Saturday, March 14, 2020

Last-minute winner gives Warriors the 2020 Summer Cup

Photo:  Olympia Warriors parade the 2020 Summer Cup they have won [Photo by Matthew Rhodes]

(Men’s Summer Cup Final, KGV Park, Saturday, 14 March 2020)

Olympia Warriors 4 (J Ryan 20, 27, 33, J Khasif 90)
South Hobart 3 (K Kemp 44 pen, K Hallam 60, 84)

HT:  3-1   Ref:  T Mace

Olympia Warriors:  Smith  -  Gorrie, Hill, Pacey-Mayne, O’Connor  -  Kobayashi  -  D Brown, Mearns, C Brown  -  Wadawu, Ryan  (Subs:  Khasif, Mwarabu, N’Koso, Randall, Moschogianis

South Hobart:  Webert  -  Herweynen, R Morton, Kibler, Semmler  -  Larby, Kemp, Lakoseljac  -  Hallam, Kurdistan, Berezansky  (Subs:  Evans, Juju, Tooze, Walpole, Moncur)

Olympia Warriors fell over the line and won the Summer Cup Final 4-3 against South Hobart today.

A last-minute goal by substitute Jackson Khasif won the match.

Olympia looked as if they would win comfortably when they led 3-1 at the break through a Jack Ryan hat-trick, but a penalty by Kobe Kemp in the 44th minute gave South Hobart a glimmer of hope.

South Hobart’s youngsters rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in after the interval and got back to 3-3 with 6 minutes remaining, but Khasif shattered their hopes with the last-minute strike.

There was no sign of two of Olympia’s signings from South Hobart.  Neither Ben Hamlett nor Loic Feral were named on the team sheet.

Jack Ryan proved dangerous from the start for Olympia and within minutes he made a great run at goal but was narrowly ruled off-side.

In the 12th minute, he powered a header straight at South Hobart goalkeeper Chase Webert.

South Hobart were not cowered, however, and a superb pass by Siyar Kurdistan in the 17th minute put Sam Berezansky in on goal.  He lobbed over the goalkeeper but Lucas Hill cleared off the line while under pressure from Berezansky, who had followed up his lob.

Olympia hit the front in the 20th minute when Callum Brown released Ryan through the middle and he placed his shot past Webert and into the net.

Webert produced a fine point-blank save from Ryan in the 23rd minute after Warren Wadawu set up his team-mate.

In the 27th minute, it was Ryan again to make it 2-0 as he converted Lachlan O’Connor’s left-wing cross to the far post.

Six minutes later, South Hobart gave away possession on their left flank and former South Hobart defender Adam Gorrie played a long ball forward into the middle and towards the edge of the box.  Reilly Morton was unable to cut it out and the ball carried to Ryan, who advanced on goal and scored past the unprotected Webert to make it 3-0 for the Warriors.

Olympia keeper Davis Smith produced an excellent save from Berezansky in the 39th minute as South Hobart worked to get back into the match.

A minute later, Kurdistans sent a powerful shot straight at Smith.

Smith conceded a penalty in the 43rd minute when his late tackle upended Kobe Kemp, and Kemp scored with his spot-kick to reduce the arrears.

In the final minute of the half, Smith was called on to make an excellent save from the nippy Kasper Hallam.

Hallam came into his own in the second half and he netted on the hour when put through the middle to beat substitute keeper Darby Randall and make it one goal the difference.

South Hobart had recovered well and Olympia’s defensive frailties were there for all to see.

Sam Tooze fired wide for South Hobart in the 67th minute and they searched desperately for an equaliser as the Warriors teetered on the edge.

South Hobart substitute Samson Juju missed a wonderful chance in the 77th minute, but Hallam came up with the goods 6 minutes from the end when he made it 3-3 after dribbling past Ashton Pacey-Mayne and Lucas Hill before beating Randall.

With extra-time looming, substitute Jackson Khasif won the game for Olympia when he ran onto a pass down the left and beat Webert with a low shot inside the far post.

The Summer Cup is new coach Andrew Brown’s first success with his club, Olympia Warriors.

Ned Clarke was in charge of South Hobart in the absence of coach Ken Morton, who had hip-replacement surgery on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Olympia lucky to get out of jail.
Lucky to win on the end.
Boy have they got some work to do if they
are going to challenge for the title.
May be an expensive year with little to show other than Sumner Cup.

Anonymous said...

The title is Ports to lose. South will get better, Olympia won't. 1st 2nd and 3rd right there.

Anonymous said...

Olympia players should hand this weeks money to Ryan .... without him they would have been in big trouble ...: all momentum with South after this one

Anonymous said...

Ohhh really genius?

Please point to another NPL season since 2013 where those 3 clubs didn't win the trophies on offer. Another boring season in the NPL.

Anonymous said...
The title is Ports to lose. South will get better, Olympia won't. 1st 2nd and 3rd right there.

Anonymous said...

The old fox still has it. Name one other club that could put that performance together with 10 teenagers playing at some stage during the match.

Anonymous said...

Yep. For a club that spends as much money as Olympia. They have got to be embarrassed by how poor they looked other than Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I never said it was going to be exciting Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Well all I can see so far before season starts ( if it starts ) is that apart from Devonport probably winning again , there are going to be a lot of weird results this year with all the inconsistency shown so far .South were easily outplayed by Kingborough, Kingborough were trounced by Clebras, Knights have been wayward , Olympia show they are vulnerable at a huge cost and the rest well who knows what they might do ? Reckon we might even get a few more players caught Betting on the games and getting swept under the carpet ,One thing I do know is a positive is the Clebras women’s team are going to be unbeatable by seasons end and would foot it with a lot of the mainland teams

Anonymous said...

One person has being saying Olympia defence is not up to scratch yesterday proved they maybe right, Kasper Hallam ripped them apart he is a kid what would a Miles Barnard and or Noah Mies do to them big trouble at warrior park brewing .

Anonymous said...

Why do people care how the knights and the Olympia club spend their money? As an outsider reading this blog I just do not understand. Are clubs in tasmania told how and where to spend their money and Olympia knights club are not doing this?

Anonymous said...

to 12.51..Not at all they can both waste it how they like , its just most people here find it laughable how much they spend for the lack of on field return , i know i do its funny as

Anonymous said...

12.02. Olympia only won it once in the period you mention and were
lucky that year.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should check both clubs records. I hazard a guess but if you are not a Devonport or South Hobart support if so then well done but both of these clubs have won a lot more trophies than your club.

Olympia in the NPL and Knights in the Championship
yes and I think that is funny.

Your move....

to 12.51..Not at all they can both waste it how they like , its just most people here find it laughable how much they spend for the lack of on field return , i know i do its funny as

Anonymous said...

Can you use some punctuation so we can
understand what you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

To 6.16 , I’m not talking about the 1960’s when they played for half time oranges , I’m talking about the last 10 years after hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for the amount of silverware that would not melt down into a teaspoon ,

Charles Calthrop said...

Didn’t know this comments section was a competition!?!

jerry kruijver said...

it is a race against anonymity Charles,first one to find an identity gets the prise.

Anonymous said...

Season will be halted. A big rumour that the schools are going to close down in the next few weeks. At this present time Prevention is the Best Medicine.

Anonymous said...

Reply to March 15, 2020 at 5:59 PM

I am far from an Olympia fan, but you can not say Olympia won by Luck. They played 21 games and had the most points at the end of the season. How is that lucky?

Anonymous said...

As well as 1 title Olympia also won 2 Laka cups. They won 4 summer cups but we will not count them. And that is only at Senior male level.

Anonymous said...

Question; is Jono Ladic still playing at Olympia?

Anonymous said...

Who cares.
Anonymous said...
Question; is Jono Ladic still playing at Olympia?