Saturday, March 7, 2020

Championship opening-round results - Saturday, 7 March 2020

Photo:  Olympia keeper Elliot Hoysted foils a Taroona goal attempt in today's Championship 1 game at KGV Park [PlessPix]

Southern Championship

South East United 1 lost to New Town White Eagles 14 (J Vernon 4, O Johnstone 4, J Rojhan 2, C Back, B Phillips, A Clark, B Hudson)

Metro 1 (A Woodward 55) lost to Hobart United 5 (S Lagu 32, 45+2, J Wani 49, A Berhane 65, J Buga 70)

Clarence Zebras 2-2 Beachside

Olympia Warriors 2 S Cummins, J Herbert) beat Taroona 1 (A Pacey-Mayne og)

University 6 (S Fahey 3, S Platts 2, R Barwin) beat Glenorchy Knights 1 (D Goodluck)

Photo:  Abel Berhane makes it 4-1 for Hobart United.  Metro keeper Mitch Stalker saved Berhane's penalty but was helpless to block the follow-up shot. [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 1

Olympia Warriors 4 (J Houston 2, Bila, Exarhakos) beat Taroona 2

Metro 1-3 Hobart United

South East United 2-6 New Town White Eagles

University 6 (R Barwin 2, J Undy, R Rhett, Z Flanagan) beat Glenorchy Knights 2 (J Sherman 2)

Photo:  Olympia's Chris Tsakiris beats a Taroona opponent to the ball [PlessPix]

Photo:  Solomon Lagu (obscured) is congratulated by his Hobart United team-mates after scoring against Metro [PlessPix]

Photo:  Hobart United win a header against Metro [PlessPix]

Photo:  Taroona's keeper blocks an Olympia shot [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Very worrying signs by the results in this league. A couple of champ clubs couldn't beat 2nd string ppl teams. Also South East copping 14 goals. Time for a complete new structure through the state as the game isn't improving at all

Anonymous said...


Do you know or understand why Nelson has withdrawn from this seasons competition in both championship sides?

Seems like it might be the end of Nelson as we know them.

Shane said...

Sad to see that Nelson are no longer part of the championship. They were always a hard team to break down and never an easy game always played for each other. If this is the first casualty from the new structures then FT need to apologise to Nelson as how was this supposed to work if some NPl clubs had to find an extra team.
There is not enough players going around to make this work.
Surely after seven years the NPL should be a stand alone competition for seniors and reserves and not this shit we see at the moment. Ft job is to administer and grow the game not see the demise of clubs due to their decision making.

Anonymous said...

What happen in the Eagles v South East game. There has been a lot of hype about South East this year with their recruitment and the development of players and that they have improved. Looking at the results Eagles are a good team but not a top 3 side and don't have Sammy L this year. 20-0 results are on the cards for some of the top teams in the championship against South East if they have injuries.

Anonymous said...

Shane you are definitely right about FT decision making. Buckling under pressure from the Northern clubs. There is no way promotion can be made in the new league.
FT will make a decision that we keep the current NPL clubs will be it as the new structures will see to that.

Anonymous said...

I heard South East gave up, 11 goal second half

Anonymous said...

7.44 pm.
The NPL second strong sides as you describe them should
defeat the Champ league side at this early stage.
Many of them would have trained with their NPL squad
all preseason. Wait until the Champ league sides get fitter and more games in.
You must lead an interesting life.

Anonymous said...

Very naive comment mate. You have no clue. Lets add up the points of the 5 NPL clubs and the 7 other clubs come seasons end. I would bet a dollar or 2 on the NPL total.

Anonymous said...
"Many of them would have trained with their NPL squad
all preseason. Wait until the Champ league sides get fitter and more games in.
You must lead an interesting life."
at 1:23 PM

Anonymous said...

8.45 pm. As I said before you must lead an interesting life.
I didn’t suggest that all Champ clubs will have more points
than the NPL clubs. I suggested nothing of the sort you knob.
I guarantee that the Champ side will improve , as will the NPL clubs.
I didn’t suggest the NPL clubs wouldn’t either.
The NPL clubs will be better at this time of year as many of them would have
trained with their senior side until now.
That is all I suggested.
You sound like the one who does not know or understand much Mr Naive!