Sunday, January 10, 2010

South Hobart too good for Taroona

Photos (Top to Bottom): Taroona goalkeeper thwarts a South Hobart attack; South's Shae Hickey chips the Taroona keeper, but it was off-side; South Hobart's David Abbott has his penalty saved; Ben Crosswell was a guest player for Taroona but he was heavily marked; Korean K-League player Yong Hee Kim on the ball; Ken Morton (third from left) with his new recruits (from left), Mizael Linhares Caires (Brazil), Jae Woong Lee (Korea), Hyo Suk Jin (Korean youth coach), Yong Hee Kim (Korea) and Wook Bum Heo (Korea)

South Hobart beat Taroona 5-0 in a pre-season friendly at Wellesley Park this afternoon.

South fielded a youth side in the first half and led 2-0 at the interval through goals by Seth Otte and Anthony Brennan.

The home side sent out a senior line-up for the second half and netted three more goals.

Andrew King, Jim Pennicott and Shae Hickey scored in the second half.

South’s David Abbott also had a penalty saved.

Taroona had Ben Crosswell as a guest player, but he was tightly marked throughout the match.

Taroona were not at full strength but they will be up against it in the Premier League this coming season based on today’s performance.


smithers ol man said...

Newcastle jets managed a hard fought out win over melbourne at home with a 3-2 win
Newcastle began with a promising shot that was tipped over the bar by melbournes keeper.
They soon opened there score card with a fine finish by thompson after a passage of play set up by korean import replied soon after with a penalty which saw the send off of Kantarovski for his second yellow.
The jets reduced to ten men put in a big effort and earned another goal from the boot of Bridges again being setup from a passage of play started by Song.
They continued with a third goal by Halati before persistance of Melbourne drew them closer with there second to make it 3-2.
The game ended with this scoreline and both sides had other opportunities but to no avail.
7500 + attended the match and were quite a vocal home team after the win .

Southern said...

I'm not sure why Ken decided to send his seniors out fresh against a team that had already run 45.

That said - a nice early hit-out for the Taroona boys on a magic (but hot) afternoon. There's nothing like game-time.

Certainely some work to do but some new young faces in there showing promise.

Anonymous said...

i dont think it could really be regarded as a senior south hobart line up. many regulars missing

Walter said...

Anonymous, it was a senior South Hobart squad for the second half and a youth squad for the first half. There were some players missing, but Morton has many to choose from and one cannot get away from the fact that there were two different squads in action in the two halves.

Morton is preparing the younger players for their Wollongong trip later this month and the senior squad for this week's trip to Melbourne.

grand master not so flash said...

Yo - totally correct Walter - I thought the first half was the more entertaining when the Sth young 'uns were on. Second half was boring with Taroona pinned in their own half for long periods and many South seniors strolling around without much purpose. Good on 'roona for having a crack.

Unknown said...

Whats the big deal about a friendly and how It's labelled (senior or junior) get a life ffs

Unknown said...

Its friendlies like this which we should be using to promote the game; especially given the intended purpose.

Nice weather, friendly healthy competition, shame not more publicity provided prior to the games. An opportunity to see some promising young talent and some invited imports.

Shame we don't exploit the warmer months with twilight competitions.

Keep up the great work Walter with your blend of new and historical soccer news.

toyota1 said...

good god walter tell me its not true .i hope my source is terribly wrong on this occasion .the qaulity is here to be seen anyway .cheers walter. m

smithers ol man said...

Just some facts and first hand experiences on costs of A-League.
Standard fees to enter ground $27.00 , Cost of a hamburger with box of chips $13.00 , Costs of security gaurds at ground and ground staff is anyones guess there were 20 plus just in the grandstand section. Running and or building costs for a stadium good enough to play on - $big dollars,
cost of players when you have players being offered up to 50000 to change clubs -- out of tassies range , add to this the cost of transport for players and gear and accomodation interstate for at least half the games and most of all the cost of a plastic glass of beer $5.50 .These food and other prices are needed to meet there budgets and compared to our game entry and other costs at present it would scare of a great deal of supporters.
These are some off the real time issues to consider before tassie steps up and as much a one eyed two headed tasmanian as i am i think we would struggle very hard to make it past our inaugural season.
Perhaps we should spend the hard to get dollars on bringing more mainland teams here and running round robin comps against them on a club basis not as a tassie makeup side.This would put on show our youth and better players for selection into A- League and develop a more quality game for us here as most players find that bit extra when under pressure from more skilled opposition and the ofshoot of this is better games at club level from having played higher rated sides.
Also our juniors would see a more promising future to stay in soccer and not leave the game from seeing a road to nowere.
If it dont work nothing but pride to lose but entry into A-League and failure will set Tasmanian soccer financially back for years to come .