Friday, March 5, 2021

A tough day at the office tomorrow

How can one take it all in?

There are 11 matches scheduled all over the greater Hobart area and in Launceston tomorrow, and nothing but social football on Sunday.

With the apparent demise of Slice of Cheese on the Football Tasmania site, it’ll be up to those who follow Tassie Football Central, I guess, to try and get an understanding of what’s happening while it’s happening.

As for me, I’m too long in the tooth to try and follow everything as it happens and I’ll probably go for an analysis of what happened, long after it happened.

Not being on social media, I just can’t keep up but have to rely on reliable sources such as referees or players.

I may try and take in three games, which given the kick-off times, is all that I can do.

That will have me crossing the river a couple of times in order to see three live games.

The third-round of the NPL Summer Cup begins at 2pm on Saturday when Olympia Warriors host Clarence Zebras at Warrior Park at 2pm.

At the same time in Launceston, Launceston City, who lost coach Roger Hardwicke during the week, entertain Kingborough Lions United at 2pm at Buckby Land Rover Park in Prospect.

Hardwicke has been replaced by a former player and coach, Lino Sciulli, and assistant Darren Cook.

At 4.30pm at South Hobart Oval, South Hobart take on Glenorchy Knights in a real litmus test of both sides’ credentials.

In the Southern Championship Summer Cup, there are five scheduled games.

The sixth, between Glenorchy Knights and Beachside at 7pm at KGV Park, has been cancelled after Beachside forfeited.

The day’s programme begins at South Hobart Oval at 11.30am when South Hobart take on Olympia Warriors.

Hobart United host New Town White Eagles at 2pm at North Chigwell, and Clarence Zebras scale the dizzy heights of Olinda Grove to play The Shop (as they used to be called), or heaven forbid, The Bees, as they are now known, or simply the Students, or University, as they probably should be known before the rebranding.

Eagles will have new signing from Clarence Zebras, Luke Huigsloot, on view.

Metro conceded their recent abandoned game against Clarence Zebras, where they were 2-0 down at half-time when the floodlights failed.  The game was awarded to Clarence Zebras 3-0 as Metro declined a replay.  Tomorrow, they meet Taroona at North Chigwell at 4.30pm.

Metro coach Mark Broadbent aid he is trying to reshape the culture at Metro and this will take time.

Metro have signed a new young goalkeeper from Queensland, Indigo Sharp.  He came to Tasmania for trials with South Hobart late last year but was not picked up.  He is back in Tasmania now and must have signed for South Hobart as they have put him out on loan to Metro.

The improving South East United, who are falling down badly in the finishing department, host Kingborough Lions United at 4.30pm at Pembroke Park in Sorell tomorrow.

In the Women’s Summer Cup, New Town White Eagles could be in store for another hiding when they visit South Hobart Oval to take on the home side at 2pm.

Kingborough Lions United, a potential winner of the Cup, are at home at Lightwood Park at 2pm to the powerful Clarence Zebras in what promises to be an enthralling game.

And, another potential Cup winner, Olympia Warriors host Taroona at Warrior Park at 4.30pm.


The death occurred in Hobart on 20 February 2021 of former goalkeeper Fritz Pfund.

He was 81 and a funeral service was held in South Hobart on Monday.

Pfund was an accomplished keeper and played for Rapid and Croatia Glenorchy.

He came to Hobart from Rosebery, where he was working, and signed for Rapid in the early 1960s.

His trademark was a black top, black shorts and white socks, which was common for goalkeepers in the 60s and 70s.

He always reminded me of German national team goalkeeper Hans Tilkowski.

Condolences to Fritz's wife, Kathleen, and his children and grandchildren.


Lisa J said...

Walter, your page is excellent and having Matthew with his page on Facebook is great too, but an official website from the league is important. Slice of Cheese is very good as well; and all three contributions are a critical part of promoting and recording football on our beautiful island. How do we find out what is going on with Slice of Cheese? Maybe someone in the know can provide some feedback?

Anonymous said...

really appreciate your work Walter!

jerry kruijver said...

anonymus 822pm is spot on,i love your reports and articles.many people have made and are making great contributions to the sport and you are right up there with them.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all you do Walter. I dont do Facebook any more not that I was that enthralled by the ramblings on there but it was good for score updates.
Slice of cheese is a huge loss if it is truly gone. At least in you Walter we have a true journo, and a much respected one at that.

Anonymous said...

I see the popular press has again failed to print any information about our chosen sport

Anonymous said...

I see the popular press is again neglecting our chosen sport

Unknown said...

Good on you Walter for your work. Might be time to take on the apprentice and look to the future handing on the reins. Or just scaling back. regards Craig T.

Anonymous said...

How do we actually find out what is happening with Slice of Cheese?

Anonymous said...

Walter yourself and Matthew passion to confront issues make you both a cut above the network you have both build up is a mark of the respect you are both held in by those that matter .

Anonymous said...

It is very simple no mystery.

Andrew cooling has left the building hence no Slice of cheese anymore.