board sit back and do nothing !
It appears you have a job for life at Grove Rd !
Great GIG if you can get it !

Anonymous said...

I genuinely struggle to think of one thing they have improved or achieved at fft in the last five years, apart from the refereeing. Anyone think of anything?

Anonymous said...

Nothing well change they are above the law so to speak sad but true.

Anonymous said...

i can't see Tony lasting here much longer - he looked totally fed up with football towards the end of last season in this state. if we lose him from FT i doubt where we'll get a replacement from

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I genuinely struggle to think of one thing they have improved or achieved at fft in the last five years, apart from the refereeing. Anyone think of anything?

Answer: They hired Tony Peart to pick the pieces. Most days he does this.

Anonymous said...

The FFT boys doing the Live Streams do a fantastic job, and bring the game to people who for whatever reason are unable to attend, this should be applauded instead of just total negativity being posted on this site.

Anonymous said...

Live Streams cost the clubs a small fortune this site provides great coverage for nothing so if you want to applauded anyone thank Walter .

They are paid to do the role big difference they should be good your comment is disrespectful to Walter and his great work .

Anonymous said...

Not convinced whether Live Stream is beneficial or not.
Just wish they would go away with the stupid nick names for players.
I may be old school and find that irritating . I don’t think
it’s just me though.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish, my comment was in no way directed towards Walter, who does an outstanding job, the comment was directed at the small minded keyboard warriors that just want to spread nothing but negativity all day long using this site as their vehicle!

Anonymous said...

Reply to anon February 14, 2020 at 11:24 AM

If you don't like it, don't watch it.

I really appreciate what they do, and enjoy the live streams. I often travel interstate on weekends so enjoy the fact I can still tune in. I would even be happy to pay a subscription of some sort that filters back to the clubs.

Reply to February 14, 2020 at 8:37 AM

I don't think it clubs lose a 'small fortune'. Unfortunately, the way soccer is at the moment in the state, I don't think having a live stream affects the crowd numbers much. Last year the NPL was boring - When a top side played a bottom side, it was a demolition. When bottom of the ladder teams played one another, it was boring. The only entertaining games was when top 4 teams went at it.

I also think saying his comment is disrespectful to Walter is stupid. Walter is highly regarded (as he should be) amongst the soccer community. Having access to a live stream doesn't change Walters terrific work.

Anonymous said...

The live stream is desperate for a rejig some new voice's it's not being negative it just is the case listen for once instead of getting on your high horse.

Mamacas said...

The issue of live stream. Those clubs that think it makes a difference to them have a lot more to worry about other than the few dollars they maybe missing out on. The gate dollars are not game changers in running the club by any stretch of the imagination. I would like to have all of Olympia's games live streamed. Having our brand broadcast out to the masses locally and internationally can only be a good thing. I also believe that locally people may change their mind and go to Warrior park because of seeing us on live stream and be a part of game day.
Andrew , Ash and their gang are always welcome at Warrior park.