Monday, March 23, 2020

Some squads from 1980

Photo:  The Devonport squad of 1980 pose for the cameraCoach and goalkeeper Steve Darby left the following season and became State Director of Coaching for Tasmania.

Rapid Wrest Point:  P Kannegiesser, Nicholls, Wllis, Nunn, Wilson, Mohring, Schmull, Nikolai, S Kannegiesser, Oakes, D Smith, Willcock, Francis, Southworth, Thompson, Morton.

Devonport City:  Darby, S Rimmer, Rigby, A Rimmer, Zsochoke, Best, Gleeson, Frame, Stone, McKenna, Pizzarani, Robinson, Meldrum, Abley, K Smith.

Croatia:  S Smith, Payne, McGuinness, Weitnauer, Trueman, W Peters, Sarfalvy, O’Brien, Davidson, Spaleta, Thomas, Huigsloot, T Dzelalija.

Launceston Juventus:  Udovicic, D Joss, Kingsley, Hemsley (capt), Butler, Rosetto, Tontari, M Joss, Guest, A Smith, Streit, R Wesson, Garrett, Robinson, Savill.

Ulverstone:  Ron Smith, Stuetzel (capt), Shegog, Green, Carpenter, Hamilton, Kaye, Gale, Foote, Clare, Rush, Koch, Trambas, S Fisher, J Compagne.

Photo:  The Ulverstone squad of 1980

George Town:  Jones, Coogan, Hughes, Davidson, Bull, Morley, O’Sullivan, Schiebl, Djakic, Stalker, Mason.

Metro:  Doig, Schultz, Scanlon, I and P Gill, P Hallam, M McIntyre, J McIntyree, S Brown, C Dolliver, Fone (capt), Pitchford, S Peters, Kallenbach, Bucher.

Juventus-Pioneer:  Craig Jones, John and Jack Dilba, Brine (capt), Lapolla, Cowan, Young, Ambrosino, Parodi, New, Maccallini, Kent, Di Felice, Di Venuto, Fabrizio, O’Donnell.

Brighton ICL Caledonians:  Harrison, Burton, McKay (capt), Charlton, Hey, S Collins, Kirkpatrick, Banagan, Hales, Heap, Parker, Forster, Anderton, Dickenson.

Photo:  The Burnie United squad

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Brian Young said...

Some familiar faces in the Burnie United squad. Murray Rodger, formerly of Spartans. Malcolm Newell, whom I played against in school and U18s. Bill Kendrick!