Monday, March 9, 2020

Social Summer Cup Finals results - Monday, 9 March 2020

Photo:  Metro's Kye McQueen and Beachside's Bernhard Klasen vie for a header [PlessPix]

Social Summer Cup Final (Tier 1)
Beachside 5 (Shae Hickey pen, Bernhard Klasen pen, Alex Holmes, ?, ?) beat Metro Blue 0
HT:  1-0

Photo:  Taroona's Marcus Atkinson points to where he is going to pass the ball [PlessPix]

Social Summer Cup Final (Tier 2)
Taroona 2 (?,?) beat South Hobart 1 (Ned Clarke)
HT:  0-0 

Photo:  A Beachside player shields the ball from  a Metro opponent [PlessPix] 
Photo:  A Taroona player is brushed side as South Hobart players converge on the ball [PlessPix]
Photo:  Beachside's Harry Coomer (right) tries to stop Metro's Kye McQueen from getting in a cross [PlessPix]
Photo:  South Hobart's scorer, Ned Clarke, on the ball [PlessPix]
Photo:  Metro player about to shoot against Beachside [PlessPix]
Photo:  Taroona's Alex Edwards (left) and South Hobart's Jonathan Ng concentrate on the ball [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Congrats to metro

managed to drop down a player who played seniors on saturday and still coped a flogging from an ageing Beach social team - things are on fire at nth chigwell

no red cards though so thats a start

jerry kruijver said...

I want to play football and don't care how many players the opposition drops down to field a team.the alternative is not having a game at all and then I miss out on playing.

Ange Zammit said...

Good on you Jerry , need more people with your attitude and passion , good luck for your season buddy

jerry kruijver said...

apologies ange,i am well and truly speaking in a past tense,at 72 I am a has been used to be

The Phoenix said...

Your a top bloke Jerry, age is only a number my friend.