Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beachside cops another loss, and McIntyre to go

South Hobart beat Beachside 2-1 in a pre-season friendly played at Wellesley Park this evening.

Brett Pullen made an appearance for Beachside.

Ben Crosswell gave Beachside the lead with a free-kick, but Kostas Kanakaris equalised when he turned on the edge of the box and beat Michael Soszynski with his shot.

The 31-year-old Korean defender who guested for South Hobart, Kim Jun Hee, hit the winner.

Kim had a brilliant match and is sure to attract attention interstate.

All three goals came in the final 15 minutes.

Kanakaris and Jonathon Lo also hit the woodwork for South Hobart.

South Hobart also fielded a 17-year-old Korean named Lee and he did well on his debut.

The club’s new Brazilian has arrived, but did not play.

South Hobart’s game against New Town Eagles scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled as Eagles cannot field a team.

South’s game against Taroona on Sunday at Wellesley Park will kick off at 2pm.


As reported on this blog recently, Michael McIntyre will leave his position as CEO of Football Federation Tasmania at the end of the month.

McIntyre confirmed today that he will take up a position in the private sector.

He wanted to delay the announcement until he had personally informed everyone at FFT but he has been unable to contact two of the employees.

He said he would be more than willing to assist the organisation and his replacement after he departs as he will still be based in the State.

FFT is expected to issue a media release soon and it may take up to ten weeks to find a replacement.


Richard Bennett said...

maybe we are starting to see some quality imports coming into the local game again Walter.

any news on any other brazilians coming here via knights or not?

I will be making a point of being at wellesley on sunday to see the match.

it will certainly give the game a boost here if we could get some media coverage for the imports and the game generally would be great.

Anonymous said...

Hold on... Didnt everyone bag Metro FC for their imports last year?

Anonymous said...

anon - metro's imports were tards compared to this Korean fellow. Serious class on the ball. Would walk into most A-League squads and wouldn't be surprised if he were to start in many of them.

Anonymous said...

Not for one minute am I doubting the players ability. Just the double standards.

Also he played against BeachSide. A Tasmanian Division 1 side. My sister who only has one leg can look good against BeachSide.

Lets not jump the gun too quickly.

Interested said...

Rumour has it Michael McKenna has Ken Hansen's job. Can anyone confirm?

ginger said...

looks like kenny has hunted a few new players down as usual.

should be a good looking reserves at south
- eaves, beecroft, ross, downes, hickey, etc.

pity to lose macca so soon into the role. the merry-go-round continues..... no wonder we never get ahead, with no stability at the top.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, why is it that newtown eagles cannot field a side. It is 2nd week of Jaunuary. If they are to play what we call top level in Tassie, they should be in full swing at training. Or are they just scared?? to take on south Hobart.

Anonymous said...

Crosswell was so lazy in this match, nothing new though, Young Pennicott had a great game at centre back very exciting young player. also great to see three youngsters also get there debut

Anonymous said...

crossa was fine in the match, scored a cracking freekick - pennicott was average and definitely down the pecking order in terms of the quality that kenny has down at south.

Brian Roberts said...

I thought it was an entertaining game .

Both sides fielded close to full strength squads.

The most pleasing aspect was the lack of kick and run with both teams playing the ball out from the back .

South had more opportunities but failed to capitalize on their chances .

Beachside tended to peter out with the final pass going astray in the 25 yards of the field .

Both sides tended to congest the centrefield as a means of frustrating their opposition .

Three good goals.

My concern is who are Beachside going to play for the next 9 months.

I still beleive the Summer Cup shoould not be quarantined .

Making this change would show our administrators are able to think outside the pale.

bird man said...

Didnt see the match but an interesting result considering a south Hobart youth side put Beachside to the sword 10-2 a few weeks ago - maybe Sth's regular senior players are overrated?

Anonymous said...

At last count South Hobart had 5000 potential first team players. How many more recruits do they need? How many players will be left playing for reserves that would otherwise make regular starting side for other teams? Obviously South have a good recruiting strategy but if South are going to be in a league of their own who does that benefit? Wouldn't the players that play against South improve more over the season for playing against quality opposition as apposed to playing a lesser quality team as may be the case for the South players? Personally as a player I would rather win a title the hard way than the easy way.

Anonymous said...

Brian I thought that it was a reasonabaly disciplined performance by an undermanned beachside who were playing without a number of first team players.

to lead the state champions 1-0 with 5 minutes remaining, and to only be undone by a screamer from a player of current A-League ability was a pretty decent showing.

As far as the first outing is concerned beachside played with pretty much a reserve team.

with the players to come back, would be hard to see them getting beaten much this year

ginger said...

anon 1:20pm

i hate to correct you but i believe south are not in fact state champions.
that dubious title belongs to CU currently (even though they lost more games than they won. figure that one out!).

Beachside have been promising promotion for 3 years. it's time to deliver or admit their deficiencies.

Anonymous said...

What is the format to Summer cup this year and when it start? does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

The brilliant Korean player won't be playing for South this season. He will just make a couple of guest appearances for them in their two forthcoming interstate appearances to try and attract interest from Mainland clubs.

That's a pity because he would have been great for the local league.

The new Brazilian lad is reputed to be tiny but very fast.

Walter said...

Anonymous (11.27am), Eagles have been training since before Christmas but George K cannot get enough players for this game. Doesn't sound promising!

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work Walter.

One day the Mercury egg will crack :)

Coxy said...

clubs should start getting these quality imports under contract so there is some reward coming in for taking the time to search for these players. Doesn't make sense having them for a few games...

R U Serious Ref said...

Walter. The issue was not that Eagles didn't have enough players it was that 7 of the Senior team are still away. It would not have been fair on the young Res players to be expected to front South after only a handful of training sessions & it would have been unfair on South for George to have turned up with a less than full strenght team. It wouldn't benifit them as I'm sure Ken is looking for games against senior team.

From all reports numbers had been great before Xmas with with 24 being the lowest turn out in the 3 weeks that they trained before the break

R U Serious Ref said...

Walter. The issue was not that Eagles didn't have enough players it was that 7 of the Senior team are still away. It would not have been fair on the young Res players to be expected to front South after only a handful of training sessions & it would have been unfair on South for George to have turned up with a less than full strenght team. It wouldn't benifit them as I'm sure Ken is looking for games against senior team.

From all reports numbers had been great before Xmas with with 24 being the lowest turn out in the 3 weeks that they trained before the break

Anonymous said...

If newtown eagles had 24 players and cannot pick a resonable team out of that many, they have big problems. Does the 24 include undeage training, I would say not because. Newtown have never been one to worry about their underage teams until late Feb/March. I think their president and alikes need to take hard look at themselves. This has been ongoing for sometime now and there is a need for change. Until they get someone in that role with a business head things will not change. They need to go to the next level, push for better players, get some back if they have to. I am a big supporter of this club, but we seem to be going down hill and going down first. It would be great to get some feedback from someone at the club, and inform us all what their intentions are for 2010 and beyound. BRING BACK JOHN LARGE if we have to.

Walter said...

R U Serous Ref, perhaps I should have said Eagles didn't have enough 'quality' players to field a side. George had been telling me he'd play South Hobart with a scratch side if he had to, just to help South out in their preparations for their interstate trip. Then, yesterday, he rang me and said he wouldn't be playing against South because he had some leading players away and others weren't fit enough yet. You can't have it both ways, so he shouldn't have announced the game in the first place.

Unknown said...

God knows how the players who were available feel. Without any quality I would imagine

Anonymous said...

madmcglone, very well put. I dont know if I would like that sort of comment put out there. At least give them a bit of a crack at it, who knows may score a goal against them. How much confidence would that give to a player,team, coach, club. If I was George, throw the to the wolfves, use the old excuss. Tried them in different positions, played players out of position, played only 3 at the back with a attacking midfield/forward. Two main strikers, 5 in midfield all sorts of crap, who knows may pull of a win??

Anonymous said...

anon - metro's imports were tards compared to this Korean fellow. Serious class on the ball. Would walk into most A-League squads and wouldn't be surprised if he were to start in many of them.


That's why he's playing in Tassie. Get a grip on reality mate! If he was of any real ability he wouldn't come down here to get "noticed". Not that I'm bagging the game completely here, just don't think this is a stepping stone or showcase market for the A-League.

I believe one of the scots played against Celtic in their premier league so I presume as a "tard" he would struggle in the glitteratzi of the A-league.

R U Serious Ref said...

Anonymous @ 9.26.
So have you offered to help the club out in any way or are you just one of those that sit back in whinge. All clubs have them.
So I'm guessing your in the mix @ Eagles & have a good idea of how things are run.
From my understanding and what i have been told there were 24odd players and a lot were from their U/17, U/18 & U/19 teams from last year. As I already said, 7 senior players are away this weekend so could not play the practise game.
I'm sure the Eagles committee will welcome you on board as I'm sure you have lots of ideas on how to solve all the worlds problems. I know John & he did a great job @ the club.

Anonymous said...

anon - 12:04

none of the scottish lads played 1st team SPL, and none of them come close to this new fellow from korea, nor the a-league.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.22

In your opinion.

In my opinion the only intrastate move he will be making will be the equivalent state leagues and not the A league. I don't know the Koreans story, but maybe he's is down here on holiday doing Morton a favour, because this is not a stepping stone for a 31 year old "proffesional".

Anonymous said...

Who are the 7 senior players?
Who determains, seniors V reserves.
Isnt that why we have preseason. I dont know who you are, as you dont know me. But I can garantee, I have done alot more for that club then what you have done.
Scratching our head are we????
And will continue to do so..

Anonymous said...

what on earth is everyone talking about on this blog have any of use got a clue what your talking about. all i am going to say on this matter is about the korean bloke am not bagging the guy because i havnt seen the guy play so i'll just put it like this who on earth plays 150 k-league games then comes and plays in tas if he had played in the k-league he would have no worries getting a game in the a-league. Anyone who has ever played at such a high standard of soccer wouldnt come and play down here.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand the excuses from eagles? Beachside have been fielding mixed lineups for the 3 games against South so far! A pre-season game is just that, give the kids a go!

Anonymous said...

gd one guys - keep up your tall poppy syndrome

rather than talk rubbish about a player you haven't seen, dont doubt, just make an effort to get down and watch him play.

I know I enjoyed watching him play, even against beachside.

Anonymous said...

like i said i aint slagging the guy off he probably is a good player but anyone who has played that much professional soccer wouldnt need to come to tas to hopefully get noticed by an a-league team any a-league team would snap him up long before he reached south hobart.

Anonymous said...

Keep living in your rose garden of Korean magic. Can't wait to see this "magician" weaving his way to a big money move.

Anonymous said...

i was trying to be nice before but am not gona bother anymore what im trying to say is the korean guy want be going anywhere if hes gone playing with south and hes 31 he want be going anywhere if he was any good he wouldnt be in tas

Anonymous said...


( my first post on here )

Unknown said...

How 'bout them Celtics?

Pixel 40 said...

I tell you this Most Coaches Worries
About their name and profile Building
Like I said Before in previous comments, any one can be a good coach when you got good qualities
Players but when u don't, is when the challenge start and what they do
Just make a lame excuse
(i dont have the Numbers)
as if they where in div 1, where there not number apart from
Beachside , Metro and Uni

the priest said...

Break it up boys - you're both probably right - I've seen Mr Kim and I can confirm he can seriously PLAY in fact I posted it first on this blog - Sure, as a 31 year old (smallish) defender, he may struggle to get a gig with an A-League outfit but the real point is if he stays he will add something special to the SPL - and I for one would look forward to that - you're most welcome Mr Kim.

Anonymous said...

pixel 40 - wtf are you talking about?

the priest said...

Any more transfer news out there?

Richard Bennett said...

I'd suggest some of you guys without identities lay off the razz before posting. it's all a bit emotional.

have been told the NTE squad was not sufficiently into it's preperation and completed the pre season program laid down by coaching staff but also had only tentatively agreed to offer South a game to help them prepare for Melbourne tour.

I am sure the korean player is going to be a breath of fresh air and local players will learn from him if he stays. I will reserve my opinion until I see him play and see what he offers. one thing I can garauntee is he won't learn much from his opposition.

like the priest I suggest you break it up and does anyone have some information about other recruits or transfer.

I'suggest the stands at wellesley park be reserved for anonymous and family on sunday.

Krauser said...

No quality player wuld come here to try and play aleague at 31, preseason is for getting fit, picking your first team squad and wat ressies or u/19 player wuldnt wanna play against good teams ??

Pixel 40 said...

Anonymous you know wtf I am talking about you can play dumb if you want but don't patronize me.
What I mean is, if coaches get players of all levels in a game
they will have a lot of experience.
SPL clubs do have the players from U/17 to U/19 and seniors.
South Hobart did fill a youth side against Beachside and they won by twelve goals. But some coaches worry about losing 12 nil bad for their image?

Pixel 40 said...


Thank that is the point I was trying to make early.

My question remain why don't they??

Walter said...

Okay everyone, let's settle down and get to the facts. I spoke to Ken Morton this evening about the Korean and this is the story.

A Korean coach, Hyo Suk Jin, brought a couple of Korean junior sides here late last season to play six games against Tasmanian youth sides. I wrote about those games and some readers may have seen a game or two. Hyo Suk Jin has since moved to Tasmania and now resides here with his family.

Jin is friends with the 31-year-old former K-League player, Kim Jun Hee, and asked Ken Morton to recommend him to A-League or interstate clubs. Morton, quite sensibly, said he could not do so without seeing the guy in action.

As a result of this, Kim Jun Hee came to Tasmania and has been training with South Hobart. He will play for South Hobart against South Melbourne on this coming Saturday at Bob Jane Stadium in Melbourne.

If he is seen and picked up by some club, well and good. If he isn't, so be it. Morton rates him as good as, and probably better, than some of the Brazilians playing in the A-League.

That's it, fellas. I trust this clarifies the situation.

Rod Sanders said...

If this guy is ok send me his details and will forward to Green Gully.
I think they have 3 or 4 imports but with ex aussie player ollerton in charge are always looking to recruit quality players.



George K said...

To all concerned,
Ken Morton rang me over the Christmas period and asked me if it was possible to have a practice game with South Hobart. I replied to him with “we are having a two week break from training, and will assess the situation after Christmas”

As Richard Bennett said (Jan 8th – 9:15pm): we had only tentatively agreed to offer South a game.

As all qualified coaches, pre season is not just about turning up and training…. It is a set program. As a coach, that has travelled all around Australia, never have I heard of a team playing a practice game when they have had a two week Christmas break. As coach of White Eagles Soccer Club, my players come first. I do not want to risk injuries this early into the season. I did explain to Ken, that the possibility could happen if it was one week later than the scheduled game

It is interesting to read comments from people that are not involved with the club. What gives them the right to run the club down?

Just for the record… Our numbers at preseason training average 28 (and that is not involving under 19’s and div. 1).

I will finish off by saying, that in my program, a practice game was not scheduled so soon after the Christmas break.

George K

P.S. I wish Kenny and South Hobart players all the best in Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

George K, How do you know if I am not part of the club. I am not willing to let my name be out there at this stage. But i am not happy on things that are being said around the club. Play a game, everyone else does. Lets see what these boys have got. Get your head out of the sand, and get of what pedisal you think you are on.Regardless if you have traveled around australia or not. Your coaching is yet to prove that. we train to play.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm me thinks George K has lost his players already!! Will he last the distance? Or be put on the scrap heap of sacked coaches??

Anonymous said...

Those people who come on here hide behind an alias and bag players and coaches aren't doing anything to help the game and simply are gutless.

People have had a go at Ken Morton for signing players. Players like playing for Ken is that his fault?

George K has made a decision which he feels is in the best interest of his players and the club. Is that wrong?

Having spoken to some of the boys within the club they have backed George.

Don't come on here and try and cause trouble.

Pixel 40 said...

George now i understand
I am not a qualified Coach
but would do the same thing
if in charge of a team or club
ok that explains it

all though I wonder what player would want to do
Or if you share you program with you player at trainings

Not relevant

Pixel 40 said...

Mike this is a blog
to express what you feel
Nothing personal mate
the more you talk about an issue the more exposure the game get?

Pixel 40 said...

MMMM I wonder with McIntyre,Kenneth and Tom out of FFT
Would they give the job to more qualify and organize people or would the pick any one from the Street .LOL
Kenneth was good coordinator
as I had communication with him before. Last year the weather challenge his skills and some what he did OK. Hope they found someone like him or better

Anonymous said...

On another note

Hopefully with a new team at FFT they will let people have drinks outside at KGV again. Ever since they banned it half the crowd has dissapeared from behind the goals at Fri night games.

It ads a better atmosphere when people get involved at the games and fft would make some more $$

Observer said...

Anonymous 2.13pm ,get a grip.No they shouldnt allow drinking dickheads behind the goals at KGV.
Most are sensible and can have a few whilst watching a game and add some atmosphere, but there are only few who obviously get aggressive or cant hold their alcohol,or both,who have ruined it for everyone else.
The rule should stand.

Fan said...

well if it gets a few more peeps to the game it's good, im sure people can control themselves.

crowds r pathetic in Tas Football

Jason Voss said...

I agree with Observer. There is only so much random drunk abuse you can handle before it starts to get out of hand. Those people have brought that rule on by themselves

Spider said...

hey anonymous,i mean linament theif who are you a spokesman for?? ah let me guess , don't worry we know who you are so stop your little childish rants on here and come up with something that is fact not childish fiction from a grown man.Talk to wassy if you need to know why Eagles did not play south