Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Football Tasmania conduct draw for the three State-wide Cup competitions

Photo:  Glen McNeill conducts today's draws [PlessPix]

Milan Lakoseljac Cup-holders South Hobart have what should be a comfortable meeting away to Launceston United on 11 April in the Round-of-16 of the State-wide competition.

The draw for the Lakoseljac Cup, the Women's State-wide Cup and the Under-20 State-wide Cup was conducted at Football House in Glenorchy this morning by Football Tasmania's competitions manager, Glen McNeill.

South Hobart recently beat Launceston United comfortably in a pre-season friendly in Launceston and this augurs well for the holders' chances.

The complete drew for the Round-of-16 in the Lakoseljac Cup, to be played on 11 April 2020, is (with the home side first):

Olympia Warriors v Beachside (at Warrior Park)
Glenorchy Knights v Northern Rangers (at KGV Park)
Metro v Taroona (at North Chigwell)
Launceston United v South Hobart (at Birch Avenue)
Launceston City v Devonport Strikers (at Bucky Land Rover Park)
University v Riverside Olympia (at Olinda Grove)
Kingborough Lions United v Clarence Zebras (at Lightwoord Park)
Somerset Sharks v Hobart United (at Cardigan Street)

The clash of the round is probably the Launceston City versus Devonport Strikers game, followed in a close second by the Kingborough Lions United versus Clarence Zebras showdown.

Three games will be in the northern half of the Sate and five in the southern half.

There are only two all-NPL clashes, while there are four north versus south clashes, which should make for an interesting round.

Photo:  Glen McNeill appears to be saying the results are in the lap of the gods [PlessPix]

In the Women's State-wide Cup, the draw is:

Clarence Zebras v Devonport Strikers
Somerset Sharks v Kingborough Lions United
University v Taroona,
Riverside Olympic v Metro
Launceston City v Northern Rangers
Olympia Warriors v Ulverstone

South Hobart and Beachside have a bye into the next round.

The draw for the Under-20 State-wide Cup is:

South East United v University
Devonport Strikers v Beachside
Glenorchy Knights v Launceston City
South Hobart v Ulverstone
Olympia Warriors v Taroona
Kingborough Lions United v Northern Rangers
Clarence Zebras v Riverside Olympic
Metro v Somerset Sharks

All cup games are schedule for 11 April 2020.


Anonymous said...

Do you know why White Eagles are not in the Cup? Walter

Anonymous said...

Do you know why White Eagles are not in the Cup? Walter


Charles Calthrop said...

I'd like to know that as well? It's strange...

Anonymous said...

Spot on

Anonymous said...

6;56pm that's not good. You would hope there are apologies to the players

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