Saturday, May 1, 2021

Lakoseljac Cup and State-wide Cups quarterfinals this weekend

Lakoseljac Cup Quarterfinals

South Hobart v Devonport Strikers (South Hobart Oval, 2pm)

Taroona v University (Kelvedon Park, 2.30pm)

Kingborough Lions United v Glenorchy Knights (Lightwood Park, 4.30pm)

Launceston City v Olympia Warriors (Buckby Land Rover Park, 4.30pm)

Women’s State-wide Cup

South Hobart v Olympia Warriors (South Hobart Oval, 11.30am)

Kingborough Lions United v Devonport Strikers (Lightwood Park, 2pm)

Launceston United v New Town White Eagles (WMPS Park 2pm)

Clarence Zebras v Taroona [Sunday] (Wentworth Park, 2.30pm)

Under-20 State-wide Cup

Clarence Zebras v Olympia Warriors [Sunday] (Wentworth Park, Noon)

Launceston City v Riverside Olympic (Buckby Land Rover Park, 2pm)

Launceston United v Ulverstone (WMPS Park, 11.30am)

South Hobart v Glenorchy Knights (South Hobart Oval, 9.15am)


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Anonymous said...

The lions gave it a real red hot crack I tell you what