Sunday, May 9, 2021

Other results from weekend - 8-9 May 2021

Women’s Super League

Devonport Strikers 1-4 Clarence Zebras

Launceston United 5-2 Kingborough Lions United

Olympia Warriors 0-0 South Hobart

Northern Men’s Championship

Riverside Olympia 1-5 Somerset Sharks

Northern Rangers 3-4 Launceston City

Launceston United 2-3 Ulverstone

Devonport Strikers 2-4 Burnie United

Northern Women’s Championship

Devonport Striker 0-3 Burnie United

Riverside Olympic 12-1 Somerset Sharks

Launceston United 0-8 Ulverstone

Northern Rangers 2-0 Launceston City

Southern Women’s Championship

Glenorchy Knights 0-1 Taroona

Olympia Warriors 8-2 South Hobart

University 3-0 Kingborough Lions United

New Town White Eagles 1-4 Clarence Zebras


Anonymous said...

Wow the results in the women's super league keep that comp open.

Mr Darcy said...

Yes it's heartening to see the ladder reflecting how the league is slowly crawling out of the bog created by ' the great bequeathal'.