Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Lesson: Don't predict football results; and the draw for the first-round proper of Lakoseljac Cup

Photo:  South East United made hard work of beating Southern FC [PlessPix] 

I should know better than to predict the outcome of football matches.

As I have often said, one of the most appealing things about football is its sheer unpredictability.

It is the most egalitarian of games and anyone can play it and anyone can beat anyone else on their day.

I often use the following example:  If Collingwood, for example, came to Tasmania and played local club Glenorchy, there can only be one winner, and that is Collingwood.

If Manchester United came to Tasmania and played Devonport, Manchester United would probably win.  But, they might lose to Devonport.  One never knows, and that’s why our game of football is so unpredictable.  Regardless of the differences in status, a giant-killing feat is always possible.  In Aussie Rules, if the gap is great enough, there can only be one result.

Which leads me to Monday’s preliminary round of Lakoseljac Cup matches.  [By the way, it was nice to spend some time watching one of the games with Brendan Lakoseljac, son of the late Milan Lakoseljac, after whom the cup is named.  Brendon feels an obligation to represent the family at the various cup rounds and it’s a wonderful commitment and gesture on his part.]

I went out on a limb and predicted that Ulverstone would thrash Brighton Storm.  Ulverstone won 1-0, so great credit must go to Brighton Storm for putting up such stiff resistance and confining the visitors to just one goal.

I also thought South East United would easily account for Southern FC, the club Mark Ackerly quite correctly pointed out to me was once Kingston Cannons and initially the great Rapid.

Well, Southern FC fought valiantly and could have scored more than just the one goal.  As it was, they took South East United to extra-time before losing 3-1.

South East United were disappointing, a point acknowledged by coach Glen Roland, but one must praise Southern FC, who launched some excellent counter-attacks that had their opponents reeling.

Photo:  The Northern Rangers squad which will host Devonport in the Lakoseljac Cup first-round proper. [PlessPix]

Nelson lost 4-0 to Northern Rangers , who often made hard work of it.

Rangers led 3-0 at the interval and their fourth goal only came in the dying minutes.

Nelson’s keeper McLaren was at fault for the opening goal when he allowed Tenzing Anderson’s tame shot to creep through his legs, but five minutes later he saved Tenzing’s spot-kick, awarded for Daniel Minnucci’s foul on Sam Wagner.

Photo:  Nelson keeper McLaren saves a penalty from Rangers' Anderson. [PlessPix]

Wesley Chugg made it 2-0 with a fierce shot inside the near right-hand post in the 25th minute.

Hayden Vandervelde headed home Wagner’s corner just before half-time to give Rangers a 3-0 lead, while Chugg struck the woodwork seconds before the half-time whistle.

Vandervelde completed his brace and the 4-0 scoreline near the end of the match.

Photo:  The Nelson Eastern Suburbs squad that faced Northern Rangers. [PlessPix]

My prediction was again awry when I said that Beachside woukd have few problems against Metro.

Metro played well, marshalled expertly at the back by Kye McQueen, and they fought valiantly and gave it 100 per cent and went down narrowly 2-1.

Their new Queensland keeper, 18-year-old Indigo Sharp, saved their bacon on several occasions with brave blocks at the feet of opponents.

William Richardson gave Beachside the lead after 20 minutes, while Thomas Deane made it 2-0 in the 64th minute, hammering the ball home after Sharp was caught off his line and the ball rebounded from the crossbar.

But, Metro were quick and brave and coach Mark Broadbent must have seen some of his plans on the verge of fruition as the season proper approaches.

Photo:  Beachside coach Romilton Amaral (left) and assistant Brett Andrews.  Amaral explained Beachside's predicament to me. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Metro coach Mark Broadbent (left) and assistant Chris Chalker. [PlessPix]

Beachside explained to me that they had little choice but to forfeit Saturday’s Summer Cup match against Glenorchy Knights because of injury, illness and unavailability.  I’ll accept that and I may have been a little too harsh on them for forfeiting.

Taroona, as expected, out Barnstoneworth United to the sword.  The 9-0 scoreline reflected the difference in leagues in which the two clubs compete.

At Shark Park in Somerset, the home side duly despatched southerners Phoenix Rovers 9-1.

Photo:  Beachside's Harry Coomer doing his seal impersonation as Metro's Kye McQueen watches in admiration. [PlessPix]  

So now to today’s draw for the first-round proper of the Lakoseljac Cup.  Here is the draw, with the home side first:

Northern Rangers v Devonport Strikers

New Town White Eagles v Kingborough Lions United

Taroona v South East United

Riverside Olympic v Glenorchy Knights

Ulverstone v Olympia Warriors

Somerset v Launceston City

University v Beachside

South Hobart v Clarence Zebras

There are two all-northern clashes, four all-southern games, two all-NPL meetings and two north versus south contests.

Hobart United and Launceston United are not in the first-round proper as Football Tasmania says they did not nominate.

I find that unlikely as far as Hobart United are concerned.

It’s reminiscent of last year’s competition when New Town Eagles, a club with a proud cup history, was excluded because they forgot to nominate.

Surely, Football Tasmania want the best cup competition possible.

Then why not have a policy of where clubs have to decline in writing to participate rather than nominate to participate?

Photo:  Nelson Eastern Suburbs coach George Krambousanos surveys his domain [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Two years running and it's very disappointing that FT could not get this right. What a shame the Most important competition in Tasmania is tarnished by the governing body.

The Phoenix said...

Don't feel bad Walter. It would appear your our last true journalistic link to the game.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

"Then why not have a policy of where clubs have to decline in writing to participate rather than nominate to participate?"

Don't be stupid, Walter. Quit talking sense..

Anonymous said...

Matt Rhodes dedication to the game is above and beyond with no applause amazing !

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:19, what's that got to do with this story ?

Anonymous said...

Clubs notifying FT that they do not wish to participate can still cause issues.
It is no different to clubs applying to participate .
If they forget to advise FT that they do not wish to participate then there is a situation where draws are made including clubs that do not wish to participate.
So it is still a situation where FT may have to confirm with every club , whether it is to participate or not participate.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the clubs just confirm their participation? Am I missing something?