Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Massive upgrade to begin at Lightwood Park

Photo:  The new-look Lightwood Park. 

In a huge boost for the World Game in Tasmania, Kingborough Lions United Football Club (KLUFC) has revealed details of its new $6 million changeroom and clubrooms complex at Lightwood Park, which is about to commence construction.

KLUFC President Brian Downes said once completed, the new complex will contain eight changerooms on the ground floor with new club rooms, catering facilities and seating upstairs, making football more accessible for the club’s 558 players, and the thousands more that play there each month.

“Kingborough Lions United FC takes very seriously its role within the local football fraternity and the broader Kingborough community as a provider of quality facilities and the provision of opportunity for men, women, boys and girls to play football at levels,” Mr Downes said.

“The new building and improved facilities will enhance participation and delivery of all services the club offers to the Kingborough community for many years to come.

“On behalf of the club, I would like to thank the State Government for their support committed during the recent election campaign and through the Levelling the Playing Field program, as well as the Kingborough Council for their contribution.

“Following a tender process, we’re delighted to announce local company Maveric Builders will build Stage 1 of the project, which is expected to be completed by late November.”

Mr Downes said local business Clennett’s Mitre10 had also signed on as naming rights sponsors of Lightwood Park.

“As a proud member of the local community, Kingborough Lions United FC is actively working with the local business community to attain and develop long term partnerships in conjunction with the investment,” Mr Downes said.

“We’re thrilled to announce we have partnered with well-known and much respected local business Clennett’s Mitre10 who will be the new naming rights sponsor of Clennett’s Lightwood Park.”

Mr Downes said the club were seeking a further $3 million funding from the Federal Government to complete Stage 4 of the project.

“The additional funding from the Federal Government will not only allow for the total completion of the new building, but will also allow for further improvements around the main ground including an improved playing surface, new lights to 500 lux standard and improved security and fencing,” he said.

Football Tasmania CEO Matt Bulkeley said the improvements would greatly enhance the likelihood of Lightwood Park being selected as a Base Training Camp for the upcoming 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

“With world-class facilities for Australian rules and cricket just across the road at the Twin Ovals, it’s wonderful that football will soon be able to follow suit in the Kingborough region, giving Lightwood Park the very best chance of being selected to host World Cup content,” Mr Bulkeley said.

“I’d like to congratulate the club, and thank the State Government and Kingborough Council for getting this exciting project off the ground.”



Charles Calthorpe said...

Just the ''shot in the arm'' that Tassie football deserves.

Now it's Glenorchy Council's turn to JFDI and get North Chigwell started.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant...well done everyone involved.

David Webb said...

Hi Charles...just for know there isn't an 'e' on the end of your last name. And also it's Calthrop not Calthorpe

Charlie C. said...

Don't come the Chelsea defender with me sunshine. (Cheers - noted.)

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get KGV fixed up before Cup finals day on June 14? Hope all those lights are working if you want to play the Lako Cup at 5pm and make it the showpiece event that it should be.

Mr Darcy said...

Goods grounds promote good football, so think this is a timely development for the state as well as KLUFC obviously. With Gormley Park , the paddock in between, the area on the southern side and a natural space for a Kingborough Kop behind the western goal there is plenty of possibilities for further development still ..would undoubtedly be the premier football precinct in the state for the foreseeable future , unless the FFT wins a chook raffle or like. No doubt many people are to be congratulated for realising this venture but have to say Brian Downes is also a timely signing for the club.
Recently also at Kelvedon for the first time time since the new facilities and surface, what a great place to be on sunny winter morning!

Anonymous said...

The ground between Lightwood and Gormley (Lightwood Park 2) has been completely resurfaced and has new lights installed. Will likely become a (heavily used) training ground for the NPL/WSL and socials.

Ray Carroll said...

Calies have come a long way since the Margate oval days. It's only taken about 50 years !. Great to finally see the 'other' code get a decent ground !. Well done to all involved for making it happen. Maybe a place to sit out of the rain in comfort and watch a good game, who knows ?.