Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recruiting drive by the Woodbridge Whalers

Photo: Dalles Hayes...president of Woodbridge

The Woodbridge Soccer Club is on a recruiting drive and making it well worthwhile for potential players.

The club is looking for junior and senior players, according to club president, Dalles Hayes.

“We are rebuilding our former glory and striving for a stronger club,” said Hayes.

“As a family club, our strength is in our co-operative spirit and sense of fair play.

“We aim to encourage these qualities in our players and, therefore, in all of our games.

“This year we not only have our juniors and our Division 4 Men’s team, but we also anticipate fielding a Division 1 Senior Women’s team, the first in the history of the club.

“We hope to provide a women’s soccer team south of Kingston and to provide it at an affordable cost.

“Our seniors’ fees will be $180 per player.

“The aim of the team is to have a core group of players to take responsibility for games and team management.”

Training for the women is being run by Hayes, but the club is keen for senior teams to be self-managed.

Senior women began training on Wednesday 13th January 2010 at 6.30pm at West Hobart Oval (off Lansdowne Crescent, with off-street parking access via Hamilton Street).

Full support for this women’s team, in terms of, equipment, training facilities and a new strip, is provided.

“Woodbridge Soccer Club is very keen to provide opportunities for women to play football in the south of this state,” said Hayes.

“Similarly, we are committed to providing pathways for our younger players.

“Our senior men are looking to continue in 2010 with a few new faces and, hopefully, a coach/manager at the helm.

“Training will be held as usual at the Woodbridge Oval, times and dates to be confirmed.

“We are intending to enter both senior teams into the Summer Cup as it is an excellent way to prepare for the season ahead.

“Team nominations for the Summer Cup need to be in by the 31st of January.

“We need to have sufficient players registered for both teams by this date to enter.

“As a family club, we work to provide the best for all of our players, young and old.

“This can be difficult without the generous help of sponsors.

“With this in mind, WSC is interested in hearing from anyone who is looking to support both the young and old in their sporting endeavours by sponsorship at all levels.

“If there is anyone who is interested in playing either men’s or women’s soccer, or is keen to support our club, please contact Dalles Hayes on 0427 043 566, or

“Also please check out the website: and, finally, we can be contacted on Face book at Woodbridge Soccer Club, friends of.”


Anonymous said...

Unless they find a major sponsor they have zero shot of paying their bills with $180 rego fee per player.

Richard Bennett said...

Good luck Dallas we need established clubs in all regions possible to help give as many players as possible a game.
It can only help introduce more people to this great sport.

hopefully schools in the region will provide more juniors if the club is involved.

Anonymous said...


$180 may be possible for clubs where the social players dont have to subsidise the premier league team.

Anonymous said...

AS a club administrator of long standing I can tell you without a shadow of doubt no shot of clubs paying all bills with $180 rego fee per player.

life at the jolly roger motel said...

maybe South Hobart can send some of its stockpiled talent out on loan to Woodbridge!!??. Whalers in with a sniff for the 2010 Div 4 title?

Unknown said...

Ah come on walter give us a sory about the yanyee navy visit when calies played them

Unknown said...

I used to live in Gordon that makes me sort of a fan

Unknown said...

sorry walter, no glasses on meant to write yankee navy and 'story"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard, we are hoping to involve the District high school a bit more this year.
Anonymous, I understand what you are saying, that's why all of the teams will senior men,women,youth and the juniors will have a specified fund raising target to meet for the season in order to keep fees low.
Dalles Hayes.

Dalles Hayes said...

Hey Anonymous,

I don't think I would ever want to play in a club where the social players subsidise the premier league team. Why the hell should we!! Call me naive if you want but if each team cannot support itself by sponsorship, rego fees or fundraising then it isn't sustainable.