Friday, July 10, 2020

With no FFA Cup, the Lakoseljac Cup is the pinnacle of knock-out competitions this year

There are only two all-NPL cup ties tomorrow when the Round-of-16 of the Lakoseljac Cup is played.

They are between Launceston City and Devonport City at Bucky Land Rover Park in Launceston at 4.30pm, and between Kingborough Lions United and the visiting Clarence Zebras at Lightwood Park at 3pm.

There are also two all-Championship games at opposite ends of the State.

Metro host Taroona at North Chigwell at 2pm, while Hobart United travel to the North-West Coast to take on Somerset at Cardigan Street at 2pm.

And, the two Championship versus NPL clashes feature Launceston United against South Hobart at Birch Avenue at 2pm, and University against Riverside Olympic at Grove Road at 2pm.

With no FFA Cup this season, the pinnacle for all teams is the Lakoseljac Cup itself.

Lakoseljac Cup
Saturday 11 July

Metro v Taroona (North Chigwell, 2:00pm)
Launceston United v South Hobart (Birch Avenue, 2:00pm)
University v Riverside Olympic (Olinda Grove 1, 2:00pm)
Somerset v Hobart United (Cardigan Street, 2:00pm)
Glenorchy Knights v Northern Rangers (KGV Football Park, 3:00pm)
Kingborough Lions United v Clarence Zebras (Lightwood Park, 3:00pm)
Launceston City v Devonport City (Buckby Land Rover Park 1, 4:30pm)
Olympia Warriors v Beachside (Warrior Park, 6:00pm)

The pick of the games in the Women’s State-wide Cup could be the one at Warrior Park at 3pm between Olympia Warriors and Ulverstone.

Clarence Zebras versus Devonport City could also be one to watch at Wentworth Park 2 ground at 2pm.

Women’s Statewide Cup
Saturday 11 July

Clarence Zebras v Devonport City (Wentworth Park 2, 2:00pm)
Somerset v Kingborough Lions United (Cardigan Street, 11:30am)
University v Taroona (Olinda Grove 1, 11:30am)
Riverside Olympic v Metro (Windsor Park, 12:30pm)
Launceston City v Northern Rangers (Buckby Land Rover Park 1, 2:00pm)
Olympia Warriors v Ulverstone (Warrior Park, 3:00pm)

If you want to see some of the up-and-coming young men’s talent, there are some interesting showdowns in the State-wide Under-20s Cup.

Glenorchy Knights host Launceston City at KGV Park at 12,30pm, while South Hobart entertain Ulverstone at South Hobart Oval at 2pm.

Statewide Under 20s Cup
Saturday 11 July

Clarence Zebras v Riverside Olympic (Wentworth Park 2, 11:30am)
Olympia Warriors v Taroona (Warrior Park, 12:00pm)
Kingborough Lions United v Northern Rangers (Lightwood Park, 12:30pm)
Glenorchy Knights v Launceston City (KGV Park, 12:30pm)
Devonport City v Beachside (Valley Road, 2:00pm)
South Hobart v Ulverstone (South Hobart Oval, 2:00pm)


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Zebras will get a mention on here this week?

That was funny...

Anonymous said...

Zebras pre-season form was deceiving...they're much worse than we all thought.