Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Clarence could be lambs to the slaughter again tonight against South Hobart

Photo:  Clarence coach Warren Burt, whose son plays for Zebras, is in the background filming last night's game [PlessPix]

South Hobart will play Clarence United in a pre-season friendly at South Hobart Oval today with the kick-off scheduled for 6.30pm.

South Hobart travelled to Launceston last Saturday and demolished Launceston City 5-1.

Launceston City had new coach Peter Sawdon at the helm, while Peter Savill is back with the club as academy director.

Lino Sciulli is also back at Launceston City as assistant to Sawdon following Northern Rangers’ withdrawal from the NPL Tasmania competition.

That’s a formidable brains trust in the coaching department, but players are what they obviously need.

South Hobart fielded a relatively young side and some of these will be on view tonight against Clarence.

South Hobart coach Ken Morton said he would overall field virtually two teams in tonight’s game, making wholesale changes at half-time.

He hopes Clarence will field some of their tougher, more experienced players so that he can see how his youngsters handle strong physical challenges.

Clarence appear to be struggling in pre-season and they have suffered some bad defeats in practice games.

By all accounts, training attendances are not good and some players prefer to play in practice games rather than attend training sessions.

Clarence lost 9-0 to Hobart Zebras in a friendly last week and apparently only six players turned up to a practice session on the Saturday morning.

Photo:  Clarence coach Warren Burt films the action as Zebras' Jordan Muller wins possession.  Burt is seeing many sides in action but he needs his committee to help build a competitive Clarence side. [PlessPix]

I feel for Clarence coach, Warren Burt.  He is doing all that he can, but it is pointless of he doesn’t have the players.

The Clarence committee must try and support his efforts by acquiring players who are committed to the cause and with whom Burt can work.

On all the evidence to date, Clarence could be in for a flogging tonight.

Burt said he hoped to have Henry Lush available tonight and that his inclusion would strengthen the Clarence defence.

He also said that Paul Palmer, Jeremy Price, Matt Dyson, Sam Reibel, Lachlan Hardwick and Odaine Demar are all unavailable.

"I'm expecting an open and very tough game against another quality team," Burt said. 


Anonymous said...

Surely Clarence and Nelson merge to make 1 club. Wouldn't help Clarence's current season but could prove to be better in the long term as they would become a formidable side in the championship and hence become a more attractive club in the future for young players looking for senior football playing time.

Don’t stand still said...

You would think now fourth year in Npl the club would have structure with coaches for juniors to youth to seniors.After what happened to knights ,all other npl clubs building academies for the future. Unless they want to be a championship club

Anonymous said...

Then here's your opportunity boys if you think you deserve to play NPL and cant get a run where you are get over to Clarence and prove your current club are wrong !

Anonymous said...

Yeah right like we need to inherit that mess.

The Phoenix said...

Without Knights benefactor suddenly anointing them with cash they would still be in the same situation. Stop being hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY ! Well said Phoenix

Anonymous said...

May be true Phoenix. However, the fact is they aren't in that situation anymore. Clarence have themselves to blame, someone out there needs to do something.

The Phoenix said...

Nobody denies the position Clarence find themselves in. That's what happens when you alienate all the long time supporters.