Saturday, July 9, 2022

Southern Championship is an exciting contest, when there are grounds available

Photo:  Daniel Goodluck  for Knights against University today to make it 2-0. [PlessPix] 

New Town White Eagles appear to be running away with the Men’s Southern Championship.

Eagles are the reigning champions and they have at least a 6-point lead over second-placed Hobart United.

Eagles downed South East United 5-1 today at Empire Courier Park, the game having been switched there from Clare Street, which was again closed because of the poor state of the pitch.

Photo:  Daniel Goodluck salutes the Glenorchy Knights fans after scoring against University to make it 2-0. [PlessPix]

The closure of the ground is also affecting Eagles’ training.

Coach Tommy Fotak told me the team has had to train on a netball court at times.

Clennett’s Lightwood Park was also closed today, forcing the postponement of a couple of games, including the Men’s Southern Championship fixture between the Lions and Metro.

Taroona’s game against South Hobart was also postponed.

Photo:  Daniel Goodluck squeezes a shot past University goalkeeper Manny Hennicke to give Knights a 3-0 lead. [PlessPix]  

What are local councils doing for football?

Grounds are constantly being closed because of wet weather, yet one doesn’t see AFL games postponed.

It’s time football clubs and their supporters demanded action from councils as the clubs, players and fans appear to be treated as second-class citizens at present.

I thought extensive drainage work had been carried out at Lightwood Park (otherwise known as Clennett’s Lightwood Park), yet games are being called off on a regular basis.

If an international women’s team is going to use the venue as a training base for the Women’s World Cup next year, the situation will have to improve dramatically.


Photo:  University's Toby MacGregor (right) defends against Glenorchy Knights. [PlessPix] 

I haven’t been able to attend many games in the Men’s Southern Championship this season, but it seems an exciting contest and one in which any team can beat any other team on any given weekend.

It was interesting to see some familiar faces playing for University against Glenorchy Knights today.

Defender Toby MacGregor was back in University’s colours, while Jimmy Pennicott was at the heart of the University defence.

Photo: University's  Jimmy Pennicott (right) keeping an eye on Glenorchy Knights' Daniel Goodluck. [PlessPix]  

Pennicott began his career here with South Hobart before moving to Victoria.

He has returned to Tasmania after a couple of years living in Finland, and before that, he spent time in South America.

Photo:  Knights' Mathew Nowicki (left) eyes a chance. [PlessPix]  

Today’s results were:

Men’s Southern Championship

Glenorchy Knights 3-0 University

Hobart City Beachside 1-4 Hobart United

New Town White Eagles 5-1 South East United

Clarence Zebras 6-0 Olympia Warriors

Kingborough Lions United v Metro [Postponed]

Taroona v South Hobart [Postponed]

Photo:  A smiling Jimmy Pennicott.  He had a major set-back early in his career when he required a knee reconstruction. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

I know in the case for Hobart City Council, they will close the grounds during the week in order to preserve the surface and give the grounds the best chance of being playable, but will try and leave weekend closure decisions up to the individual clubs/referees/FT..

Anonymous said...

Spot on Walter, what is happening with the grounds? Great to see that it could be moved to Empire Courier Park, at least they got a game. With all the cost to play not getting to run around the park for 90mins is a waste - park run is free!

I see GCC is talking up its 3.8 million of Federal funding for KGV and 5.4 million for North Chigwell Oval in its 2022/23 capital works program - but where are the works? More over Football Tasmania media announcement of 7 March 2019 says 12.8 million for North Chigwell....

I tried to see where the money is going from FT financial report, but must need new glasses as the only one I could find was from 2020.

I'm not FT bagging, any of these jobs are tough - but it seems to me the money is somewhere, perhaps let the people know.

Perhaps its money down the drain Walter and not the necessary water.

Great job on your up to date coverage Walter - I hope FT have you on a retainer ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to really enjoy following the football in TAS but now it’s impossible with the lack of coverage,blogs and in the general media coverage in general. FFT used to produce some really good stuff and it was a good product when the state league first come about . Now all there really is is walters site .. has fft stopped going after the best people and settling for middle of the range. I hope it’s better next year

Anonymous said...

Daniel Goodluck, superb player. Could possibly try a few games in NPL for Knights. Young player (number 9) for Knights completely out of his depth. Should have been subbed 20 mins into first half on Saturday. Just my thoughts