Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sunday results - 14 April 2024

Photo:  South Hobart's Josephine Mamic (left) takes on Glenorchy Knights defender Sarah Bolonja.  Mamic scored five goals in her side's 10-0 win. [PlessPix] 

Women's Super League (South Hobart Oval)

South Hobart 10 (Graciella Baez 10, Josephine Mamic 23, 45, 49, 70, 72, Aaliyah Browning 27, 90, Pishon Choi 46, Ruby Bachelor 69) beat Glenorchy Knights 0 

Photo:  South Hobart's Phoebe Clifford (left) gets around Glenorchy Knights defender Saskia Ashby. [PlessPix]

Women's Social League 1

South East United 0-4 New Town White Eagles

Women's Social League 2

Glenorchy Knights 5-1 Kingborough Lions United 

Photo:  Intense concentration is written on Aaliyah Browning's face as she scored South Hobart's third goal today. [PlessPix] 

Men's Social League Over-35s

Glenorchy Knights 5-4 Metro

Men's Social League 3

New Town White Eagles 3-0 Southern FC 

Taroona 2-1 Metro

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights clear their lines after stopping a South Hobart attack. [PlessPix] 

Men's Social League 4

DOSA 2 (Junior Dobson 50, Samuel Burns 51) lost to Barnstoneworth United 3 (Sleiman Mohamad 28, 37, Haidar Mohamad 71)

Photo:  South Hobart's Josephine Mamic scores her side's second goal and her first in a tally of five against Glenorchy Knights today. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Look at the scores in the WSL this weekend three teams at least not up to it .
Taroona knights and Riverside not up to it,what has happened to the game.
It is in a very sad state quality gone from the game.

Anonymous said...

FT have allowed Knights to jump from socials straight to WSL. They just need time :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget 2 of those south girls Sunday were developed at knights and only left for NPL when their club wasn't granted WSL license

Anonymous said...

Either Way WSL a mess !

Anonymous said...

Wasn't to much development going on ,

Anonymous said...

Knights are a very young group, added to this, two or their more experienced players were unavailable through injury..

They will have ups and downs this year but have plenty of players coming through their under 18s. They have a passionate coach who will get the best put of the group