Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday results - 26 July 2020

Photo: Metro veteran John McIntyre throwing his weight around against Taroona today [PlessPix]

Women’s Super League

South Hobart 0-4 Clarence Zebras

Kingborough Lions United 0-6 Olympia Warriors (B Davies 2, L Gubb, M Cane, I Michael, O Bomford)

Photo:  In social football, one must remember that the players' numbers are not representative of their age [PlessPix]

Women’s Championship

Clarence Zebras 2-1 Beachside

Photo:  There are always former notable players to be seen playing social football, such as Anthony Grundy (second from left) and Stefano Flonta (second from right) [PlessPix]

Ladies’ Social Championship

Kingborough Lions United 0-13 Metro

Southern Youth Girls

Kingborough Lions United 5-1 Clarence Zebras

Beachside 3-0 Taroona

Photo:  Metro were awarded a penalty after this Taroona defender cartwheeled over a Metro attacker [PlessPix]

Southern Men’s Social Division 4

Metro 2-1 Taroona

Photo:  Referee Nathaniel Wood, son of refereeing stalwart David Wood, sorts things out [PlessPix] 

Photo:  John McIntyre calls it a day after his hamstring started twanging like a tuning fork [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Beachside struggling in the SC

Anonymous said...

With injuries perhaps. Half of their usual starting XI are out at the moment..

Anonymous said...

Always professional when the official is cruising around with his shirt untucked ��‍♂️��‍♂️

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel Woods is one of the better referees going around.level headed and calls it as he sees it. Better than the officials that let games get out of hand then use cards to bring under control. Currently the refereeing is the worst its ever been.