Saturday, July 4, 2020

Pre-season friendlies on Saturday, 4 July 2020

Photo:  New Town White Eagles' goalkeeper Jamie Cook saves from Kingborough Lions United's Danny Cowen as Eagles' Jacob Klamp takes a tumble [PlessPix]

Here are the results of today’s friendlies:

NPL Tasmania

Clarence Zebras 1 (L Burt 64) lost to Glenorchy Knights 3 (C Smith 43, A Walter 68, A Bellini 92)

Devonport Strikers 1-0 Riverside Olympic

South Hobart 7-2 Beachside

New Town White Eagles 0-6 Kingborough Lions United (S Cartwright 15, 58, 50, K Trac 37, 47, 74)

Launceston City 1-2 Olympia Warriors

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Cade Smith chips a delightful opener against Clarence Zebras today [PlessPix]

Championship North

Devonport Strikers 1-1 Riverside Olympic

Championship South

New Town White Eagles 0-2 Kingborough Lions United 

Photo:  Kingborough's Shane Cartwright takes on Eagles defender Liam Brown [PlessPix]

Championship 1 North

Launceston City 1-2 Olympia Warriors

Championship 1 South

Clarence Zebras 11-1 Glenorchy Knights

Women’s League

Devonport Strikers 19-0 Riverside Olympic

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Ahn Byungtae tackles Glenorchy Knights' Nick Naden [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Knights keeper Lachie Hart punches the ball clear and off the head of team-mate Jack Bowman [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

This is going to be a very interesting season between Olympia, knights , Devonport and South. Think Dev and Olympia are ahead of the other 2 as knights and South both lack a number 9. Devonport to make it 3 in a row with home ground advantage tipping in there favour

Anonymous said...

No way Olympia will finish better than 4th. Port to walk this home. I also think South may well finish 2nd. The rest of the spots are up for grabs.

Anonymous said...

1 Dev 2 knights 3 Olympia 4 South 5 Launcestno 6 Boro 7 Clarance 8 Riverside

Anonymous said...

Knights will crash once season starts. Will fight for 4 spot with Zebras and then the rest.
South will push for title again. Devonport up there also. Title between these two.

Jason Reynolds said...

Not sure the knights zebras game summary was your best work W, the knights goals were due to a slip over for the first one then bit of scrappy play on the goal line after that and the zebras were missing Huigsloot , both the knights and the zebras missed some more chances than you have said and I watched the entire game , David Smith looks like he has a couple of good young players to work with as does Sherman as well I would not write anybody off yet due to this weird season and trials don’t mean that much in my eyes so far that I have seen with 5 of the clubs ,, as for the anonymous predictions I been laughing at these clowns for years now only 1 certainty Davenport will be miles in front

Anonymous said...

Boring League. Same thing again. Every year I type this and every year I am proven correct.

I do not seek a prize as this is not hard to figure out.

South Hobart Devonport or Olympia to win all trophies on offer.

Summer cup Laka cup and League title.

Anonymous said...

Watched Kingborough play White Eagles and Kingborough will struggle this season. In saying that I did like the look of the tall CB I think he maybe English. Did Cartwright have bad body odour as no one from White Eagles went near him in the first half. White Eagles were very unfit but did cause kingborough trouble and should of scored a couple.
Walter have you ever seen Clare St like it is as I was amazed about the great condition it is in.