Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sam Crosswell back in the frame

South Hobart fielded a virtual youth side and beat Beachside 10-2 in a practice match at the Queenborough Cricket Ground this afternoon.

Noted athlete Sam Crosswell made a return to the game for Beachside, while his brother, Ben Crosswell, also played.

Given the small, unmarked pitch, not too much can be taken from the result, but it does augur well for South Hobart’s youngsters.

Greg Downes played one half for South and appears to have made a good recovery from his broken leg.

The first-half line-up for South Hobart was: Daniel Phillips - Nick Di Falco, Jim Pennicott, Cameron Williams, William Ross - Elliott Lovell, Greg Downes, Hugo Bladel, Andrew King - Andy Brennan, Seth Otte.

Andrew King has joined South Hobart from University, while the club is also expecting to sign a 17-year-old Brazilian by the end of the month and a Korean player with 150 K-League games under his belt.

The Beachside squad included Colin Shepherd, Ben and Sam Crosswell, Bernhard Klasen, Colin Wain, Nathan Robinson, Tony Tarros, Sebastian Milford, Peter Otto, Ben Davis and Alex Bigg.

Milford and Klasen netted for Beachside, while Brennan, Downes and Heo Wok Bum each scored twice for South Hobart, with Otte, Bladel, Lovell and Williams grabbing a goal apiece.

There will be a rematch next weekend.


Richard Bladel said...

Hi Walter - the team is a youth side made up of players from different levels preparing to go to Woolongong to play against some youth teams from up there. Being a small pitch made it tighter for everyone and I think it was a great performance from the youngsters against Beachside who definitely have some quality experienced players.

Unknown said...

How many goals will Ben Croswell score in div 1 next year?

Brian Roberts said...

Practice games before Christmas .

Whatever happened to Summer?

Footballer said...

Brian, summer went out years ago, except on the North-West Coast. Football is the only game in town, Mate!

Rage against the machine said...

Ben Crosswell playing in Div.1 is simply silly. Talk about a big fish in a little pond but I guess everyone has their own reasons for playing where they do.

Good luck Ben but it would be far better to see you plying your trade in challenging rosters as opposed to Div.1

Reminds me of some clubs who think it's worthwhile playing good youth/junior teams in lower divisions so they can take a premiership.

Fools' paradise!!!

Richard Bladel said...

It was also great to see Sam Croswell back in football. He's a lovely fella and a talented player as he showed in his time as a 15 year old in Uni's Premier League team a few years back. Seemed a bit rusty yesterday but he'll get sharp again if he works at it. I hope he keeps playing cos he could have a really good future..

Brian Roberts said...

I wish FFT would follow one of my submissions made some time ago .

The "Summer Cup Series " be an open event .

Then we would measure the true quality of the "aspirants".

Captain said...

make your mind up Brian

Unknown said...

I really don't see a huge issue with crosswell playing div 1. If he helps beachside get promoted he could be back playing prem league in a year with them. He will be good for the promotion of the league and a great for the beachside soccer club who already have a solid div 1 and div 1 res squad.

Anonymous said...

Ben Crosswell would now have played for Zebras, South, Knights, University, Burnie and Beachside.
Not sure where he played before he came on the scene with Knights.
Still in his mid to late 20's can he clock up more clubs than Damien Robinson?

Anonymous said...

The great thing about football is that it's played on all continients and in all corners of this earth.

It's a backward concept to believe one should stay and play with the same people for a full amateur career.

In trying to be too clever for your own boots anonymous, you actually left out the fact that he has also played for Kingborough.

Watcher said...

Not too much can be read into this result. It was a small, unmarked pitch without proper goals and it appeared that Beachside were prepared to give a run to anyone who showed up.

Sam Crosswell has a promising athletic career in prospect and so may just have had a run for the heck of it.

Ben Crosswell has achieved a lot in the local game. He has won the Vic Tuting Silver Medal and the leading goalscorer awards. Perhaps he just wants to play for the fun of it next season.

ginger said...

sam crosswell has also been spotted at a premier league club training so not sure the crosswell boys have decided where they will play yet.
an obvious coup for whatever club they play for.
agree with Brian, practice matches in december!! you're having a laugh!!!


Yep Im with you Brian practise matches in December dont we have an off season anymore. Each to their own..

JD said...

Brian, Watcher, Rangers Pres et al - you may have missed Richard Bladel's explanation as to why these practice games have been arranged (in December) i.e. so that this Sth Hobart youth squad can prepare for games scheduled on the mainland at the end of January 2010 - nothing silly about that. Good of Beachside to help out the young lads.

Someone that cares said...

Just a reminder, that the Crosswell brothers are both very talented young fellas. What they select for 2010 is their own priority whether it be running on the track, playing soccer or having a kick with their friends. Does this mean they have to be criticized? Their father also had talent playing VFL with Carlton and North Melbourne (now of course AFL). I have had the pleasure of coaching both boys. To me not only have they got talent, but both are intelligent young men. All the best to both of them in the future.

Anonymous said...

People will always try to bring down those that are talented and/or successful, simple as that.

Coxy said...

so is this 'super league' going ahead?

Anonymous said...

i heard that the youngsters were inspirational!
bloody magic keep it up kenny and the boys!

Anonymous said...

Is it true Zebras have 2 Italian players coming out from Italy next year for uni and will be wearing the black and white next year? heard they may be players from a youth Serie B team?