Friday, March 12, 2021

Lions and South Hobart both have chance to complete doubles in tomorrow's Summer Cup Finals at KGV Park

Photo:  Ben Hamlett and Ken Morton when both were at South Hobart in 2013 [PlessPix] 

South Hobart will come up against some formidable former players when they take on Kingborough Lions United in tomorrow’s NPL Summer Cup Final at 5pm at KVG Park.

Kingborough striker Ben Hamlett, midfielder Kobe Kemp and utility Jack Turner were key players for South Hobart in past seasons and all will be keen to do well against their former side.

Hamlett said he was always excited about playing in cup finals and 'there was a lot of energy down at the jungle'.

"I have always enjoyed playing for or against South Hobart and I know many of their players, including the younger ones, some of whom I have coached," Hamlett said.

"I respect Ken Morton and  South Hobart and I really am excited.

"I am feeling good in my body and I've had a good preseason and have plenty of energy and fitness and am looking forward to the game."

Photo:  Ben Hamlett (blue shirt) played for Olympia Warriors last season [PlessPix] 

South Hobart coach Ken Morton said he would keep faith with the squad that beat Glenorchy Knights last weekend to earn a place in the final.

“We’ll be pretty much using the same 14 players that we did in the previous round,” Morton said.

“I’m not expecting to change the starting line-up from last week and we’ll work with those players.

“Hugh Undy is still injured.  He’s got a quad injury so we’ll just work with the rest.”

Photo:  Bradley Lakoseljac (left) and Kobe Kemp will be on opposite sides tomorrow [PlessPix]  

Morton said he would leave the club’s Championship side as is for their meeting with New Town White Eagles in the Championship Summer Cup Final at noon at KGV Park.

That would mean players such as Sam Tooze and Joshua Divin, who have played seniors, staying with the Championship side.

Morton said he watched the Lions beat Olympia and felt that they are very aggressive and physical.

“They played forward and in behind the opposing defence quickly and got the runners in behind quickly and were dangerous,” Morton said.

“We have great respect for them, but South Hobart need to go out and play their brand of football and make the pitch big, stretch them and see if we can get at them.”

Photo:  Kingborough coach Jez Kenth (right) in discussions with assisatnt coach Gary Upton [PlessPix]  

Kingborough may be without goalkeeper James Ross, who has a back injury and is only a 50/50 chance of starting.

Sheku Kamara would take over in goal as Lee Mackie is also injured.

Phil Kantzos is also only a 50/50 proposition, according to Kingborough coach, Jez Kenth.

New signing Jacob Huigsloot is experiencing soreness but Kenth said he may take the risk and play him.

Photo:  Kingborough's Jack Turner (right) in action against Olympia's Jordan Scott [PlessPix]  

“We’re looking okay and despite some players experiencing soreness, everyone is keen to get out there and play,” Kenth said.

“We’re hungry for success but will be the underdogs as we haven’t won anything for a while and South Hobart have and are experienced in finals.

“I hope the pitch is okay.  Ken Morton and I had a walk on it this morning and it seemed a bit stirred up, so I hope it’ll be all right.

“I believe the attendance has been capped at 1,000, so that may affect the atmosphere.”

Photo:  Eagles spreading their wings before kick-off in a recent game [PlessPix] 

New Town White Eagles play South Hobart in the Championship Summer Cup Final at noon at KGV Park.

Eagles have Callum Back and Hamish Moore returning to defence, which means Toby Butler will be pushed forward.

Paul Palmer and Mitch Free will be among the substitutes.

“It's great to have the opportunity to play in a final and the players deserve it,” said Eagles coach, Tommy Fotak.

“Our motto at training is, ‘Be Better’.  It's a broad but simple statement and that's what we are looking to do this weekend  -  improve.

“There's no better opponent to test ourselves against.”

The Women’s Summer Cup Final at 2.30pm at KGV Park is between Kingborough Lions United and Olympia Warriors.

Photo:  Kingborough coach Simon Edwards [PlessPix]  

Kingborough coach Simon Edwards is forced into a goalkeeping change as Erika McIntosh is unavailable because of work commitments.

Olivia Gardner will replace her in goal.

“That’s the only change and we feel confident, “ said Kingborough coach, Simon Edwards.

“We’re keen to get runs on the board.  We’ve improved on past seasons and we can score from many areas of the pitch.”

The experienced Danielle Kannegiesser, who joined the Lions from Clarence Zebras, should have an impact in this final.

Olympia Warriors’ new coach, Matt Kilsby, said he had all players available for the final.

“Madi Chambers did pull up a bit tight on Saturday after the game against Taroona, but since then she’s been able to train,” Kilsby said.

“It’s been a bit of an interrupted week but we’re reasonably confident we’ve got everybody on board that we want for Saturday.

“I think we’ve always got to be confident and the core of the group are used to playing in finals, so we have to go in with confidence.

“Some people will say we’re the underdogs but I think some people might have written us off last week against Taroona but we performed at a reasonable standard.

“If we have the underdogs tag, we may be able to perform again and come away with a good result.”

Kilsby watched Kingborough last week and said they were very similar to Olympia in that they are able to score goals.

“It’ll come down to which team can keep the other out for the longest period of time,” Kilsby said.

“Both teams have got weapons up front, the front-three, and I think it’ll be how well both midfields can perform to stop the opposition from playing.”


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