Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Work begins at KGV Park, and vale Martin Carey and Keith Jones

Photo:  Work has started on a new artificial pitch at KGV Park. [Photo by David Smith] 

There’s movement at the station at last.

The artificial pitch at KGV Park has been torn up and a new one is being laid.

I imagine the new light towers will be erected soon as they were stacked on the bitumen carpark at KGV Park a weekend or two ago.

Photo:  It looks like a big job. [Photo by David Smith]
Photo:  More of the work on the wing near the grandstand. [Photo by David Smith]

Photo:  I can hardly wait to see the new pitch. [Photo by David Smith]


Two stalwarts of the game sadly passed away recently.

Taroona supporter Martin Carey (24/10.1938 – 25/8/2022) passed away a few weeks ago and the club will miss his presence.

A ‘best supporter award’ was sponsored by Martin, while his four sons all played, or still play, for Taroona, as does a grandson.

Cian, Duncan, Darragh and Ruaidhri all played for the Taroona seniors.

I enjoyed chatting with Martin at Taroona games.  He had a wicked sense of humour and called a spade a spade.

I sat with Martin and his wife at a Taroona awards presentation night one year and they made my wife and I most welcome.  It was a wonderful occasion.

Former Caledonians player, Keith Malcolm Jones (27/07/1933 – 7/9/2022), was a stalwart of the club, which is now Kingborough Lions United.

I played quite a few games against Keith and he took no prisoners.

He, too, had a lovely dry sense of humour and engaged in quite a bit of banter during games.

He continued playing into his forties and absolutely loved the game.

My condolences go to the families of both men.  They shall be missed.



David Webb said...

Great to see those photos Walter. Thanks and well done FFT and GCC.

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit’s due good to see some new lights finally being installed but i would have thought that fixing the changerooms would have been more important than replacing the plastic pitch

Anonymous said...

I suppose the pitch was virtually getting unplayable. It's been close to dangerous for quite a while and no pitch no need for changerooms. Having said that they are disgusting by any standard so certainly agree.

Ray C said...

R.I.P. Keith & Martin.

Anonymous said...

Mr Carey was a gentleman.

A regular at Taroona - supporting his sons and the club.