Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday results - 25 July 2020

Photo:  South Hobart's Sam Berezansky in pursuit of the ball as Clarence Zebras' Dwayne Walsh makes up ground [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania

Clarence Zebras 0 lost to South Hobart 1 (K Hallam 49)

Glenorchy Knights 3 (T Young 10, A Walter 47, J N’Koso 63) beat Olympia Warriors 1 (J Ryan 78)

Kingborough Lions United 3 (J Gates 8, C Downes 55, A McKeown 86) drew with Riverside Olympic 3 (N Sanz 25, 84, F Fulton 27)

Launceston City 1 (S Ridgard 83) lost to Devonport City 2 (C Parke 3, K Mulraney 41)

Photo:  South Hobart's Nick Morton (left) tangles with Clarence Zebras' Noah Smithies-Sharples [PlessPix]

Men’s Southern Championship

Hobart United 5-1 Beachside

Kingborough Lions United 2-2 Taroona

New Town White Eagles 3-0 South East United

Glenorchy Knights 2-5 Olympia Warriors

University 3 (Dickinson, Harris, Platts) beat Metro 0

Clarence Zebras 3-0 South Hobart

Photo:  Knights' Jack Bowman about to fall heavily as he climbs over Olympia's Warren Wadawu [PlessPix]

Men's Southern Championship 1

University 4 (Barwin 2, Terabaldi, Rumney) beat Metro 2 

Photo:  Knights' Alex Walter (left) knocks the ball pass Olympia defender Ben Curtis [PlessPix]

Women’s Super League

Ulverstone 2-2 University

Men’s Northern Championship

Ulverstone 2-3 Riverside Olympic

Northern Rangers 4-0 Somerset

Launceston City 1-4 Devonport City

Burnie United 1-1 Launceston United

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Riley Dillon heads clear [PlessPix]

Women’s Northern Championship

Launceston City 1-6 Devonport City

Burnie United 1-1 Launceston United

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Ryan Cook about to take on South Hobart's Reilly Morton and Bradley Lakoseljac [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Couldn't hear the clown from Olympia shouting out BORING on the Livestream today. Given up already?

Anonymous said...

Things to take out of the round

Zebras will be hard to beat at home, park the bus and play on break, lack quality up front as they don't have a goalscorer now like last year

South will be ok but not title challengers, Brennen 2nd yellow was stupid no matter what people think about the 1st yellow. I don't think Breenen is going to have much of an impact this year he has had to many injuries since he left the state and is a different player now

Riverside and lions both battleers will be made to earn the points when u play them

Dport 2 wins from 2 and night at hit top gear clear title favs

Knights good win but something still looks missing especially through there spine of the field

Olympia are gone they look awful. Hamlett and Ryan habe no chemistry at all. There defence is awful and goalkeepers are reserve level

Anonymous said...

glad to see Joffery score. warriors are now the worriers

Anonymous said...

No siren today !
Ha ha. Back to the drawing board or should I say back to the bank .

Anonymous said...

Honesty I must have been at a different game today reading some posts from another site on the South & Zebras game .... sure Zebras had some chances but certainly so did South who could have scored 3 or 4 so to say they got out of jail is a stretch .... it was a close tense game but the better team won and it’s pretty obvious which team will finish higher on the ladder

Anonymous said...

Anon 11,01,, yes mate you obviously were at a different game , Zebras missed more than Souths FACT

Anonymous said...

You’re right Zebras missed plenty and quite a few by a long way .... which is why they lost .... don’t get me wrong I enjoyed them beating Olympia last week but let’s give some credit to South for grinding out the win as I’m sure Wentworth park will be a tough place to come away with 3 points this year

Anonymous said...

11.01 what are you smoking??? Lolympia, next Olympia coach? What a complete rabble.

Anonymous said...

What’s going on at Olympia? Best squad, no results?

Anonymous said...

Olympia can not lose 1 more game or they will finish outside the top 4 and with the side they have how is this possible?

Anonymous said...

They will lose more than 1. Next coach?