Monday, February 17, 2020

Where, oh where, is our game in Tasmania going?

Photo:  A South Hobart winger gets past a Kingborough defender [PlessPix]

All is not well in women’s football in Tasmania.

In today’s opening round of the Women’s Summer Cup, Beachside forfeited to Olympia Warriors.

The sides did play a practice match at Warrior Park but Olympia had to lend their goalkeeper to Beachside.

Olympia won 15-0, so what sort of message does that send?

Photo:  A Clarence Zebras attacker crosses against University [PlessPix]

There was also a 15-0 scoreline at Olinda Grove, where new side Clarence Zebras, captained by Zara Dixon, beat University by that score.

Zoe Nichols and Georgia Burt hit hat-tricks, while Allie Berry, Danielle Kannegiesser and Bronte Gadon each netted a brace.

The remaining goals came from Zara Dixon, Maddie O’Brien and Lousie Marmion.

In the other women’s match, South Hobart overcame Kingborough Lions United 3-2 through goals by Charlotte Ingram, Eve Swain and Niki Moutsatsos.

Laura Davis scored both goals for the Lions.

Photo:  Action from the South Hobart versus Kingborough game [PlessPix]

In the Social Men’s Summer Cup at North Chigwell, Metro beat University 2-0 and Kingborough Lions United downed New Town White Eagles 3-2.

David Cooper netted twice and Stephen While once for the Lions, while Adam Shackcloth and Andrew Telega replied for Eagles.

Photo:  The Metro defence in possession against University [PlessPix]

In the Championship Summer Cup (a competition without points) at KGV Park, South Hobart drew 1-1 with Kingborough Lions United.

South Hobart’s Declan Foley scored both the goals  -  one in each half.

An own-goal by Foley in the 6th minute gave the Lions a 1-0 lead, which they held until the second half.

A cross from the left by Kingborough was nodded back across goal from the far post and Foley attempted a back-header to his keeper, Mark Moncur.  But, the keeper was a mere metre behind Foley and the ball looped over Moncur’s head and into the net.

Photo:  Declan Foley is congratulated after equalising against Kingborough [PlessPix]

Foley made amends midway through the second half when he netted the equaliser.

In the remaining game, New Town White Eagles beat Metro 2-0.

Jamie Vernon fired Eagles into the lead in the 13th minute.

Eagles made the game safe in the 76th minute when Jack Rojahn released Callum Back down the right and his low cross found the unmarked Mitchell Free, who prodded the ball home.

Photo:  Eagles' Benjamin Reyenga watches the ball [PlessPix]

Brodie Holmes played well in goal for Metro, who should have scored when Brady Penneyston was put clear on the right, but he fired narrowly wide.

Jordan Buckney-Penneyston and Wade Hawkins battled hard in defence for Metro, while Andy Clark and Liam Brown held firm at the back for Eagles.

Eagles’ speedy Callum Back presented plenty of problems for the Metro rearguard, while Jack Rojahn was creative in building attacks.

At one point in the second half, Back's pace took him around the Metro keeper, but his shot from a difficult angle went across the face of goal and just wide of the far post.

In the end, what did it matter?  These are merely practice matches masquerading as Summer Cup contests.

Photo:  Eagles' Callum Back shoots for goal against Metro [PlessPix] 
Photo:  Metro keeper Brodie Holmes makes a fine save [PlessPix]

Photo:  Metro's Jack Harrison and Eagles' Liam Brown [PlessPix]

Photo:  Referee Craig Phillips watches the action [PlessPix]

Photo:  Leaping for the ball with eyes closed [PlessPix]

Photo:  Action from the Lions versus South Hobart match [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Where is the game going Walter?
In one word , backwards at full speed.

Anonymous said...

Simple cases of poor leadership over the last two years .

Anonymous said...

Not sure what issue's you mean Walter !
Cricket Scores in the Women's Summer Cup !
No Point's in the Men's Southern Championship !
No Summer Cup in the North !
And the CEO says the game is in great shape !
Wait I know participation that is what we will say !

Anonymous said...

The game will be just fine Walt.
Also, on a side note it was great to see two Tassie guys score goals for Dandenong City in the Vic NPL on Saturday night. Luke Eyles and Brayden Mann seem to be doing well after long term injuries for them both. Brennan with an assist for Hume too! Tasmania definitely has talent.

Anonymous said...

And yet FT think they are doing a good job !!!
why aren't the club president standing up for the game

Anonymous said...

Walter was there any decent football played on the weekend in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

I really wonder whether the new competition structure is going to work well for this year. I think we could see some pretty sorry looking Champ and Champ 1 teams both from NPL and some non NPL clubs - I think Warriors and Knights will be fine through all their grades, but could see some super uneven results through the other levels for most other clubs. Doesn't feel like it was well thought through at all.

For all the strong junior participant numbers, the flow through of players (especially quality players)- whether that's changes to what teenagers are interested in or the structure of the clubs, the fun of the game and coaching- is just not there, I suspect its the latter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.05 pm. Don’t be fooled by numbers alone.
You mentioned Knights would be OK.
Some of their junior teams have already copped a belting
from other clubs a short time back. It’s quality not quantity that matters.

Anonymous said...

Since when does anyone care about the results in Summer Cup/pre-season matches? It's a bit early for all this doom and gloom from everywhere (headlines, comments, facebook, the lot) is it not?

Anonymous said...

I blame FFT. Just a money pinching organization who don't care about tassie football and would rather make some dollars with pity fines to players and clubs.

Walter said...

Anonymous 2.47pm, yes, there was some good football played in the two games at KGV Park.